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Denmum Diaries, Vol. 2: Dreaming of Enchanted Grottos

Yessss, lads and lasses, I have had the most amazing dream ...

This live event tiptoed through being tested on the Test server in one all-too-quickly passing week before disappearing again. We have absolutely no clue when it will be released, and I'm not doing up a fancy preview on it quite yet. However, I am 100% positive that the furniture-lovers will want to see these, so that they can plan summer redecorating in advance.

For now, all that I will say is that if you want alll of this stuff, immediately, you are likely going to be doing a lot of alt-hopping and questing, as there is a limit to how many you can earn per character per time the event is turned on. (It is expected to be a reguarly-occurring event, but again, details aren't finalized, and I'm not going to put together a full writeup until they are, so deal with the wicked halfling teasing you, k? :P)

Oh yes, there are also couple collection item rewards from this event thrown in below, too. :D

(Images provided by our very own graphical goddess, Kaisha, who managed to find time during real-life chaos to take pics of my huge collection of goodies!)

Absolutely cruel and evil! {nod} Some of you may understand my comments about my brains leaking out my ears when I explain that I could only get 6 tokens per alt while collecting these, and had to remember which alt still needed to do which what where and who was buying what and where I was going to store it all ... all while also working on the GU52 testing and writeup!

And, just for my friend Jen, a rather fuzzy image of the five appearance-only flower circlets. I spent too much time alt hopping and questing for all the furniture that I didn't get time and tokens enough to get the circlets. (Thankfully, I managed to do rushed low-quality dressing room screenshots a few minutes before the event was removed!).

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