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GU58 Crafting, Housing & Event Preview

Most folks, when they thought of Niami DenMother, thought of her love of chocolate, and of pies, cakes and yummy baked goodies. Maybe they also thought, either fondly or fearfully, of her infamous Rolling Pin of Doom. Few of them, however, knew that she had a little-known addiction that caused her to run amok every fall. It was time for the Nights of the Dead celebration, and Mum was on the loose in search of ... candy corn.

She adored it with a passion. It also made her very, very hyperactive. Very. Worse than Kiara on a pixie stick high. Bouncing off the walls. Zooming around at high speed. Thoughts and words jumbling together incoherently. This made it a "very good thing" for everyone's nerves that she only ate it during a few short weeks each fall, and could only get it while helping the gigglegibbers with trick-or-treating.

As usual, when the decorations started appearing, and the goblins showed up in force in North Qeynos, Mum did a quick run through to check on new recipes, possible quests and the like, before she settled in for candy-grabbing. She was halfway through her first trick-or-treating run (eating up the candy corn the moment she got any) when she overheard a new goblin next to the Ironforge Exchange offer 20 candy corn for any 20 other Nights of the Dead candies.

Her blue eyes grew large, as visions of an endless supply of candy corn danced in her head. In a sugar-fueled energy rush, she ran home, large feet flapping loudly on the pavement as she zoomed noisily through town. "Coming through! Out o' me way! Hungry halfling coming through! Make wayyyyyyyyyyy!"

Minutes later she skidded to a stop in front of Grabby Gigglegibber, offering up a sack full of dusty, lint-covered candies from the year before. Panting, she managed to say "Twa' hundred ... need ... candy ... corn!"

Oh, frabjous day! The silly gigglegibber didn't seem to care that the candy was old and stale, so long as it wasn't the candy corn that he so disliked!

In a passable chipmunk imitation, she crammed her mouth full of the candy, then scampered out of town. Rats, snakes, gnolls and more MUST die in her search for more candy to trade in for candy corn.

It was pure carnage as she killed the beasts by the dozens, nay, by the hundreds, filling her bags as full as they could be filled with candies she had plundered from the creepy critters.

That little candy-corn-hating goblin became a gooooood friend throughout the day as he traded away his "icky" candy corn for her unwanted candies.

"Sugar! Sugar! Nom nom nom! Musthavemore. Gimme more! Sproing! I'm viiiiiibratttttinggggg! SUGAR! GIMME!"

Several hours later, after coming down from yet another sugar high, she finally crawled back home and fell onto her bed, still fully clothed.

The next morning found her moaning and groaning, suffering the effects of a nasty sugar hangover. "Och. Ne'er again ... will I eat tha' much candy corn wi'out making sure I hae food tae balance it out. Ohhhh, blessed Bristlebane, gi'e me summat frae th' pain!"

She eventually pulled herself back together, fed herself, and virtuously promised herself a candy-free day while she checked out the season's quest offerings. Accepting a challenge that she had received in the mail, she went traipsing through the Haunted House in North Qeynos, the Haunted Mansion in the Loping Plains, the Hedge Maze in Nektulos Forest, and a few other spots, seeking for signs of the season. When she felt she had found them all, she spoke with a strange ogress about her accomplishments and was rewarded with a very unusual-looking candy dish.

After placing the dish in her house, she couldn't resist trying "just one" candy from it -- just to make sure it was safe to serve others, of course!

But, she felt so ... strange ... after eating it.

She couldn't figure out why, until she passed a mirror on the wall.


The sound came out more as a goatlike bleat, however, as the apparition in the mirror screamed back at her.

She started to run out of the house to find that tricky ogress, but the moment she crossed the threshold, she returned to normal.

"Aha! Jus' a sneaky wee illusion, eh? Hmm, think o' th' possibilities!"

Further experimentation would have to wait, though. Not only could she not leave her home without losing the illusion, but the stubborn candy dish would only give out one candy per person per day.

Days passed, as Mum played with the candies, reveling in each new form that was revealed, and planning a bit of trickery involving a few old friends that she had invited over for a party.

After the guests had arrived, she carried a plate of baked goodies around as she chatted with folks. Eventually, she spotted her target, and walked up to a tall kerra that she hadn't seen for ages and ages. "Och, it be guid tae see you again, Coyote-lad. Ye mus' try these pumpkin cookies, tallstuff!"

While his attention was diverted by the offered plate, she quickly pulled the daily grave grabber candy from her pocket and popped it iton her mouth, chewing quickly. Several other friends who were in on the joke quickly ate their candies as well, just as Coyote looked from the plate to the tiny halfling lady.

"GACK! Zombie!

The mock-zombie guests raised their arms and shambled towards Coyote.

The plate of cookies went flying one direction, while the kerra ran another. As his tail dissappeared around a corner, Mum called out "Trick AND Treat, Coyote-lad! Gotcha!"

As the sounds of the fleeing kerra faded into the distance, Mum was heard to say, "Ah well, I guess he did nae hear me. More yummies frae th' rest o' us, then ..."

Game Update 58 is right around the corner (current ETA is October 12), and there is a huge amount of information for me to cover. Bear with me as I wade through the pile of Test Update notes, personal notes and so on and try to make it into something coherent. There will likely be several updates added after I post this article, so check back at the bottom of the page later for any late-breaking updates, corrections etc.

Nights of the Dead

First and foremost is the next major world event, which will go live a couple days after the GU goes live. (Event ETA is October 15) This event is called the Nights of the Dead (NoTD), a Norrathian event that includes scary costumes, trick or treating, haunted houses, and, of course, crafted goodies!

This year's event adds a third recipe book of themed craftables which require special candies that are dropped by various mobs throughout Norrath. Since the craftables lists and the candy listing makes for a large bunch of information, it has been split out into the Nights of the Dead 2010 Crafting page

There is, of course, more to this event than just the crafting side of things, and while I won't go into details regarding the quests, other than to mention that you should check your mail once the event begins for the quest starter to a totally new NoTD quest.

Here's a quick look at some of the house items that can be obtained from the various special event quests - make sure to check out your favorite sites for adventuring quest writeups for more details!

Qeynos/Freeport Haunted House
Hedge maze reward
Hedge maze reward
"Train to Zone" reward
maze glowie reward
"Train to Zone" reward
"This Won't End Well" reward
"This Won't End Well" reward
Qeynos/Freeport Haunted House
Loping Plains Haunted mansion
"Train to Zone" reward
Hedge Maze reward
NoTD Devotee quest
NoTD vendor item
NoTD vendor item
NoTD vendor item
NoTD vendor item
NoTD vendor item
NoTD vendor item
NoTD vendor item
NoTD vendor item
NoTD vendor item
NoTD vendor item
NoTD vendor item
NoTD vendor item

Other World Event News

Druid Rings

The druid ring event will end when GU58 goes live. The merchant will remain so that you can spend any leftover tokens, and if I am understanding things correctly, there will also be a trade-in NPC that will take various past event currencies (Quellithulian Tokens of Appreciation, Concordium Note of Appreciation, Academy of Arcane Science's Note of Service, and D.I.R.T.Y. Money), and trade them in for the Florets of Growth. Trade-in ratio on Test is 5 of the old tokens of a given type for 1 floret.

Mushroom Rings!

There will be new floor tiles offered in one or more of the Enchanted Grotto events that occur on the 20th and 21st of each month. The four new tiles will be: snowy square (Antonica), wispy grass square (Darklight Woods), hay square (Enchanted Lands) and cobblestone tile (Nektulos).

Knock Knock!

Have you always wanted a door that you can place that actually opens and closes as you click on it as part of your furniture options? If so, Mr. Opportunity is knocking on your door! Starting in October, the local specialties vendor at each month's city festival should be offering up a city-specific door. Eager to see what they look like?

Room with a View

What could be even better on the housing front than doors that actually work? Better than an added window to an existing room? Better than "just" adding another room to the fanciest of houses? How about adding an outdoor area (balcony) to the largest mansions in the game? And maybe adding a bit more item count to go with it?
With GU58, the following homes will have an outdoor area added to them, and their allowed item count increased. (The ones that I saw had an item count of 700, but I am unsure if that number is set in stone.):
  • Kelethin: Aerie Kolmas and Aerie Amree, a seven-room acorn
  • Gorowyn: Timorous Heights and Gorowyn Heights, Gorowyn Six Room
  • Halas: Manors of Erollisi and Manors of Mithaniel, New Halas Five Room Housing
  • Neriak: 2 Walk of the Dead and 3 Walk of the Dead
  • Maj’Dul: Affluent Maj'Dul Residence and Large Maj'Dul Residence
  • Freeport: 1 Compassion Road, 3 Compassion Road, 5 Compassion Road, 7 Compassion Road, 1 Integrity Road, 1 Freedom Road, 2 Freedom Road, and 1 Justice Road
  • Qeynos: 2 Bayle Court, 4 Bayle Court, 5 Erollisi Lane, 8 Erollisi Lane, and 5 Karana Court

OMG, Ponies?!

I've lost count of the number of times I've heard people ask for an appearance slot for mounts. I've been known to think longingly of it myself, now and then, as a cherished mount (such as Niami's unicorn) is replaced by something better/faster. Being able to totally hide your mount might have been a nice interim step, but we still wanted an appearance slot.

We're not getting an appearance slot for mounts. To be more accurate, we're not getting "just" a single little slot -- we're getting an entire tab for mounts, to clear up inventory space and store all our mounts. We can assign one to be the actual mount, another to be the appearance mount, and store them and all the other mounts somewhere they're not taking up space.

Mum's Mini Mount Manual

  1. Locate all those whistles, drums and other mount summoners in your bags
  2. With the container(s) they are in open, click on the Mount tab on your character screen. (This will hide your closed bags on you, which is why I told you to open the ones holding mounts. ;D)
  3. Drag and drop all the mounts into the empty area in the upper left part of the mounts window. (Don't worry, you can easily remove mounts from here if you want to sell them, turn them into house items, etc. However, while they're stored here, they're not taking up inventory space.)
  4. Locate the mount you want to actually use and drag it down to the Equipped box
  5. Locate any mount you want to use for appearance and drag it to the appearance tab
  6. If you have a hotbar button for your default mount, you might want to replace it with the Summon Mount ability. You can find it as the saddle icon in both your Knowledge Book and your Mount tab. Then you can switch active mounts in the mount tab, and not have to replace the hotbar button every time you upgrade mounts
  7. If you've selected an appearance mount, you may need to dismiss and resummon your equipped mount in order to get the appearance to take effect the first time
  8. Any new mount that you obtain will automagically drop into this new mount storage area
  9. Achievements will be earned, based on the number of mounts you have stored there, with the first currently being Stablehand for 5 mounts

Currency Storage

That mount tab is kinda neat for spacesaving. Too bad we can't do the same for all those tokens, shards and the like, eh? What's that? We can!

A new currency tab is also being added to the character window. It will store all those fun event tokens and such that eat up space for us packrats. So far, I've personally found that it can store:

  • Void shards
  • mark of manaar
  • city token
  • elemental token
  • far seas trading company token
  • floret of growth
  • erolissi coin
  • quellithulian token of appreciation
I'm sure the list is far bigger than that, but that's what I found in my bags and such. Again, as with mounts, you can remove items from this tab when you need to pass things between alts and so on, but it is a handy little feature. Also, anything new that fits in the currency category will automagically drop into this tab when you receive it from an NPC, quest, etc. Of course, this also means one more spot you need to remember to look when you're trying to play "who's got the void shards" amongst your alt army, but that's a small price to pay for clearing up a dozen or so shared bank slots!

Figuring Out Fuel

Trying to remember all the fuel names for all the tiers was always a bit of a memory trick, since there were an awful lot of inconsistent names in there that really didn't give you any indication of the tier: garnet sandpaper, dark brown coal, not to mention all the creative kindling names, etc. GU58 does away with all that in one fell swoop. Crafting fuels have been renamed so that they're consistent for each tier. For example, tier 1 is "Basic", so it would be Basic Coal, Basic Kindling, Basic Sandpaper, etc. All the other tiers use the same prefix label as the imbue material of the tier uses:
  1. Basic
  2. Glowing
  3. Sparkling
  4. Glimmering
  5. Luminous
  6. Lambent
  7. Scintillating
  8. Smoldering
  9. Ethereal

This is a global "automagic" change, as a certain halfling would say. Everything in your bags, on the vendors, in the recipes and so on changed to the new names. You don't need to do anything other than remember the new names. (Sorting the fuel vendor by price helps a lot when searching for a specific tier of fuel!)

Totem Changes

Woodworkers and their customers rejoice! Woodworkers can now make totems that stack up to 100 in your inventory. (Old totems that already existed remain unchanged.)
Crafted totems are being changed. Unlike the fuel changes, this does not change existing totems, only ones created after GU58 goes in.

Once GU58 goes live, all totem recipes will make single-charge stackable totems. Each combine will make up to 20 stackable totems at a time, and can be stacked into piles of 100.

So, you might want to think about only stocking up on enough totems to get you through until October 12, at which time you can get the new stackable ones to save space (and, theoretically, coin).

And SO Much More!

There's a lot more on the crafting front to cover in this update, so I'm going to save some time and space and use the various patch notes from Test. Any comments from me will be in italics.
  • We made a few modifications to the character window for stats. There is now a 4th button that has the tradeskill stats and general information. This button includes durability and progress modifiers, success modifiers, etc. It also tells you where your house and bind points are, your deity, and your account age.
  • [Fan Faire Feedback] The crafting supply depot amenity can now hold up to 200 unique items. This is the guildhall supply depot only, not the tinkered personal one.
  • [Fan Faire Feedback] All items required by carpenter tradeskill writs are now made on the woodworking table. This only is for the writs, so carpenters don't have to spend some of their rush order time running from machine to machine to machine, especially in Tier 3. This does not change any recipes, it just shuffles the carpenter writs around a little so the items they ask for are all on the woodworking table.
  • [Fan Faire Feedback] Adorning merchants in Butcherblock Mountains and Kelethin now sell Transmuting Dilutions recipes which allow the conversion of higher quality transmuting components into lower quality products. Yep, we were able to convert fragments into powders into infusions into mana, and now we've got recipes to turn mana into infusions into powders into fragments. Of course there's some loss in the conversion process, but folks asked for it, they got it
  • The adorning daily quest now works off your actual skill not your modified skill.
  • Far Seas Supply Chain and Tools of the Trade buffs now properly increase the amount of progress and durability gained by the percentage specified and should be more helpful than they were before. *These only increase the gain, and have no effect if you lose durability or progress in a tradeskill round. * These effects increase the gain from tradeskill abilities such as Varnish and bonus progress you get from a success or critical success!
  • The tinkered items Call of the Tinkerer, Repository of Construction, and Heart Stopper devices are now usable by anyone of the required level, tradeskill OR adventurer (formerly they were adventure level only).
  • The Gnomish Parachute Pack, Call of the Tinkerer, Repository of Reconstruction, Heart Stopper devices and tinkered Message in a Bottle can now be used at level 5. Combine this one with the one above it, and they can be used at a lower level AND based on your crafting level if that is higher than your adventuring level.
  • Tinkered feign death items now share their own unique reuse timer and should no longer interfere with the adorning tradeskill arts.
  • All crafted ammo (arrows, throwing knives, etc.) now stacks to 200 for more storage convenience. Yay!
  • Level 10 den harvesting nodes are now more common in New Halas.
  • Neriak now has more clipboards available in the crafting area for picking up tradeskill writs.
  • Failing to counter an event while tinkering now only produces an actual explosive fireball for the more major failures, instead of any failure.
  • Tinkered fireworks now have a lower fuel cost to make.
  • Jewelers now have recipes for necklaces in the level 10 and 20 ranges.
  • Dusts used by alchemists to make potions and poisons now indicate which level range they are for.
  • Standard level 80+ mastercrafted jewelry is now equipable at level 82.
  • The Earring of the Solstice can now be used while moving. ZOOM!
  • Magma armor molds from Lavastorm now stack to 200 and are heirloom. Huzzah!
  • Natural Gardens are spawning once more within The Nursery
  • Fixed a bug with player-written book text not saving correctly in some situations.
  • Danak Wishbone and Riliss Chicken Foot are now flagged ‘lore equip’ so that crafters may use one and sell others. Oh, happy day! It also means you can sell more than one at a time if you want!

Not Yet In the Notes

House moving crates are getting separate item limits, which will NOT count towards your house item count. If your home has a 200-item limit, you can have up to 200 items in the house AND up to 200 more stored in the moving crate. The new 700-count homes will have a limit of 700 in the crate as well as the 700 in the house, and so on. This includes guild hall item/storage counts as well!


Usually there is an item or three added/removed/changed at the last minute, as well the chance of finger-flubs on my part. Test server information can always change without warning, and there is plenty of time for another patch or four on Test before this hits the live servers on the 12th. Any updates that are found after I publish this article will be posted in this section, so you can easily find any changes.
  • Minutes after announcing the article on the 5th: found an image for the Neriak door and dropped it in until Kaisha can get her hands on one for a proper icon
  • Moments after that: found information on the new moonlight enchantments floor tiles. Details have been added in the proper spot above.
  • Less than half an hour later: I thought that I'd put this in the preview, but apparently it was just a dream. GU58 hits, another Fan Faire request is made a reality. Storage crates in houses can hold as much as your current item count and will NOT count towards your in-home item count. So if you have a new item count of 700, you can have 700 items in the house, and 700 items in the crate.
  • In other housing news, it should be mentioned that the 7-year veteran reward has been announced, and it is one amazingly "ginormous" house - Mistmoore Crags Estates. All I can say is "wow". The estates are available to tour on Test now, and will be available for touring on other servers with the arrival of GU58 next week. Check out the announcement here
  • Oct 5, evening: added in a shot of the 5 gravestones that will be sold on NoTD merchants during the event. Added in an image of the cobblestone tile that will be available during the Moonlight Enchantments event. Now, after seeing the quality of my images (the newly-added stuff, the stuff in the mini-story and the patio shots), aren't you glad that the vacationing Kaisha does most of the graphics work around here? ;D
  • More Oct 5 evening: Domino just announced in Test chat that the availability of harvest nodes in Butcherblock should be improved on the Test server with the next update, and should, if all goes well, hit live servers with GU58

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