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December 10, 2019 - Merry (Luclin) Frostfell!

While Frostfell has released on the live servers, I am still hard at work on all the stuff that goes along with the Blood of Luclin release next week. My "gift" to you folks is a huge, huge amount of eye-candy. Rather than go link-crazy trying to spoon-feed it to everyone (I am still beyond busy testing AND churning out information for you folks), I will point you to the Blood of Luclin Crafting & Housing Clearinghouse. The bottom of that page shows you all the things I have added recently, including a video tour of the Seru house, one huge furniture page, a second huge furniture page in progress, and so on. Enjoy!

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December 09, 2019 - Frostfell Reminder

Just a reminder that Frostfell hits the live servers with the patch tomorrow morning. Are you ready to get into the festive spirit?

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December 06, 2019 - Dragon Attack Monuments

Whoops! The monuments mistakenly thought they should also poof when the Dragon Attack! event ended. Either that, or we have a group of trollish monument thieves. They should not have gone away, they WILL be permanent parts of Antonica and Commonlands moving forward, but they will have issues for the next few days. (They can be manually added back in, but if a zone closes due to being empty for too long, they will poof.) They will be properly weighted down with the patch on Tuesday (December 10), so they cannot be dragged off again.

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December 04, 2019 - Benosched!

... I mean, um, I have been working on the start of the Blood of Luclin Crafting and Housing Information Clearinghouse. There is not a lot there to begin with, but I will be adding to it in fits and starts over the next couple of weeks.

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November 27, 2019 - Expansion Release Date

The Blood of Luclin expansion release date was formally announced today as December 17, 2019. The tradeskill line should be made available to all beta testers around the 5th (or at least, that was the last date I heard Kander mention on the forums). This means that you should also plan to finish the repeatable prelude quests in Kylong by the morning of the 17th.

Since Frostfell goes live on December 10, that means there may/may not be an issue with the ice brick cutout set for a week (in between when Frostfell goes live, and when the art patching will be done on the 17th). Kaitheel tried to juggle things around, but we are uncertain how well it will work out when the event goes live.

One last note! Remember that the Dragon Attack! event ends on December 5 and plan your dragon killing and monument crafting accordingly!

Created By: Niami Denmother          

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