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Tutorial: Learning to Harvest

Whether you're a bright-eyed newcomer to the world of harvesting, or long-time resident looking for a refresher course (or a boost to your quest completed count), you'll find that Game Update 56 changed and improved the tutorials for crafting and harvesting.

Before you dive into the crafting side of things, you will need to show that you know how to find the resources needed for crafting. To do this, you will speak to a Harvesting and Collections NPC in your home area:

  • Kelethin: Trainer Eivarra Laceleaf in the Nursery area or Ikile Harmonia outside Tunare's Pages
  • New Halas: Trainer Hawk Dunlop in Pilgrim's Landing
  • Qeynos: Calla Badgerbane in Oakmyst Forest
  • Freeport:Ernest Ironthumb in The Ruins
  • Gorowyn: Trainer Charkin Myli'Dok near the Gorowyn Beach Griffon Station
  • Neriak: Trainer Zaktar D'Zhe'Virae in Hate's Envy (Darklight Woods)

Hail one of the NPC's listed above and ask about harvesting. He or she will give you the basic information regarding harvesting and offer you a quest - "Tutorial: Learning to Harvest". Accept the quest, and you will be given a 12-slot (lore, no-trade, no-value) Meager Harvesting Bag which will hold only resources.

Wander the surrounding area, and harvest the required resources:

  • 3 elm lumber ("severed elm")
  • 3 roots
  • 3 tin cluster
  • 3 lead cluster
  • 3 sunfish
  • 3 jumjum
  • 3 rawhide pelts ("rawhide leather pelt")

Return to the NPC with the required items and you will receive 1 silver 12 copper and a Disassembled Storage Box (lore, heirloom, no-value). As both the NPC and the examine info on the box will tell you, the box is HEAVY. Do not use the unpack option until you are standing next to the bank, so you can pop the box into the bank immediately. The unpacked box is Lore, No-Trade, No-Value, 36 slots (harvestables only), weight 9999. Yep, not something you want to carry around with you, but very good for a bank box for the beginning crafter.

Completion of this quest will then open up the quest "If I Had a Hammer"

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