SF: Distillation Inspiration

This quest is a followup to A Bit of Fire, a Bit of Ice. It can be obtained by a level 80 alchemist who has completed the above-linked quest, and requires access to the Sentinel's Fate expansion. The reward is a recipe scroll, Alchemist Bulk Distillations, which can be scribed by a level 85 alchemist. (This will allow you to convert dusts from one tier into dusts from the next higher tier, but you will make several at a time, instead of one by one by one by one.)

Visit Alchemist Janicia in a side room of the Fool's Gold in Rivervale, and you will find that she could use a bit more help with a small errand. She would like to more efficiently distill the byproduct dusts that alchemists use to create rare potions and poisons. Rumor has it that the erudites in Paineel may have had some success in their research, and she would like you to check it out.

Head up to the Sundered Frontier and into Paineel. If you're not familiar with the trek, likely one of your better travel options will be to zone back to Enchanted Lands, and use the ulteran spires in that zone to head up to the Sundered Frontier. From there, head east to find the teleporter that will take you to Paineel.

Upon landing on the teleport pad in Paineel, walk forward into the Hall of Wizardry, and seek out Dinu.

Dinu says that he has published several theories that should improve the distillation process, but has been unable to test them, since, until the spires recently reconnected them to us, they had been unable to get a needed ingredient from Steamfont.

You say that you should have no problem with reaching Steamfont, and ask for a copy of the research notes. You must remember to take a copy of those research notes from the table beside Dinu! The notes "Theoretical Construction Notes for a High Efficiency Distillation Device" are no-trade and require a level 80 alchemist to scribe.

Head to Steamfont Mountains, and make your way to Gnomeland Security. Find Gnort Fizzlebottom next to the woodworking table. (He used to sell the tinkered adornment blueprints before the tinkering/adorning changes.) Purchase the resonance distillationificator from him for 10g 80s. You will then need 2 titanium ore, 2 sumac lumber and 1 ethereal coal and a workbench for the combine.

Once you have crafted the device, return to Janicia for the Alchemist Bulk Distillations recipe (level 85 alchemist), 30-some gold, crafting and AAxp.

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