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Chronoportals 2022

Time has been racing forward amazingly fast lately, but now we come to the time when when we get flung backwards instead of moving forward! Welcome to the 2022 Chronoportal Phenomenon, where players celebrate the anniversary of the original EverQuest by revisiting special events from EQ's past. This event will run from 12:01 a.m. Pacific on March 3 through 11:59 p.m. on March 16. After the event is completed, the merchants will move from the Chronoweave instance to Antonica and the Commonlands from March 17 through April 1, 2022.


The event this year will include all the returning buyables, the returning collection, the chronportal instances, the overseer series, and ten new buyables. The live servers will also get a level 120+ quest that can be completed in a large new solo or group dungeon and three new paintings and new level 120+ loot for the public quest. The special rule servers will have the following content:

  • Tarinax server - Overseer quests, event merchant, Portals to the Past: Qeynos Hills, Plains of Karana, Qeynos Ruins, Steamfont, Nagafen's Lair, and Southern Desert of Ro can all be found in The Chronoweave for you!
  • Kaladim & Kael Drakkel servers - The entire event is active, with the exception of Beyond the Shimmering Portal, Miragul's Madness, and the Fabled zones, due to their level.

New Purchased Items

Glowing purple portals can be found in Myrist, the Coliseum of Valor, Antonica, The Commonlands, Enchanted Lands, Thundering Steppes, Steamfont Mountains, Lavastorm, Sinking Sands, Feerrott, and Moors of Ykesha that lead to the Chronoweave instance. There you will find Distun Dekli selling various items for the Ancient Platinum Coin currency. The following new items will be sold on this merchant for 1 Ancient Platinum Coin each.

Ancient Trial Grounds
Burunk the Boundless Plushie
Cold Marble Bench
Cold Marble Chair
Court of a Lost Civilization
Dar Ghoul Wizard Plushie
Dwarven Might
Lost Gardens of Vetrovia
Solvag the Voracious Plushie
Treasure From the Age of Turmoil

New Quest and New Dungeon

The new level 120+ quest for live servers will be offered from within the Chronoweave instance by Sorsaadh. This quest will send you into you choice of the solo or heroic version of the Miragul's Madness dungeon. (You can also repeat the dungeons without the quest, should you desire.) While it is meant to be doable by level 120's in Visions of Vetrovia crate gear, some classes might find that a bit of a struggle without a second player to back them up in the solo instead of a merc. Base resolve for the heroic version is currently set for 5775. Both heroic and solo version of the dungeon have a 1 hour 30 minute lockout timer.

Testers should note that while the named mobs currently don't drop loot, the loot chests, containing level 120+ gear that is better than the crate gear from Visions of Vetrovia, will be added with the next Test server patch.

Rewards for the quest completion will be 4 Ancient Platinum Coin (8 for members), and your choice of either two Flaming Madness Brazier or two Menagerie Magic Pedestal.

Flaming Madness Brazier
Menagerie Magic Pedestal

New Rewards

The public quest "Camping the AC" that is located from "Portal to the Past: Southern Desert of Ro" has had new rewards added to it. In addition to new level 120+ loot, participants will be able to choose between three Age of Turmoil Paintings. These paintings are: Gates of Discord, Perilous Scars of Velious and Shadows of Luclin.

Gates of Discord
Perilous Scars of Velious
Shadows of Luclin

Quest Tracker

Do you have too many alts? Need to keep track of which one needs what for the achievement? Casdoe of Maj'Dul has updated her quest trackers to include the quest and dungeons - Chronoportals quest tracker in XLS form and the PDF version.


Ocarinah has put together a lovely Chronoportals 2022 House Item Preview and a shorter, silent version As always, my gratitude goes out to her!

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