Blood of Luclin Crafting & Housing Clearinghouse

This information was mostly written during the beta phase for the Blood of Luclin expansion. While considerable effort is put into updating information as quickly as possible, changes can and will happen without warning as things are adjusted after it goes live.

The newest expansion in the world of EverQuestII, Blood of Luclin, will launch on December 17, 2019. Among other things, it will include a level increase to level 120 for both adventuring and tradeskilling. Expect this page to change quite a bit in the days leading up to launch and for several days after launch as well, as things get nudged, tweaked and so on.

As with past expansion clearinghouse articles, the bottom section of this page will include a brief summary of changes and additions to the original article, so you can tell more easily when I have added stuff to the massive information dump. Please go gently on me in your impatience and eagerness to know more, as there has been much going on, and it is beyond overwhelming at times.

A lot of things were/are still up in the air at the end of beta, so there WILL be a lot of updates after the expansion goes live and we check things out on the live servers.

How to Access Luclin

The first thing most people want/need to know, of course, will be how to access the new content when the expansion goes live. Both level 110 adventurers and level 110 crafters have had prelude signature quests available since September from the Duality's Vigilant Sanctum. Completion of either one will get you one step closer to accessing the Luclin content on launch day. (For crafters, here is the prelude quest you need to do.) Both the adventuring and tradeskill prelude quests sent you to Taith in Teren's Grasp, then sort of left you hanging. When the expansion goes live, you will need to go back to Taith and check in with him for further instruction.

Once you are instructed to travel through it for your quest from Taith (adventure or tradeskill), you will receive an account-wide unlock of access to The Blinding (Luclin) from any wizard spire or portal.

Luclin and Travel - Don't Get Benosched!

When you use the spire network to travel to Luclin, you will end up in Grieg's Spire in The Blinding. Before you go rushing off, all eager and gung-ho, make sure you have some form of feather-fall or glide active. You will not be able to fly until the completion of either the Luclin adventure sig line or the tradeskill sig line. Therefore, if you go leaping off the platform at Grieg's Spire without some way to slow your falling rate, you can and will make a lovely new crater on the surface of the moon.

For those wondering about the reasoning behind this, the adventurers get told by an NPC at the start of their signature line that it is due to mounts taking time to adjust to the lunar environment. So, get used to leaping, gliding and bounding until you can finish either of the new lines in the expansion.

The Luclin Crafting Line

The tradeskill line has quite a solid chunk of story to it, and is pretty detailed. While I have not provided the dialog to you verbatim, the BoL Crafting Signature Line article is complete, and includes information on rewards as well.

Speaking of things that have chunks of story, my muse woke up enough that I have done two Luclin-themed story snippets! I have another story chunk rumbling around in my brain, but it doesn't want to come out yet. I'll try to coax it out tomorrow while we're waiting for the servers to come up.

Housing Leaderboard Goodness

Players have been asking for a way to search the housing leaderboards for ages. Decorators are a prolific group, and it can be very hard to find a specific home amidst the massive number of listings. When the expansion hits, everyone (regardless of expansion ownership) will be able to use a "Filter" that searches for a word, or part of a word in the house title.

The below screenshots show an example from the less-populated beta houses, when I did a filter on "craft". (Folks working on or touring the various house swap houses, where they all have a certain word in the house title will also find this a total godsend.)

The Overseer System

The system saw a bunch of tweaks during beta, but I really didn't have a lot of time to poke at it. It *is* known that the rewards from oversee missions can include advanced recipe books, so I will attempt to get back to this and write "something' until the devs put up a public post with details on the system.

For the short term, since I don't know if I will get to it before launch, and all versions of the expansion come with an Overseer Starter Pack, here's the information for accessing it...

Your overseer's starter pack will likely have a mission and an Agrent, both of which are likely to drop into your inventory. If they do, you will need to right-click to add them to your collection. Once they are in your collection, you will then need to access the Overseer tab from the EQII button. (There's no direct hotkey for the feature.) You would select a mission, drag an agent from the lefthand side into the box in the middle of the mission explanation, then click Start Quest. While it helps to use agents that have certain traits the mission has decided are useful, to increase your success chance, it isn't required.

All completed missions go on a cool-down timer, along with the agents used on the mission. If an agent has a mishap during a mission, their cooldown timer becomes a full day, unless you use a 6-hour rescue mission to rescued them.

Access the Overseer tab again once the timer for that mission is completed, and click on the "Completed" line for the mission to call it up, finish it, and gain any reward.

You are allowed 10 normal Overseer missions per day per account.

The (limited-visibility) beta forums had an FAQ for the system that was not repeated anywhere publicly after the expansion went live. Those Overseer Notes have been made available here.

Public Research!

This will be similar to the public research that we first saw in the Anchorage. There are some differences as well, and as I know more I will flesh this out after launch.

Each researcher is in a different zone, has his or her own assistant to act as a vendor, and uses a different currency as reward and for purchasing items on the vendor. The researcher quests are on a 3-hour timer. We also know that we need to research one item from each of the three researchers (staff parts) before we can finish the Tradeskill Signature line, so if you're working on the TS line at launch, please DO keep those researchers and their tasks in mind.

Quests will be obtained from the researcher, and finished research items and possibly other buyables will be on the researcher's assistant. Each quest will grant you status, a random reward, and that researcher's currency. Quests will be in the now-typical form being sent to a zone to harvest specific items, then craft them into an item for the researcher.


What little else we know about the researchers may have changed between launch and beta, so take the following with several grains of salt. The researchers did unlock at the following spots in the TS sig line, but may have been changed since then: Daini the Wright in Recuso Tor: "Piercing the Darkness: A Very Fortunate Turn of Events Part III"; Curator Feris in Sanctus Seru "Piercing the Darkness: A Very Fortunate Turn of Events Part I" and Xavi Heliul in the Aurelian Coast, outside Fordel Midst "Piercing the Darkness: The Sad Tale of Benosch Ironsprocket Part III"


All classes will get handcrafted recipes ("Veilwalker's" will be the gear prefix name) and mastercrafted recipes ("Voidpiercer's" gear prefix name) as well as shadowy or Empyran recipes using a special new tier of shadowy rares. I'll go into more details on the recipes "soon". We are still waiting on explanations of many things, as well as the addition of ammo recipes and carpenter recipes.

24 hours before launch there were still many questions and things that were unresolved on beta that were being worked on during the patch lockdown at the end of beta. This means that a lot of updates will happen after this goes live.

The essentials ("Primer") books will be available for purchase after the third quest in the crafting sigline - they are NOT yet patched to be there. (They were accidentally tied to the adventure line instead of the crafting line.) We have seen some advanced books drop from Overseer missions and possibly from researcher tasks as well. We do not know where we will find the books that use the shadowy rares. Caith was too swamped with itemization and recipes that he didn't really have the time to respond.

Crafted gear, including mastercrafted and mastercrafted fabled was no-value, no transmute, no salvage still at the end of beta. This will impact the source of transmuting bits for white adornments, and salvaged bits for infusers.

Other Crafting-ish

Wait, What? Shadowy Rares?

We are granted a "shadow prospecting" skill during the tradeskill signature line, and several skill boosts for the ability before the end of the line. However, that alone won't do you much good. You will also need the Shadowed Staff of Luclin from the end of the TS line to actually fire off the ability. We never, ever, got a formal explanation of the skill (yes, we asked many times), but it looks like the ability can be used off the staff every 2(?) hours to search for seeping shadows for 5 minutes. Once you successfully find one, you have the ability for 30 seconds before it goes into cooldown. We never got to test it because the staff stats never made it onto the beta server before the end, so this is another thing that needs to be revisited once folks complete the TS line (including the research needed for the staff pieces).

And that, in a nutshell is about all we know about it, and much of that was figured out from the examine information on the staff.

Other Harvesting Stuff

There will be 111-120 commons, rares and shadowy rares.

This expansion will see an upgrade for the Obulus Frontier Garden AND the artisan's pack pony AND guild harvesters. This news came from Gninja:

Obulus Garden, Guildhall Harvesters, and Pack Pony have all been upgraded, including a new appearance for the pack pony. However, you will not be able to harvest any rares from either of them until you have finished the tradeskill Signature quest line for Blood of Luclin for each character you want to be able to get rares. It is not an account wide unlock.

Tradeskill Achievements

There is one achievement for completing the Piercing the Darkness tradeskill signature line in Luclin. There is no reward information yet.

There is one chain of achievements for harvesting, and I only have preliminary information for I, II and III. For now, know that Lunar Harvester I is 1000 successful harvests in Luclin, and it gave me 112,000 status at level 120/120. Lunar Harvester II picks up from there and wants 10,000 successful harvests. (It does count the 1000+ you did for the first achieve, so you start out with the first thousand done when you start the second achievement.) It also granted a chunk of status. Lunar Harvester III picks up from there, credits you for the first 10,000 that you already harvested, and has you perform a total of 100,000 successful harvests in Luclin.

To make it clear, "successfully harvest" means to pull resources from the node by a manual harvest or a bountiful harvest. Pack pony does not count. Number of materials you gain on a pull don't count. So, for a fresh node, you get 3 successful harvests as your base, 4 successful harvests credited if you do the 3 pulls and get 1 bountiful harvest and so on.

There is no reward information displaying on these achievements on beta, and no word if there will be any other than the status or not. If I hear differently, I will update this article accordingly.


All the furniture was dropped on me in a lump. It took several hours just to get all the 150+ images taken, editing, coded, etc. We still cannot verify the sources for all of the furniture, especially given the lack of the carpenter books on beta, but at least you can see it all! The BoL Furniture Gallery was quickly followed by the BoL Furniture Gallery Part II and then the BoL Furniture Gallery Part III - Block Sets due to the sheer number of images there are.

Videos and Other Eye-Candy

There will be likely more videos incoming, since launch day is fast approaching, but for now, there is just one:

Persistent Mercenary Buffs?

This is another thing that wasn't documented for live. Zamsari managed to rescue the notes for this and the Overseer system from the beta forums before they went poof, so we have some information on the Mercenary Battalion Buffs.

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