TSO Crafted Void Shard Armor Details

The various adventurer missions that were added with the Shadow Odyssey expansion reward no-trade void shards, which can be turned into class-specific gear. While there are NPCs for trading the shards in for gear, located at the Dropship Landing in the Moors of Ykesha (1678, 452, 897), it is slightly cheaper (1 -3 shards less) to have a crafter create the items in question.

Naturally, there is a catch.

The recipes are sold (in 4 volumes) from the Far Seas Supply Division faction merchant in Mara, and require 40K Far Seas Supply Division faction, coin, and 10 tokens apiece. In addition, since the shards, and the resultant gear items are no-trade, it will be necessary to use the commission crafting system.

You must finish these items to pristine in order to receive the items. You must finish them to at least crude to have the void shards returned (and the base armor, when making greater pieces). If you cancel before the completion of the crude progress bar you will lose your void shards! For those wanting more explanation, the void shards are treated as fuel. As with any other recipe out there, if you cancel before crude completion, you lose your fuel. Therefore don't cancel before you hit crude, even if you find out you're making the wrong item for the customer. Finish the crude bar, then cancel, if you have to stop the creation process, or you will lose the customer's void shards and have a VERY unhappy customer on your hands.

Other than that, though, the hardest thing about these recipes is figuring out exactly which item the customer wants when they don't have the set name handy ... especially since what the vendors are labeled as, and what the players call them are two different things. Somewhere along the way, players started calling the base set "tier 1 shard" and the greater sets "tier 2 shard", conveniently ignoring the fact that crafters refer to regular armor sets by tiers already. This can cause much confusion when someone asks for tier 2 armor of a crafter, without specifying that they want tier 2 shard armor, not level 20-29 gear.

While you may want to send your customers to the NPCs at the above location to window shop and get you the proper item names, the below lists might help a bit as well.

Base (Tier 1) Void Armor Sets:

In order to craft any of the above items, the crafter must have scribed Far Seas Strategic Pricing Manual, Volume I. The customer must provide the no-trade void shards (use the below list for amounts) via the commission window. (If the crafter is also an adventurer that has been running missions, they may want to store their void shards safely in the bank before crafting any of these to save confusion and costly mistakes)

Base Armor (Crafted) Shard Costs

Crafted versions require 1 less shard than the vendor prices, but also require 4 lichenclover, 2 bristled leather, 1 ferrite cluster

(Tier 1) Void Shard Jewelry

The recipes for these pieces require 1 less shard than the vendor would charge for them, but also require 2 deklium clusters, 3 rough kunzite, 2 bristled leather. They are found in Far Seas Stratgegic Pricing Manual, Volume II.

Infused (Tier 2) Shard Jewelry & Miscellanea

These pieces are from two different merchants. Infused Shard Jewelry, which includes set bonuses for equipping all three pieces of the set, and Shard Miscellanea, which are odds and ends of accessories for primary, secondary and ranged. All of these items will cost 2 shards less than vendor costs, when created by a crafter. These recipes can be found in Far Seas Strategic Pricing Manual, Volume III.

Infused Shard Jewelry

These recipes require 13 void shards and (??) common T8 resources.

Shard Miscellanea

These recipes require 18 void shards and (??) common T8 resources.

Greater (Tier 2) Shard Armor

All pieces in these sets require that the adventurer provide the void shards and they will also require 3 ferrite cluster, 2 bristled leather, 1 lichenclover. (T2 shard armor no longers needs the corresponding T1 shard armor piece as a base to upgrade from!) Recipes are found in Far Seas Strategic Pricing Manual Volume IV.

Void shard costs (resource costs above) for having these items crafted are as follows:

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