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Kunark Ascending Crafting Quests, Main Article

This is part of the Kunark Ascending Crafting and Housing Preview. Please refer back to that article for important disclaimers and details.

The Kunark Ascending expansion has a large and detail-rich tradeskill questline. Since it can be easy to miss some of the subtle hints that point you to the next step in the quest series, and there are some side-quests, I will detail each and every quest for a quest walkthrough. This will take time, but is expected to be completed before beta is done.

Before You Start

Before you get started on the questing, there are several warnings and suggestions that need to be dealt with - plus one little bit of silliness.

  • Reading and patience are a must. In several cases even a level 100 adventurer can end up rather dead if they zip off half-prepared.
  • If you don't want the final rewards to the epic part of the quest, or you want to do them "later", you can. There is one logical stopping point in the quests if you "just" want access to the dailies for the faction to buy recipes, and then a continuation for those who want their new epic cloaks, mount, purple adorn recipes, etc. I will make note of the stopping point in the writeup.
  • The various crafting instances won't have maps. Make note of where you zoned in, and I will try to use that spot as your point of reference along with /loc points as needed.
  • This is a level 100 crafting questline. There is danger. You've been through this before if you've done crafting quests in the last several expansions, and it is hoped that by now you've learned how to avoid such things if you're going through on a "squishie". As a crafter, you shouldn't need to kill anything. You should be able to do this on a low-level adventurer. It may not be easy, but it is doable.
  • Part 2 of the refrain about this being a level 100 crafting questline. If the in-game dialog doesn't lead you on to any more logical steps, then the next logical step for a resourceful grandmaster artisan is to look carefully in the area surrounding where you last handed in a quest. A really good example of this is in the Crusader's Caves (iksar area), where you need to run a couple rooms back deeper into the caves to find the next quest-giver.
  • I will be grouping quests in what seems a logical order with the least amount of extra travel and/or risk of guard death, etc. Yes, there will be spots where you are offered quests earlier than when I include them in the writeup (such as Growf's stuff), but I've tried to use travel logic for this. Do what works best for you. :D
  • It will take a solid chunk of quests to get to the point where you earn a teleport totem that will bring you back to Twark in Obulus. You might want to plan ahead by having level 100 common resources on you (or waiting to be claimed on pony and goblin). Having your crafting home listed on the leaderboards, so you can warp back and forth if you run out of mats is a handy thing too.
  • You'll need a goodly bunch of thaumic coal in these quests. If you forgot to stock up and run out, remember that your censer from the ToT crafting line has an effect that will let you summon a fuel vendor. (LOTS of beta folks forgot this little detail :D)
  • Please, please, please remember to take into account the amount of space your mount takes up when doing crafting quests. There are a lot of spots where owls, phoenixes and suchlike WILL block access to small goblin crafting equipment, not to mention the quest goblins themselves. We all understand that you want to show off your lovely mounts, but please pay careful attention to where you are standing, especially if you are prone to afk'ing after using a Twark transport totem, or next to/on a quest npc. This also applies to those of you who travel with a bevy of pets, merc, pony and goblin out. I'm not asking you to not have them out if you feel strongly about it, but please do be courteous to your fellow crafters and watch where you and your horde are standing in relation to quest equipment and npc's. Those of us who are continually buffeted by owl and phoenix wings as we try to find the npc you are standing on will be appreciative. :D (There is a hide mounts option, but that only prevents YOU from seeing the mounts, not everyone around you.)

I promised some silliness, so here it is, complete with a tiny bit of filk lyrics at the end of it.

This quest series has two pre-requisites. In order to do any of the Kunark Ascending tradeskill line, you will need to have completed the Terrors of Thalumbra crafting line. In order to finish the "epic" part at the end of the questline, you will also need to have completed "The Proof in the Pudding", which was the original crafting epic that awarded you your master craftsman cloak and title, and the Earring of the Solstice. As mentioned above, you do not need to do the "epic" part if all you are aiming for is enough faction to buy your recipe books. (If you want to "just" get as far as the dailies/weeklies you will need to complete all the quests in the first six chunks of quests listed below (all the way through Choose the Slug Life in the Twark Round Two & Nye'Caelona section.)

Since some folks have questioned the "why" on the ToT crafting requirement, this is because this is a logical continuation of that line. In the ToT line, you established your credentials as a resourceful and intelligent crafter to Brytthel and the Queen, and helped with the containment censer for the chaos stone before it was stolen. In this questline, you are continuing to help them both as the things become more dire. There is very solid storyline here that provides counterpoint to what the adventurers are doing, and with the stakes as high as they are, your Thalumbra/Maldura contacts aren't going to trust this to any outsider other than one who has proven themselves.

As far as our new epic goes, you also have to have proven yourselves to the sarnaks in Bathezid's Watch before they will help you with extremely advanced crafting techniques needed infuse a weapon with the power of the gods. There's a lore reason for this. On a more practical note, this is effectively the crafter Epic 2.0. Just as the adventuring epic 2.0 will require that adventurers already have completed their original epic (not just done Epic Repercussions), crafters need to have completed their original epic for their cloak/solstice earring, before they can quest for their new epic cloak and mount.

The Quests

NOTE: The "KA" article names are my way of breaking the writeup into logical, more manageable chunks, and should not be confused with the quest names.

  • KA - Helping the Queen
    • An Urgent Call
    • Forging Onwards
    • Into the Spire
  • KA - On the Beach
    • Not Dead Yet
    • Getting Hooked
    • Feeling Crabby
    • Hung Out to Dry
    • Live Bait
    • Gathering Shinies
    • Losers Weepers
  • KA - Twark Round One
    • Requesting Blessing
    • A Finding Charm
    • Mission of Mercy
    • Bone Collecting
    • Scrying Eyes
  • KA - The Caves
    • Deeper Disguise
    • Gone Astray
    • Figurine the Profits
  • KA - The Search for Greshdek
    • Search and Rescue
    • Borrowing from the Dead
    • Drop Your Weapon
    • Smoothy-Stones for Stabby-Sticks
    • Googlow Juice
    • Keep the Home Fires Burning
    • Squirmy-Wromies for Grumbly-Bellies
    • Stacky-Racks for Stabby-Sticks
    • If the Bones Fit
    • Sickly-Brews for Stabby-Sticks
    • Temple Visitor
  • KA - Twark Round Two & Nye'Caelona
    • Stranger Friends
    • Guardian of Growf
    • Blessing of Growf
    • Protector of Growf
    • Seeds of Growf
    • The Gardens Are In Bloom
    • Dying of Bore-Dom
    • Soil and Trouble
    • Process of Elimination
    • Choose the Slug Life - completion to here unlocks Twark daily/weekly crafting quests
  • The Crafting Epic (dare I call it Crafting Epic 2.0? :D). Also see the KA Crafting Epic Rewards page for details on the various rewards you will receive from this questline.
  • Twark Dailies and Weekly.
    • Weekly: Snacky Snacks
    • Dailies: Always in Demand, Greener on the Other Side, Pup Piper, Rabbit Repellant, Thumpy Sticks, Twark Defender, Unlikely Saviors
  • KA - Gardening Goblin - Optional side-quest series.
    • The Plan of Growf
    • Tree of Growf
    • Budding Progress
    • Home Sickness
    • The Gardening Goblin

    Last But Not Least, Raffik Continuation

    There is a new quest in Raffik's "Shipwrecked!" questline that will require hiring Raffik as a merc and bringing him out to Obulus Frontier. Click on that Shipwrecked! link and scroll down to the bottom if you want more details on the new quest, and the rewards from it.

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