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November 21, 2017 - Just Leaving This Here

The expansion launches in a week, and I am frantically running through my checklists of stuff after every beta patch to see what has been added, changed or fixed. It may be enough to make me feel like my brains are leaking out my ears, but all of that came to a stop for most of today while I changed mental gears.

Frostfell went onto the beta server. Before you grumble about it going there instead of on the Test server, all of the Frostfell quests that include level scaling mean that Frostfell needs to be tested with the new expansion and the level cap increase. So, until the expansion launches in a week, Frostfell testing needs to be only on beta. Here is a first glance at the Frostfell eye-candy. I will flesh the article out more as energy allows.

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November 13, 2017 - PoP Fashions

As we get further along in the beta, information for the Planes of Prophecy Information Clearinghouse will be coming in chunks. Part of that will be dependent on when certain things are patched, and part of it will be dependent on my time and energy. Not all of the updates will be called out here on the front page, so you may want to check the bottom of that article every couple of days to see what has been added/updated/changed.

New for today on there is the Planes of Prophecy Crafted Armor Fashions page, which also includes a link to a video by Ocarinah. I hope you enjoy the eye-candy while I go back to herding cats!

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November 10, 2017 - Video Walk-Throughs

The talented and very busy, Ocarinah, did some video walk-throughs of the Planes of Prophecy carpenter furniture. You can find links to them on the PoP Carpenter Furniture preview page. Thanks again, Oaky!

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November 04, 2017 - What is This?

Hmmmm, I think I have been working on something from beta this weekend.

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November 01, 2017 - Quick Reminders

Tomorrow is the last day of Nights of the Dead, so get your questing and shopping done ASAP! Today is also the start of the Freeport City Festival. Friday is the start of the annual Heroes Festival. Yep, the event season is upon us! ( EDIT: Got my days of the week scrambled. Edited to fix start/end days.)

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