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Researchers of Ro

This tradeskill signature quest line was released with the Renewal of Ro expansion. In order to obtain it you will need to be a level 125 crafter that owns the Renewal of Ro expansion.

This quest begins in the Isle of Mara with Jaranna Thistlemoon. You can find her in the bar at the docks at /way -81, -2, 104. While you do receive email as a level 125 crafter, asking you to speak with her, you do not need the email in order to accept the quest.

Researchers of Ro: Responsibility for Raj'Dur

Due in part to the events in Vetrovia, it seems that the Far Seas Supply Division is short on people who are able to set up trade agreements and research outposts in the newly-discovered regions of Ro. You are being asked to help, but Jaranna also warns you that you will have less support and more responsibility than you have had in the past. You won't be following in behind the initial Far Seas representatives, using the resources that they have already set up. Instead you will be the one making trade agreements with the locals. You will be the one setting up research outposts and either finding or making crafting equipment for the outposts.

Jaranna makes it all sound a bit daunting, but as a level 125 crafter, it should all be well within your abilities, especially if you can find an enterprising trader in Ro with whom to work.

Head to the Raj'Dur Plateaus. (Carpet access is from Sinking Sands, Qeynos Harbor, East Freeport or the Butcherblock Docks.) Once there, find a local enterprising merchant by the name of Bairam Najafi. He can be found at his tent in the Hopewell Harbor at /way 149, -60, 583. Convince him that you are there for a trade partnership, not conquest, and he sends you out harvesting while he gathers some local crafting samples to show you.

Harvest (in any Renewal of Ro overland zone):

  • 30 brittlebush taproot
  • 30 desert willow wood
  • 35 pallasite ore
  • 35 apatite gems
  • 25 dustmaw hide
You will also need 1 yucca wood (rare wood) that can be harvested, purchased or otherwise obtained and access to a work bench.

Return to Bairam with your harvests and he tasks you with making a display table and some crafting equipment. Recipe Scroll: Hopewell Harbor Equipment is autoscribed. If you did not bring astral coal and astral sandpaper with you, you can find a fuel merchant across from Bairam.

Craft, in order:

  • Hopewell Harbor Display Table (requires 1 yucca wood, 5 astral sandpaper, in addition to harvested materials)
  • Desert Work Bench (requires 5 astral coal in addition to harvested mats)
  • Desert Chemistry Table (requires 5 astral coal in addition to harvested mats)

Place the equipment by clicking on the crate surrounded with purple sparkles that is now sitting next to Bairam, then speak to him once again.

You will be rewarded with house item Potential Trade Goods, 56000 status points, and roughly 2.5 platinum.

Potential Trade Goods

Researchers of Ro: Curing the Curse

Speaking to Bairam once again will grant you the next quest in the line, as well as some basic information. It seems the region of Buried Takish'Hiz is very dangerous and the few that manage to return from it tend to have gone mad. This is understandably bad for business (as well as bad for the adventurers!) and some form of cure or preventive item would be a great thing to market. Using your more extensive sources, could you possibly come up with something that might work?

Tunare's healers sound like a good place to start, so travel to Greater Faydark and the Cloister of Growth jut outside Kelethin. Once there, speak with Miralith Flitterwing at /way 589, 45, 66 about the possiblity of some sort of curse cure or prevention. After learning a bit more about the situation, she suggests that the curse protection potion would be the best option, given that insufficient other details are available. However, you will need to consult with a desert herbalist in hopes that they can alter the base recipe into something infused with the desert's particular herbs and magic.

Return to Bairam's tent, where you will now find Rasime Najafi, a skilled herbalist (and Bairam's wife). She sends you out to harvest while she works on altering the recipe.

Harvest in any Renwal of Ro zone:

  • 25 takish fig
  • 25 cactus fruit
  • 25 bonytail chub

Return the harvests to Rasime, only to find that the items you gathered are given to her for her to use in her dinner. (After all, if she's doing work for you, she's not making dinner for her family, is she?) You will need to provide your own materials for the six Desert Curse Prevention Potion from the recipe that was just autoscribed into your recipe book.

You will need 6 goat meat, 30 apatite gem, 30 brittlebush taproot and 30 astral candle, combined on the chemistry table, in order to make the 6 potions.

Give the completed potions to Bairam, who has now finished rummaging for trade goods to present to the Far Seas Supply Division. Click on the crate beside him to examine the trade goods. Then, while he gives the samples to an adventuring group headed for Buried Takish'Hiz while you search for a nearby messenger that can bring information back to Jaranna in the Isle of Mara for you.

The rather eccentric Rela Lesan can be found at /way 208, -60, 496 and once you can get her to mentally focus, you send her off with a list of Bairam's offerings, as well as your own impressions of what items the Far Seas Supply Division could likely sell in Ro.

Return to Bairam and be given the promising news that the adventurers survived, and felt like the potions helped them.

Rewards are: Desert Curse Prevention Potion (house item), roughly 2.5 platinum, and 56000 status points.

Desert Curse Prevention Potion

Researchers of Ro: Renewal

Speak with Bairam once again to obtain the next quest and to learn that Firiona Vie herself is now involved in the ongoing events in Buried Takish'Hiz. She has need of some Growth prayer stones that are beyond the skills of the local crafters. Bairam has asked you to construct them, while he focuses upon the trade aspects (replicas of the stones as well as the lure of what seems to be the unfolding of an epic tale).

The recipe for Growth Prayer Stone is autoscribed as well as one for Events of the Renewal Ceremony.

Craft FIVE Growth Prayer Stone on the work bench. You will need a total of:

  • 35 apatite gem
  • 25 pallasite ore
  • 25 astral coal

Once the prayer stones are created, you will need to speak with Firiona Vie at the Goldami Reservoir Camp. Those who are "squishy" can use the carpet at /way 175, -59, 452 to travel to the camp. Those who are sturdier can travel directly to Firiona, who is located at /way -548, 10, 437 in the Raj'Dur Plateaus.

Once you have spoken with her, you are asked to join her in the Takish'Hiz Arena: Renewal of Ro [Tradeskill], and place the five Growth prayer stones. The glowing green portal is beside her. Zone in, click on the five glowing green Growth prayer stone locations around the outside edges of the arena then read the below BEFORE you speak with Firiona Vie, so that you have a bit of time to understand what you need to do before the mobs spawn and you potentially get smished.

Takish'Hiz Arena Entrance

Once Firiona starts the ceremony, you will need to watch for the vines to start sprouting. Once they do, you need to grab a single pull of two ground spawns that are needed - growth blossoms and growth roots. As soon as you have them, it is recommended that you run back to stand beside Firiona so as not to be in aggro range when the cursed Elddar spawn. Mind you, while you are doing this, there are quite a number of big story reveals going on with the dialog and action in the zone, so don't feel bad standing safely in Firiona's spot for a moment, backtracking and reading.

Growth Blossom
Growth Roots

Once you are caught up, you will note that the cursed Elddar remnants are in linked groups of three. You will need to destroy them for this stage of the quest, so you will want to root 2 out of a linked group from maximum range (root icon in your quest helper), then throw growth spores at the unrooted one (green snowball icon in the quest helper), before throwing spores at the rooted ones. Move on to the next group, rinse and repeat until all groups are destroyed.

More cursed Elddar spawn, which the Growth-infused Vox destroys, ending the event. Return to Bairam at his tent in the Hopewell Harbor region of the Raj'Dur Plateaus. (The blue carpet at -525, 10, 420 in Raj'Dur will take you back to Hopewell Harbor if you do not wish to run or evac back.)

Bairam wishes your notes regarding the event, and you must create "Events of the Renewal Ceremony" on the work bench. (The recipe was autoscribed at the start of the quest.) You will need 1 arampine hide (rare), 15 brittlebush taproot, 10 dustmaw hide, 5 astral incense.

Rewards are: 3 Growth Prayer Stone (house item), roughly 2.5 platinum, and 56000 status points. Carpet access to the Takish Badlands also unlocks.

Growth Prayer Stone

Researchers of Ro: Takish Time

You must now travel to the Takish Badlands to meet with on of Bairam's relatives by marriage, Hamdi. The (red) carpet to the Badlands is in the Goldami Reservoir Camp, just below where you met with Firiona. Those who are "squishy" can once again use the BLUE carpet at /way 175, -59, 452 to travel to the camp. Those who are sturdier can travel directly to the RED carpet at /way -534, 3, 471. Since there are two carpets in the Goldami Reservoir Camp, make sure that you are verifying that you are at the proper one for where you wish to go. The one that simply says "Take a Ride" when you mouse over it is the blue one that travels between Hopewell Harbor and Goldami Reservoir Camp. The one down the hill a bit is the red one that says "To Takish Badlands" when you mouse over it.

Hamdi has found a good spot from which to conduct research and states that there's already been a noticeable change to plants and animals in the area, including some plant/animals (the floraform). He would like some samples of local resources for testing some of the changes.

Harvest (from any RoR zone):

  • 30 Brittlebush Taproot
  • 30 Desert Willow Wood
  • 30 Apatite Gems
  • 30 Pallasite Ore
  • 30 Dustmaw Hide

Return to Hamdi with the harvests and he requests some research equipment. Recipes are automatically scribed into your recipe book at this step. You will also need 1 to provide rare echeveria root.

Craft, IN ORDER:

  • Madman's Research Equipment
  • Desert Loom
  • Desert Woodworking Table

Click on the green glowing area next to Hamdi to place the equipment.

Hamdi then sends you out for samples of the local flora that had been nourished by the Growth-infused waters. These can be found to the SE of Hamdi. There are five spawn points, but you only need to click on three of the giant flowers before returning to Hamdi.

Local Flora Sample

Rewards are: Researcher's Bowls (house item), roughly 2.5 platinum, 56000 status points, one Call of the Delta Potion. Carpet access to the Sandstone Delta also unlocks.

Researcher's Bowls

Hamdi sends you onwards to see his sister, Shahin, in the Sandstone Delta and warns you to obtain more potions from Tarkin (or course he is another relative!) once you arrive. It is recommended that you grab at least one or two, in case you have to leave Sandstone Delta suddenly and need a way to return.

Researchers of Ro: Sandstone Setup

Use the Call of the Delta potion that Hamdi gave you and travel to Feldar Farm in the Sandstone Delta. (Remember to buy more from Tarkin!) Speak with Shahin to progress the quest.

Shahin notes that there has been quite a bit of growth in the area, at faster rates than usual. Unlike the others, who want you to harvest before doing anything else, Shahin gets right down to business and hands you recipes for three more pieces of Desert crafting equipment.

Craft, in order:

  • Desert Forge - 20 pallasite ore, 15 dustmaw hide, 5 astral coal
  • Desert Stove and Keg - 5 apatite gem, 15 pallasite ore, 15 desert willow wood, 5 astral coal
  • Desert Engraved Desk - 5 apatite gem, 15 pallasite ore, 15 britlebush taproot, 5 astral coal

Click on the green glowing spot behind Shahin to place the equipment.

Speak with Shahin again, and find that she wants some way to deal with all the garden pests (slugs). You will not want to use any sort of spray on them, as that could contaminate the ground and cause issues with her studies, so instead you should make 3 Pest Repellent Scroll (already in your recipe book). You will need a total of 6 brittlebush taproot, 15 dustmaw hide, 15 apatite gem and 15 astral incense.

Return to Shahin with the scrolls.

Shahin asks for one more favor before she begins her research. She really isn't comfortable drinking the growth-infused waters before she's done more research, so could you craft 3 water purification tablets for her? You will need a total of 6 brittlebush taproot, 12 cactus fruit, 12 bonytail chub, and 15 astral kindling.

It is now time to return to Jaranna Thistlebloom in the Village of Shin to inform her of the status of the three new research/trade outposts.

Rewards are: Your choice of one of the seven Desert crafting stations* used during the quest series, roughly 2.5 platinum, 56000 status points and the unlock of the three public researchers located in the three previous quest areas.

*Additional crafting stations for your home/hall can be purchased on any of the three research merchants once you have completed this quest line.

Flight for the expansion is then unlocked with the completion of 15 total research missions. (More details will be fleshed out later, but there are 3 missions (Raj'Dur Plateaus, Takish Badlands, Sandstone Delta) and they are on a 3-hour mission timer. Check your quest journal's mission timers tab for details on when the missions reset.

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