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March 16, 2018 - Happy Anniversary!

It is time to wish the original EverQuest a happy 19th annniversary. In addition to some special krono deals, EQ2 is now experiencing double XP until the end of Monday the 19th. The 19th will also begin the Chronoportal Phenomenon, which will allow us to revisit certain EQ encounters/mobs. Rather than make a new article for this event, I will be updating the Chronoportals article shortly to reflect 2018 dates and the five new paintings that we can buy. (Link has now been added to this news article.)

Update: In addition to adding the Chronoportals link above now that I have finished the article, there is also a new Producer's Letter out -- and it briefly mentions that there will be two new summer events this year. As more details are available, I will post accordingly, but I suspect it will be a couple months before we know more.

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March 14, 2018 - Busy, Busy

For the next couple of days we will be testing Beast'r on the Test server. I will have up some details soon-ish. I am awaiting word on if we will see anything on Test for Chronoportals before they go live, and we will begin Bristlebane Day testing in about a week. (Lots and lots of event overlap this year!)

Meanwhile, thanks to a response to my post in the Help Wanted forum, I obtained the text to the entire dialog for the Stitch in Time sig line. It makes for a very interesting lore read for those who rushed through it all while doing the questline. (And a great way for those of you who have not completed the questline yet to see the storyline.)

Now if you will excuse me, I am off to search for my missing grey matter before I go hunting for beast'r eggs ...

Update: Beast'r link added above.

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March 06, 2018 - Patch Stuff of Note

On top of Fallen Gate unlocking EoF (tinkering, transmuting and adorning should be available there now, as well as several more crafting quests), there were several items of note for crafters in the patch notes today. It may take me a bit to get these into the proper quest writeups, as I am very low on spoons right now.

  • Shard of Hate: Eye Spy [Tradeskill] - Writhing ires have gone on permanent vacation, as have a couple other creatures, to make traversing the Shard less dangerous.
  • Mechanical Travel Gear will now allow those that have completed "A Stitch in Time, Part V: Sealed With Hate" to travel directly to the Coliseum of Valor.
  • The tradeskill weekly mission, "A Restitch in Time," will properly update through completion of a Planes of Prophecy Dungeon [Tradeskill] Daily Mission.
  • A Restitch in Time: Eye Spy - The 3 components for the Arcane Ocularum obtained via The Fiend Fount no longer need to be crafted. Instead, gathering resources and exchanging those resources for the components through The Fiend Fount is all that is required.
  • A Restitch in Time: Bridge Run - The timer for this mission has been removed.
  • Doctor's Orders: Shard of Hate now grants rare harvests and a chance to receive Celestial Teachings for those that have completed A Stitch in Time, Part V: Sealed With Hate. (Mum note: This is the PQ that has both crafting and adventuring components.)
  • Restitch in Time daily and weekly missions no longer grant any infusers, and can now reward a progress potion.
  • Familiars Wild quest will now update correctly for creatures that fall into multiple creature classifications such as many wolves being both dire and canine.
  • Restitch in time daily missions now grants Far Seas Trading Company Tokens and Ancient Rubicite Relics.
  • Restitch in Time weekly mission now grants Far Seas Trading Company Tokens.

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March 05, 2018 - Brewday 2018

The annual Brewday celebration begins in just under 3 hours. While I did not convince my Muse to produce a short story to go with it, the Brewday Preview does give you all the new eye-candy!

There will also be a patch in the morning, but the patch notes have not been posted for it. I suspect there will be the promised changes to two of the daily missions, as well as a fix to the PoP crafting weekly, but other than that, we do not know what will be patched.

As I wander off to do a few more things before my evening ends, I plant this thought in your mind: How many mounts are going to be named "Buckbeak" after folks get their hands on the new Brewday mount? :D

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February 28, 2018 - Things to Look Forward To

Today I give you a few things gleaned from Discord.

The PoP tradeskill weekly missions will be fixed with the next update.

The Shard of Hate mission will apparently be changed (again, with the next update), to only require crafting of the Arcane Ocularum (instead of all the harvesting and crafting needed for the sub-parts).

The Molten Throne timed mission (Bridge Run), will have the timer changed for the Portals to Nowhere instance to start AFTER the Fragment of Ro is crafted. (This is also for the next patch.)

The next patch is currently expected to be next week. Next week is also the start of Brewday - wheeeee!

As a side-note, the Familiars Wild quest resets daily at 11 p.m. Pacific.

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