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Event: Bristlebane Day 2010

The air in the old house was heavy with the smell of stale ale. Broken benches, empty kegs and overturned mugs lay scattered everywhere, along with less-recognizable debris. From one dark corner came a horrific racket akin to that of a wounded wyvern gargling rocks. Interspersed with it were foamy rumblings coming from another corner, that sounded like a walrus with sinus problems.

"One drunken troll, one drunken dwarf. Check. Tha' should be th' last o' the strays. Load 'em up an' drop 'em in th' fountain outside tae sober them up, lads, afore th' carnivorous plants decide they need tae be fed. Puir things would be drunk frae a week if they nibbled on summat that sotted!" With that, Mum turned away from the burly workmen she had hired to clean up after this year's Brew Day party and faced the mop and bucket crew, led by her burynai butler, Jeeves.

"Ye know th' drill. Debris intae th' waiting trash wagons, surviving furniture intae th' donations wagon, then floors, walls an' ceilings scrubbed tae a fare-thee-well. We've got until sunset tae get this rental cleaned up an' th' key handed back tae th' owner."

Later that day, after supervising the cleanup, she toddled tiredly home. Renting a beat-up old home for her annual Brew Day party, and hiring novice carpenters to make rough tables and chairs to furnish it, had kept her lovely home intact, even if it did require extra coin and effort on her part, and she was looking forward to going back to that lovely home and resting for a week or two, since the year had been an unusually busy one already for the wee halfling.

One look at the mail waiting for her when she returned home, however, told her that she wasn't likely to be taking any days off to rest for a while longer. Bristlebane's symbol on one letter was enough to remind her of an upcoming special date, even before she opened the letter to read the contents.

"Ah well. I'm going tae at least get a solid night's sleep afore I look intae this. Hopefully he will nae have too much frae me tae be involved in, given how much th' crafters have been busy already this year."

The next day, however, found her standing at the giant furry feet of Bristlebane's avatar, screeching at him at the top of her lungs. "What do ye mean, we're going tae hae crafting wi' this year's festivities!?! I'm aboot crafted out, an' I am sure th' others are, alsae! Why not jus' hae them do quests an' such?!"

"Well, since one of my more notorious followers happens to be a well-known craf-"

Mum interrupted him, still going full-steam. "An' I suppose we'll have tae quest our toes off in order tae do any o' this crafting, jus' like we jus' finished wi' Brew Day. Och!"

"No questing needed, little one, jus-"

"How am I supposed tae come up wi' th' time an' energy tae plan proper pranks when ye hae me run-..." Mum paused in her tirade. "What?! No questing?"

The giant Avatar of Mischief heaved a mental sigh of relief, then smirked down at the befuddled redhead, pleased to have diverted her. Naturally, a divine being such as himself had nothing to fear from the tiny halfling. Of course not! It was just that she expressed her opinions rather strongly at times. Right, that was his story and he was sticking to it!

"Nae questing tae get any special recipes?"

"Nope. They'll be on vendors in the main crafting societies."

"Nae quest tae get special goggles tae see the durn nodes?"

"Nope. The gardens are visible to all."

"Nae rare harvest tae chase after?"

"None. Just five little harvests off the garden to spice things up." His grin widened as he could see her thinking furiously of how, well, easy, he'd made it for her, and he started to relax a bit more.

He was thus unprepared for her next act, which was to pull out her trusty Rolling Pin of Doom, and bring it crashing down on his oversized foot. "All right, tallstuff, who are ye, an' what hae ye done wi' the REAL Bristlebane?!"

After the swearing, smiting, dodging and other ruckus had subsided, Mum agreed that yes, he was, truly, the devious god of mischief, and that she'd be happy to stir things up a bit in both Qeynos and Freeport.

The first day of the Bristlebane Day festivities, Mum could be found in the thick of things, giving out suggestions, crafting for folks ... and leaving some folks with mental images they'd rather not have.

"Och. If ye want me tae make ye that, ye're going tae need tae bring me an ogre tutu. Aye, I said tutu. Ye know, the poofy frilly things that they use frae ballet ... but ogre-sized."

"Ye know, lad, if ye're going tae want these odd, what did ye call 'em? Pie-lons? Well, ye're nae wasting guid pie on them, that's frae sure. Why not get a bunch o' gnomes, dress them up in this bright orange armor we jus' got in, an' use them in yuir obstacle course. That way, if ye crash intae one, ye're nae committing pie abuse."

"Ye say someone told ye that th' galvanized paper plate armor was THE thing tae have frae th' battlegrounds? Well ... o' course! Ye'll definitely be noticeable, an' everyone will know how mighty ye be, lad. E'en better, why don't ye mix th' twa sets, frae double th' impact? A bit o' green here, a bit o' orange there ... Aye, it will astound yuir enemies on th' battleground, that's frae sure!"

"What do ye mean, those apples are nae guid? Oh, th' bite? That's jus' ... our goblin taste-tester, making sure that th' apples be suitable frae eating! Professional taste-testers be all th' rage these days ..."

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, Brew Day is still going strong, and already, another holiday looms on the horizon. Soon it will be time to celebrate April Fools Day - Bristlebane style! This year's event will run from March 30 through April 11, with some special event planned for April 1st.

Along with the traditional Bristlebane Day quests, this year will also feature Bristlebane crafting!

Yep, more crafting! 25 new items that anyone can craft, to be exact!

Recipes will be sold in home city crafting societies (Ironforge Exchange, Coalition of Tradesfolke, etc.) by special Bristlebane Day vendors. Each recipe will require a special harvest from a Jester's Garden, which can be easily spotted in Antonica, Commonlands, Greater Faydark, Darklight Woods and Timorous Deep. (No special goggles or anything needed, just run up and start a-harvesting ... and try not to think about ogres actually wearing those tutu's, ok? Otherwise you may need some brain-bleach!)

You will also find that these harvestables fit inside your Mara harvesting satchel, which also means that they will fit inside the personal harvest depot and the guild harvest depot. (Kaitheel, the designer working on live events says that he intends that all special holiday harvests will eventually go into the depots, though we may not see the changes for old things until GU56 in May.)

As with many holiday recipe books, the recipes are difficulty 10 combines, but the book only requires level 2 artisan to scribe and craft. In addition to the special harvest needed for each, you will need a mix of tier 1 and tier 2 common harvests.

There will be Bristlebane-specific crafting events including a rare Grand Pranksters Mischief event that will reward you with an item if you successfully counter it. (I ended up with a loincloth of imperceptible beauty from mine. o.O)

Bristleberry Pie
Head of Cabbage
Goblin Tasted Apple
Bowl of Party Dip
Rivervale Butter Churn
Row of Bristlebane
Day Candles
(image change inc)
Rivervale Flasks
Rivervale KegTable

Note: The candles are awaiting an appearance change on Test. We've been told that the lights will change color, but have no further details.

Yep, that isn't even close to 25. Don't worry, there's more, in the form of appearance armor ...

An April 1, the Enchanted Lands will contain Jester's Superior Gardens which can also be harvested for random world event harvests (Frostfell, Brewday, Nights of the Dead, etc) ... um, make sure you have LOTS of bag space if you're going after these! In addition, Frostfell crafting stations and Frostfell fuel vendors will be available for that one day only, in Enchanted lands near Chomper's Pond, and in Sinking Sands on the docks.

Quest Rewards

Ratical: Fermented
Cabbage Juice
Ratical: Holy Moly
April 1 Sphinx Riddle:
Stone of Gygax

Size Comparisons

Note the difference between the Row of Bristlebane Day Candles, and the below version of the image. The above is the image as the item currently appears and will appear when the event is released on the live servers in a few days. Due to patch schedules and the like, the image will stay as-is (matching an already-available furniture item that carpenters can make), until GU56, at which time the image will be changed to the below.
Row of Bristlebane
Day Candles
(image change to this with GU56)
Bristleberry Pie
Head of Cabbage
Goblin Tasted Apple
Bowl of Party Dip
Rivervale Butter Churn
Rivervale Flasks
Rivervale KegTable

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