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Delightful Doors

With the release of Game Update 120 on August 9, 2022, a new crafting quest series has been added to the live servers. This series is for level 60 and higher crafters, and will not only unlock the ability to purchase level 60-69 advanced recipe books, but completion will grant the player the recipe book "Delightful Doors" containing recipes for eighteen level 60 artisan-made doors. Arched doors from this set will fit arched doorframes from the various building block sets. The rest of the doors will fit the rectangular doorframes from the various building block sets.

A full walkthrough of this quest line will be put on this page eventually, but here are the basics that you want to know for release day:

  • You must be level 60 crafter or higher in your crafting profession
  • Due to the need to access zones from two different expansions, you must be on a live server.
  • Speak with Dora Wicket on Whisperwind Isle in the Barren Sky to begin the quest.
  • When in doubt as to where to go for a quest step, opening your quest journal and reading the extra information contained within it will be helpful. :P
  • There is a workbench near Dora, partially hidden by a hooluk's wide wings.

The Doors

Arched Bronze Door
Arched Gated Door of Iron
Arched Gated Door of Polished Bronze
Arched Iron Door
Arched Iron-Reinforced Door
Arched Reinfoced Bronze Door
Arched Wooden Door with Bronze Trim
Bronze Jail Cell Door
Iron Jail Cell Door
Rectangular Banded Bronze Door
Rectangular Banded Iron Door
Rectangular Bronze Door
Rectangular Bronze Reinforced Door
Rectangular Iron Door
Rectangular Iron-Banded Wooden Door
Rectangular Iron Reinforced Door
Rectangular Iron Reinforced Wooden Door
Rectangular Wooden Door

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