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One never knows when inspiration will strike and another humorous tradeskill-related story, Niami-style, will be born. While I've been writing quite a long time, the EQ2 writing started with some guest author pieces over at Ten Ton Hammer (linked at the bottom of the page). It then grew enough to add this section. Then it grew more and became "tradition" for me to add a story to various event and expansion previews and this page fell by the wayside. Linked below are all (I think) of the EQ2 tales that are scattered across the site.

(Stories in this section are displayed from oldest to newest.)

Old Ten Ton Hammer Pieces

These pieces were written by Niami as part of a "guest author" promise made at the 2006 Fan Faire. They asked me to write "whenever and whatever" I wanted, with two stipulations - that it be something remotely tradeskill-related, and that it be written as the Niami persona. I'm not sure any of us knew quite what to expect, but we've had a lot of fun finding out! (Now with fixed links. Thanks Radar-X and Feldon!)

Images inspired by the "Little Things" series created by Kaisha Triol of Permafrost

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