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City Festival: Gorowyn

The City Festival for Gorowyn is located the caves off the docks of Gorowyn in Timorous Deep. The Gorowyn City Festival runs January 1-7 and July 1-7 of every year.

Mum note: apparently I haven't updated this page as often as I should, and some things are missing (such as the Gorowyn fireworks launcher). I'll unearth them as time and memory permit.

Below are the items that are offered only during the festival's visit to Gorowyn. (Offerings that are available at all festivals are listed on the main City Festival page linked above).

Gorowyn Cauldron
Gorowyn Dual Scrollcase
Gorowyn Round Counter
Gorowyn Weapon Rack
Gorowyn Wooden Counter
Green Windcloth Lantern
Red Marble Column
Red Marble Divider
Red Marble Mirror
Red Marble Tile
Twisted Steel Pole
Gorowyn Display Counter
Gorowyn Plain Floorlamp
Gorowyn Vault
Pink Windcloth Lantern
Red Marble Firepit
Worn Gorowyn New Combine Banner
Arched Gated Door of Dark Bronze
(added July 2022)
Red Hanging Pendant Lamp
(added July 2022)

All of the above items cost 2 city tokens apiece.

Gorowyn Combine Leather Armor - 20 city tokens

In addition, the Gorowyn city festival carries a complete line of red marble building blocks (blocks, railing, rounded tile, columns, dividers, etc), as well as the red marble cutout set.

Purple glowies are located throughout Gorowyn while the event is in-progress. Reward for the collection will be a Norrathian Express Box , Gorowyn Branch. (lore, no trade, can only be placed in houses, not guildhalls)

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