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Moonlight Enchantments 2021

The monthly Moonlight Enchantments event for April 2021 will introduce 34 new vendor offerings across the five instances, along with one new collection in each of those instances. While normally this event runs for the 20th and the 21st of each month, for April 2021, the event will run for April 21 through April 23 due to the 24-hour downtime planned on April 20.

The New Buyables

All of these items cost 1 elemental token apiece.

Enchanted Brownie Grotto (Darklight Wood)

Greater Wood Elemental Plushie
Hardy Plains Shrubbery
Instant Glade*
Kithicor Aramapine Plushie
Oasis Shrubbery
Perrenial Shrub
Twilight Tumbleweed

*The Instant Glade does not preview properly due to the effect on it. It also cannot be resized. The effect is pictured below, and the video at the top of the page demonstrates the effect.

Enchanted Dryad Grotto (Antonica)

Bamboo Bear Plushie
Blooming Chlorolotus
Cavern Bamboo Stalk
Cavern Lily Pad
Flowering Marsh Grass
Stonebeak Cockatrice Plushie
Toxxul Grass Clump
Toxxul Grass Cluster

Enchanted Fay Grotto (Greater Faydark)

Autumnstrider Unicorn Plushie
Dual Blooming Tailflower
Dual Tailflower Buds
Single Blooming Tailflower
Springstrider Unicorn Plushie

Enchanted Naiad Grotto (Enchanted Lands)

Barbtail Ray Plushie
Bitter Barracuda Plushie
Enchanting Updraft*
Firmroot Thimbleweed
Scrub Thistle
Toxxulia Root Culm

* Enchanting Updraft is a no-resize item with an effect on it. The preview does not show the item properly due to this effect. The video at the top of the page displays the effect, as does the still picture below.

Enchanted Zygomid Grotto (Nektulos Forest)

Briarthorn Enthraller Plushie
Desolate Stone Pile
Luclinite Crystal
Shadeweaver Rock Mound
Shadeweaver Rock Pile
Three-Sided Crude Stone Brazier
Two-Sided Crude Stone Brazier
Carrion Dreg Plushie

The New Collections

Once a month you can collect a single collectible from each of the 5 instances. With the addition of these new collections, that collection item may be for the old collection from the instance, or it may be from the new one. With much alt-frenzy from myself and from Kasa of Test, all five collections were verified on Test before the April 20 downtime.

Air Spirit Plushie
Grotto Flower Bulbs
Dancing Faun Plushie
Fae Lichen
(Darklight Wood)
Dragonfly Plushie
Grotto Wings
(Greater Faydark)
Nature Spirit Plushie
Moonlight Worms
Water Spirit Plushie
Water Skeeter Bugs
(Enchanted Lands)


In addition to my quick little bit at the top of the page for the two items with effects, once the servers were available after the downtime, Ocarinah put together two lovely videos for us as well! Thanks as always for the long, narrated video and a shorter, silent video.

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