FD - Artisan Satchel and Tradeskill Charm

This quest requires the Fallen Dynasty adventure pack, and is limited to level 50 and above crafters.

This quest results in a 36-slot artisan's satchel which will hold raw harvestables, as well as a charm-slot item specific to your tradeskill class that will give you +10 to your primary tradeskill ability and a 1% reduction in fail rates. There is no combat involved, however some (not all) of these quests require 240 in specific harvesting skills. Again, note that you have to be level 50+ in your primary tradeskill. (Tinkering and transmuting don't count!)

Before you can begin your class-specific quest, you must first earn the trust of the villagers. Talk to Captain Ingrid on the docks in the Village of Shin (accessible from the Isle of Mara bell on the docks in Thundering Steppes and Nektulos), and she will send you running around the area, convincing the locals that the "mainlanders" and the Far Seas Trading Company, could be good folks to do business with. Complete her quest (she'll offer you a second quest, which is optional), claim your reward, and then wander back into town to seek your crafting counterpart from the Village of Shin.

Keep It All in the Family

Each of the three main families in the Village of Shin tend towards certain crafting professions: If you don't know which of the above three categories you fit in by th time you are a 50 tradeskiller, then shoo! You don't belong here! :P

The Nitty-Gritty

Each of these quests will send you running hither and yon, but each wants and/or requires that you do different things. Some will require you to have certain harvesting skills to 240, others will require that you travel to other zones, etc. In each case, however, there is zero combat required.


Title: Sparks Aflame
Requires: 240 gathering, 240 mining + a trip to a crafting instance and back
Given by: Sparks Augren, Mad Scientist
Basic Premise: Sparks wants to make some fireworks, and needs some supplies. Run around the zone following the clues given, and harvest ground spawns that can only be seen when you're on this step of the quest.
Spoilers: Rocky areas near waterfalls are nice spots to find two of them, with the other along the beach west of town. When you have gathered the 3 items, find the fuel merchant Ulgofar Wisme in the same building as the bank, and purchase 10 coal, one-by-one. (They must be purchased singly once you are on the right step of the quest) (Edit: the salt crystals were relocated to the waterline for the Village of Shin, due to some zone changes for the flying mounts)


Title: The Legendary Paper
Requires: some running in Antonica :D
Given by: Xin-Xu Augren
Basic premise: Her grandson, Ghil Ventur, went to Antonica in search of some special paper for her to scribe upon. She wants you to check up on him.
Spoilers: Seeing as the Far Seas contact is at the lighthouse in Antonica, that might be a good general area to look for him. He thinks he may have found a good alternative using items grown back on the Isle of Mara, and would love for you to bring his grandmother some of the resulting paper. The items will all be things to examine-collect, so no harvesting is required. (Mulberry can be found on a potted tree in the Ventur courtyard.) When you have all the supplies, Sparks Augren can make it for you.


Requires: some running in Antonica :D
Given by: Kun Augren
Basic premise: He received an unsigned challenge to create a perfect pearl bracelet, and wants to know who made the challenge before he crafts the item. He's asked you to question various folks for him.
Spoilers: These folks are pretty easy to find, other than the one in Antonica. However, since the Far Seas Trading Company is now involved in the area, seems that the spot where the Far Seas contact in Antonica is located (lighthouse) might be a good region to look in. ;D


Requires: 240 mining
Given by: Tumao Ventur
Basic Premise: It seems young Gai Ge Ventur was born with an anvil birthmark. While it seems pretty cut-and-dried to Tumao that this means he should become an armorsmith, the youngun has different ideas. Tumao would like you to show the boy how much fun smithing can be. Gather up some items around the area to craft with, and then have enlightening conversations with them both once again.
Spoilers: Rocky areas seem to be a good bet when looking for ore, and this quest is no exception. However, the plumbum is even sneakier. Head over to the outpost side of things and look for an unlabeled, but clickable, rock right next to the dock.


Requires: 240 trapping, 240 gathering
Given by: Ping Ventur
Basic Premise: Ping wants to learn how to make some clothing like the mainlanders wear, and is hoping you can help find some likely local fibers. Harvest 5 of the first item to receive an update asking for a second item, find 5 of that, get asked for a third set of 5 items before getting sent to the docks to grab a couple more.
SpoilersThe three harvests are pretty easy to find, going from the clues, but when you get sent to the docks, the outpost side of the docks, not the village side, so if you spent an hour or so scouring the village and the homes near it, don't feel bad! Examine-gather from a cotton plant hiding behind a vendor, then search a chest near the plant for the bolt of cotton needed.


Title: Silken Sword
Requires: 240 mining
Given by: Mei-Mei Ventur
Basic Premise: Mei-Mei has a commission to recreate the legendary weapon of her people, the Silken Sword. The problem is, no one remembers what it looks like or what made it so legendary. Everyone she talks to remembers it differently and she cannot keep track of her research. You offer to help her with her research, and find that each person remembers a different portion of the weapon. Perhaps if you combined all the elements, you could come up with appropriate inspiration for her... A bit of rummaging around should help you find a model for the hilt, scabbard, and so on!
Spoilers: Look for the turtle shell in a basket on the dock (-12.87, -1.93, 16.19), the scabbard in an armoire in the "dragon house" near the center of the village (-22.88, 11.30, -76.92), the silk in a basket at the docks (-67.87, -2.52, 120.28) and the ore NE from the docks (-159.12, 0.46, -6.93).


Requires: 240 gathering, 240 foresting
Given by: Zhen-Hao Nurwin
Basic Premise: The children are putting on a play, and Zhen-Hao asks you to help them with the props and such. Run around the area, speaking to folks, finding what they need, running some more, harvesting a bit, running some more, then searching out some special wood.
Spoilers: For the willow, check the very bases of the willow trees around Willow Pond (it looks like grass at the base of a tree), then go rosewood hunting. It seems there might be a pretty small rosewood (i.e., look down instead of peering at every large tree you pass - poor Tvarr) west of where the monk is teaching his students in the courtyard.


Title: Providing for an Exotic Feast
Requires: 240 gathering
Given by: Tai Nurwin
Basic Premise: Tai is preparing for a feast, and needs a bit of help. As a skilled provisioner, you are sent off to find some exotic items, but decide to fudge it a bit with some local substitutes.
Spoilers: The salamander eggs are pretty rough for folks to see (just like a salamander to make things difficult!). We've been told it is best be in the water near the gazebo, ogling the base of the rock pile (-141.40, 0.25, -110.37) if you want to find them. Other handy locs include: vegetable dye (21.09, 15.84, -57.91), pickles in a barrel on the outpost side of the docks (-39.37, -2.55, 143.92), Dried fruit (48, 8.31, -49.65), Ant legs in the dining room to the right of Tai Nurwin (-8.72, 12.95, -94.17), Squid ink next to the house near racks of drying fish (-16.62, 0.80, -3.49)


Requires: 240 foresting, 240 mining
Given by: Kim Nurwin
Basic Premise: Kim's brother, Choo, ruined supplies she needed for teaching a totem-making class, and needs help gathering some fresh items for the class
Spoilers: The wooden blocks are from planks beside Kim's house and require 240 foresting. Then jog downhill to the river with them to wash them. Then head over to Mara Beach to sand them. Then head to Mystic Waterfall and mine quartz from a spawn in the big rocks. While the next step says to head to your home crafting instance for the sandpaper, you'll find that the merchant Ulgofar Wisme in the building at the docks with the banker, will sell you the 5 sandpaper needed for the next step. Next, you will need sealing wax, which you can find if you head over to the Nurwin's kitchens (which are off the courtyard in the village) and check out the jars on the ground to find the tan one with the red lid (-12.45, 14.95, -101.85). Then return to Kim and claim your reward!

But Wait, What About Those Who Changed Crafting Professions?

If you have already run through the quest, and then changed crafting professions, Rai Faela Nurwin, on the Outpost side of the docks, will trade in your old crafting tool for your new one.

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