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The Hangry Halfling

A small harvesting series has been added to Vetrovia with the release of Game Update 120 on August 8, 2022. It will require that you have completed the "Were is the Messenger" tradeskill signature line, as it requires access to Renfry's Basement in Forlorn Gist. (And for the last time, people, the quest series name of "Were is the Messenger" is NOT a typo that needs to go in a bug report, but is a play on words! :D)

This simple set of quests isn't anything huge or highly rewarding, but it is a fun little nod to the harvesting quests from hungry halfling on the Thundering Steppes docks while also being a chance to get a few different dishes and utensils.

Seek out Duffin Brandywine in Renfry's Basement in the Forlorn Gist, and help the hangry little fellow out with a bunch of freshly harvested resources. Everything around him is creepy and crawly, and he's a very squishy little fellow. Some resources that he can either turn directly into food, or can trade/sell for proper halfling food are really needed!

You will need to harvest 100 resources in one of the three following zones: Svarni Expanse, Karuupa Jungle or Mahngavi Wastes. (I did tell you that this was just a simple set of quests, right?) Each repetition of the quest will give you a small bit of coin and xp plus a single dish or piece of silverware*. Duffin, of course, keeps the 100 common resources that you gathered for him, while graciously letting you keep any rares that you find.

Unlike his twin, Duggin, located on the Thundering Steppes docks, Duffin says that he has NOT licked the dishes clean before awarding them to you ... instead, he had Ziggy, the cerberus fuel vendor in the basement, lick them clean for you!

Since this is a relatively basic little quest set, there is no other fancy reward, and while you can only pick up one quest from him at a time, you can repeat the quests as often as you want.

Forlorn Cleaver
The Hangry Halfling: Karuupa Jungle
Forlorn Cup
The Hangry Halfling: Svarni Expanse
Forlorn Fork
The Hangry Halfling: Mahngavi Wastes
Forlorn Knife
The Hangry Halfling: Mahngavi Wastes
Forlorn Spoon
The Hangry Halfling: Mahngavi Wastes
Shallow Forlorn Bowl
Hangry Halfling: Svarni Expanse
Small Forlorn Plate
Hangry Halfling: Karuupa Jungle

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