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June 26, 2024 - Light My Fire

The beacons of Sinking Sands have been lit! Solusek Ro followers call for aid! ... or something like that. :D The annual Scorched Sky Celebration is currently on the Test server and goes live on Friday.

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June 12, 2024 - Hide and Seek This Weekend!

Even if you are not attending Fippy Fest, you can not only watch the livestream this Saturday but you can ALSO win a prize if you join in the Scavenger Hunt that will be happening on the Test server Saturday (June 15) on the EverQuest II Test Server from 1:15 p.m. until 2:10 p.m. PDT.

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June 11, 2024 - Fippy Fest Incoming!

For all of you not attending Fippy Fest, tune in on Saturday starting at 8 a.m. Pacifict to check out EverQuest's YouTube stream. Denmum will be in there a time or two, but not in the actual panels. Ngreth, the beloved House Ogre, will be in the hotseat in the EQ panel, I believe.

For those lucky few who ARE going to Fippy Fest. I have three EQ2-related small prezzies for the first three players to tell me "Praise Bristlebane" during Fippy Fest. These are my own EQ2 items that I am giving away, not Darkpaw-sponsored items, and I am only announcing it here. (You are, of course, welcome to pass the word to anyone who you know is attending, but this is my only mention of it.)


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June 05, 2024 - Tomorrow!

Tinkerfest and the Summer Jubilee begin tomorrow. I absolutely needed to show off this handsome Orange Toyger (Yes, my ginger kitty is even more gorgeous, please stop stepping on me to get my attention.) While my new headset decided it didn't want to talk to Debut, you can hear the cat "talking" (Yes, yes, you talk even more than the virtual cat does, dear Hood, now please stop "shouting" in my ear for attention.) and even a bit of purring. (Yes, yes! I know your purr is even better, thank you for gracing me with it you big goofy lovebug!) I saved the best of the pet commands for last "Set trap". (I know, I know, the tummy is not a trap, at all. I will pet it as soon as I finish putting this article up. Ok you gorgeous lovemonster?)

Can you tell I had a helping paw with this? ;)

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June 02, 2024 - Tinkerfest, Summer Jubilee

Amidst all the busy scheduling right now, June snuck up on me. (Gah, I need to find the hubbyogre a birthday gift for later in the month, aiyeee!) Tinkerfest 2024 begins on June 6, which means that it will also be time for the Summer Jubilee 2024 to also begin at the same time. I will try to do up a video to show off the new tinkered tub effect and the actions on the orange toyger fluff pet from the Jubilee, but I am unsure when/if those will be linked onto the above pages. Other than that, expect me to be extra quiet for a while, as Fippy Fest is less than two weeks away and that will take every spare "spoon" I have and then some. I hope to see a couple of you there!

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