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Moonlight Enchantments

Last month, folks on Test server noticed the appearance of some mysterious mushroom rings in various forested areas of Norrath.
These rings are only visible when the phase of the moon is right ... which appears to correspond to the 20th of every Earth month (PST time zone).
Those who wish to investigate where the mushroom rings may take them should therefore keep their eyes open this weekend, and around the 20th of each month in the future!
We hope this regularly occurring little mini event will give you something to look forward to each month. And if you happen to miss it one month, it's not long till the next time the rings appear!

Domino, SOE forums, 18 June 2009.

Ah, the mysterious, magical mushroom rings of my dream back then appeared for real! Huzzah!

That means you need more details on this monthly event!

Portals Into Magical Grottos

When the moon is just so, five magical mushroom rings will appear in Norrath. Each time they appear, which will be once a month for the 20th and 21st, they will stay for 2 days (barring any creative bugs, extra bonus time, etc.)

These mushroom rings will appear in five locations:

In each case, you will click on the ring to be transported to a solo instance. (In the cases where fighting is required, the instance will scale to your level.)

When you arrive in each instance, the residents of that specific grotto will ask you to perform a task for them, and will reward you with an heirloom Elemental Token in return. The heirloom tokens for all five grottos are the same, allowing you to earn them across several alts, pool them together, and spend them in whichever instance(s) you prefer.

Other Important Notes

  • Two of the instances require minor combat that should be easily soloable (down-arrow mobs).
  • One instance offers a second quest, but you must be at least artisan level 2 in order to obtain it
  • Each instance can only be completed once per month per character. Run as many alts through as you wish, but you won't be able to keep looping the quests and collecting the glowies on the same character. (Since one instance contains two quests, this means you can earn 6 tokens per character per month)
  • Each instance spawns one purple glowie, for a grotto-specific collection (5 total collections, 1 from each grotto, see the individual grotto pages below for details on the quest reward). This glowie will not respawn, so one glowie available for grabbing per character per grotto. The glowies can be traded, so you can juggle amongst alts, go on broker binges, etc. Remember - if you don't finish a collection this month, you have a chance to fill in the gaps next month, the month after, etc. It is also good to note that if you can't find the glowie in an instance, you can always exit, pick up a gnomish divining rod, and return to the instance, as long as you can do so before the event is over for that month.
  • Each grotto has a vendor with items unique to that specific grotto. Most of these items are furniture items that can be traded, but there are a few exceptions here and there.
  • The furniture items each cost 1 Elemental Token apiece (the wearable circlets may cost 2 each)
  • This is meant as something small and fun that can be easily completed without a huge time expenditure. While I know the furniture addicts will obsess about getting everything immediately, the event is going to be a regular monthly feature, so if you miss something, there's always another chance down the road. :D
Due to the amount of images involved, a separate page detailing the vendor items and collection rewards for each grotto has been created. (Click on the grotto names below.)

As always, huge and heartfelt thanks to Kaisha for the original graphics, and Nytefyre for more recent updates - a huge amount of care and effort goes into these, and it is greatly appreciated

Grumpy Redhead's Guide to Purple Grotto Glowies

After listening to, and answering, crafting chat and guild chat for several hours, in which the same questions were asked in dozens of different ways, let me be a bit more explicit. :)


ONE purple glowie per instance. This means no, they do not respawn if you leave and re-enter. And each character can only run the instance once per month. And no, you do not need anything special to see the glowies. If you did, I would have included that information above. :P These are presistant instances however, which means they have timers on them. If you cannot find the glowie for a specific instance, and are a level 44 crafter or higher, you may wish to zone out, pick up a gnomish divining rod from a tinker and use it within the instance to find the glowie. Growling at the people trying to help you does not change any of the above information.


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