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City Festival: New Halas

The New Halas City Festival is located in the middle of the city itself, to the side of the Cairn of the Huntress. Those interested in aether racing will find it down at the New Halas docks while the festival is occurring. This festival now includes the "cut-out" pieces for the polished ice building block set.

Further details on the monthly City Festivals can be found here.

Halas Carved Stool
Coldain Anvil
Tall Coldain Bookcase
Coldain Embellished Forge
Halas Curved Bench
Halas Curved Counter
Halas Double Bed
Halas Ice Goblet
Ice Inlaid Mirror
Polished Ice Tile
Halas Stone Inlaid Bar Table
Stone Inlaid Column
Halas Display Counter
Simple Coldain Door
Coldain Torch
Halas ice chair
Halas ice stool
Halas ice table
Halas pedestal table
Polished Ice Block
Polished Ice Half Block
Polished Ice Railing
Polished Ice Rounded Tile
Polished Ice Short Column
Polished Ice Stair
Polished Ice Tall Column
Polished Ice Triangle Tile
Polished Ice Tall Divider
Small Coldain Bookcase
Coldain Inlaid Forge
Coldain Wall Sconce
Crude Halas Bed
Halas Long Counter
Halas Sign
New Halas Fireworks Launcher
New Halas Firepit
Worn New Halas
New Combine Banner
Arched Oaken Door
added June 2022
Cyan Hanging Pendant Lamp
added June 2022

All of the above items cost 2 city tokens apiece.

New Halas Combine Leather Armor
(20 city tokens)

The polished ice building block set was expanded in June 2017 to include new cut-out blocks: rectangular door frame, square window frame in tall divider, tall window frame in a narrow divider, tall window frame in a tall divider, horizontal window frame in tall divider, square window frame in tall divider, vertical window frame in tall divider, and arched door.

The purple glowie quest reward is a mailbox, but it is a smaller version of the boxes around New Halas, giving it a bit more personality than some of the other boxes we've seen from the festival.

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