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Brewday 2022

Welcome to the annual celebration of Brewday, the celebration of brews, Brell Serilis and all his creations! This event will run on live servers from the start of March 10, 2022 through the end of March 23, 2022.

This year's event will include one new book of recipes, twelve new merchant items, and the return of all past quests. The full event will also be available on Tarinax, Kaladim and Kael Drakkel.

Head over to the Bar of Brell (located in Antonica, Commonlands, Haven, Greater Faydark, Timorous Deep and Frostfang Sea) to get started. Once you have completed the quest for the Improved Ale Goggles from inside the bar, equip them and you can then see and harvest special event harvests from Bountiful Brew Day Gardens in Commonlands, Antonica, Greater Faydark, Darklight Wood, Timorous Deep, and Frostfang Sea.

To make it easier for you to find the new items, Balin Copperfoot in the Bar of Brell only sells the new items, and all returning items have been moved to Digret Runebrand (she is located just to the right as you enter the Bar of Brell, listening to the band.)

New Crafted Items

Balin Copperfoot in the Bar of Brell sells "Brewday Accoutrements to Craft XIII", which contains recipes for the following items:

Basic Smithing Anvil
Basic Smithing Hammer
Brewday Teacup
Brewday Teacup Stack
Brewday Teapot
Citizen's Sanded Stein
Clover Field Circle
Dragon Icon of the Ice Breaker
Hanging Pelt Scrap
Hanging Pelt Square
Large Brewday Pretzel
Plate of Brewday Pretzels
Tuptan Ruby Jug
Tuptan Swamp Cider Jug
Wooden Winepress

New Buyable Items

These new items may be purchased on Balin Copperfoot in the Bar of Brell in exchange for the Beer Token event currency.

Clover Explosion Tile*
20 tokens
Emerald Zelniak Calf Plushie
4 tokens
Kobold Bed
5 tokens
Living Rootball (housepet)
10 tokens
Woven Circular Rug of Inebriation*
20 tokens
Petamorph Wand: Coastal Basilisk
15 tokens
Clan McMarrin appearance armor set
Boots/Gauntlets - 3 tokens each
Helm/Sleeves - 6 tokens each
Kilt/Tunic - 8 tokens each

*This item has an effect when you step on it. See the video linked at the bottom of the page for more details.

Quest Tracker

Since there are no new quests for this event this year, the quest trackers from Casdoe of Maj'Dul from last year should still serve you well, but she's given you a fresh version with the new date for those who didn't have it already: quest tracker in XLS form and the PDF version as well.

House Item Videos!

I put together a small video of the outfit and carpet and tile that have special effects on them.

Then the fabulous Ocarinah came to our rescue and put together a full Brewday house item preview and a shorter silent version. You rock, Oaky!

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