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Nights of the Dead 2022

It is fall already, which means the busy schedule continues, this time with the annual Nights of the Dead event, celebrating all things creepy, and spooky.

This event will run on the live servers* from 12:01 a.m. Pacific on October 13 through 11:59 p.m. Pacific on November 2, 2021. (*Special rules servers: Varsoon will have a special Nights of the Dead Merchant located in Qeynos and Freeport. Kaladim, Kael Drakkel and Tarinax will have all but the Headless or Tails Public Quest.)

What's New for 2022?

This is going to be a quieter year for this event, which may give people a chance to get a bit of a breath in there once they are done with the prelude event and the panda event, and expansion beta, etc. Lil' Boo (in each crafting society area) will sell you a new recipe book full of holiday-themed crafted items, 11 new house items and equipment including a new mount, and 2 new costume illusions.

Are YOU New?

If you are unfamiliar with the Nights of the Dead event, you may want to check out my NoTD Overview for details regarding where/how to get the candy that is used as currency and crafting ingredient, details on gravedigging and on pumpkin pulping, etc.

As a reminder to folks both new and old, if you are trying for the ultra-rare bat mount from the pumpkin pulping, it is better to throw a couple dozen pumpkins a day for several days than it is to throw a couple hundred at the same time. We had word a few years back from a developer that only the first couple dozen throws by a player per day had a chance at the mount. Also remember that you can throw pumpkins all year long.

New Crafted

The new items including the recipe book "Nights of the Dead XV" will be sold by Lil' Boo in your home crafting society. All returning items will be on the Nights of the Dead Merchant "Haint" (also in your home crafting society). This should make it way easier for folks that are looking for "just the new stuff", with nothing extra to wade through.

All of the new crafted items require a nights of the dead treat as the primary ingredient, along with tier 2 commons and tier 2 fuels. Combines yield 2 on pristine completion.

Arched Gated Door of Brushed Iron
Bloodfear Offering Bowl
Crude Bone Barrier
Gray Wastes Maple
Gray Wastes Shrubbery
Grisy Dreadfell Tent
Kyrtok Offering Bowl
Large Bone Barrier
Large Gray Wastes Maple
Pumpkin Canopy Bed
Pumpkin Plush Chair
Pumpkin Plush Couch
Red Woven Leaf Rug
Simple Bone Barrier
Teir'Dal Iron Maiden
Teir'Dal Standing Cage
Tome of Terrors
Yellow Woven Leaf Rug

New Buyables

These items that are sold on Lil' Boo in your home crafting society cost candy corn -- except for the two illusions, which will cost coin.

Dreadfell Covered Wagon
15 candy corn
Dreadfell Open Wagon
15 candy corn
Eyes of Fright (appearance mount)
300 candy corn
Hanging Blackness Lantern*
15 candy corn
Necrocraft Abhorrent Plushie
15 candy corn
Necromancer's Summoning Ceremony*
15 candy corn
Nights of the Dead Faro'Nuk Enforcer Costume
1s 20c
Nights of the Dead Vacrul Vampire Costume
1s 20c
Petamorph Wand: Incensed Lich
5 candy corn
Phantasm Patchcraft Spiderling (housepet)
25 candy corn
Phantom Festral Plushie
15 candy corn
Shrouded Crypt Corpse
10 candy corn
Teir'Dal Banner
10 candy corn


  • Hanging Blackness Lantern darkens the area that it is placed in, as a sort of reverse light source. :)
  • Necromancer's Summoning Ceremony is another of those items with special effects. It previews as pair of crossed bones but when placed it looks like the above effect. It CANNOT be resized.

Quest Tracker?

This event has been running for many years, and has quite a bit of returning goodness going on. Casdoe from Maj'Dul has kindly updated her quest tracker in XLS form as well as her PDF version of the tracker. Thanks!


Ocarinah has been swamped by the Real Life monster, but she slipped in to provide us with Narrated NoTD House Item Preview as well as a shorter, silent preview

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