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July 17, 2014 - A Note from SOE

From SOE (echoed on the EQ and EQ2 facebook pages, etc.):

We deeply regret the recent service interruption that is currently impacting all SOE games. As a thank you for your patience, we will add two days of membership time to all membersí accounts. Thank you for playing EverQuest II.

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July 03, 2014 - Gliding Along

It is after 2 a.m. - so just what is Mum still up to at this time of night? Well, Tinkerfest went onto Test in mid-afternoon, and I have been testing and writing, and writing, and re-verifying facts, and having my brains leak out my ears, and other fun stuff. I figured there would be zero way, with my fibro sleep issues, of getting to sleep before writing up the preview. With my luck, I would end up tossing and turning while mentally working on the story, so I might as well be up writing the story, right? Hopefully the story makes more sense than I do right now! Without further ado, here is Tinkerfest 2014: Skimming Along

Edit: Also, as an FYI, Jazabelle discovered that the top 5 awards for style and creativity in the /house_ratings system stopped awarding around the 26th of June. There have now been confirmations from folks on more than one server that they are seeing this problem. The issue has been forwarded on to the EQII team.

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June 30, 2014 - House Actor Improvements

There is a patch tomorrow (July 1), and as part of that patch, the following changes are being made:


  • Added several tradeskill animations, as well as salute animations.
  • Moved the Actor's Greeting Message to the "NPC Say" Channel.
  • Added the ability to set the range House Actors will greet players and play their actions when that state is enabled.

Update: The House Actors article has been updated with the 12 new house actor actions.

UPDATE A new house is now tourable on Test that is Tinkerer-themed. Check it out here.

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June 17, 2014 - House Actors!

House Actors are now live - enjoy!

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June 13, 2014 - Actors, Actors, Everywhere!

As mentioned yesterday, house actors are now in the testing phase. For those of you wanting more details, I give to you "Actors, Actors, Everywhere!"

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