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February 09, 2016 - Patch Tidbits

From the patch today:

Erollisi Day
Ykeshan frogloks near Guk in Moors of Ykesha now drop their love notes at the same rate as other mobs.
An Oval Heart-Stained Window Pane has been added to the "Romantic Gifts to Craft IX" recipe book.

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February 06, 2016 - Erollisi Day Window

Do you see that lovely oval window at the bottom right in the picture above? It was supposed to go on the EDay merchant, Douglas, but there was a slight snafu. (The wrong thing was added, then removed, but then the right thing was not added. No worries if that is confusing, just focus on the lovely oval.) To make sure we have sufficient access to this lovely oval, it is going to be patched into the Romantic Gifts to Craft IX recipe book instead. If all goes well, that will be in the patch on this coming Tuesday, otherwise it will go in "soon". When added, it will automagically appear in that book, including for those who already purchased/scribed it.

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February 03, 2016 - Update to Quest Tracker

If you already downloaded Casdoe's Erollisi Day Quest Tracker spreadsheet that was mentioned in the preview I posted yesterday, you may want to redownload it to catch a missed achievement.

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February 02, 2016 - Erollisi Day 2016

Erollisi Day 2016 starts on Thursday (12:01 a.m. Pacific), and while there were times I wondered if I would stop coughing up a lung in time to work on a preview, I have indeed, finished it. While the story was not quite what I intended, it is at least, done before the event started, and that will have to do. :D Hopefully, whether you prefer gloomy rain clouds or bright rainbows, you can find something of interest in this upcoming event with Differing Views

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January 25, 2016 - EDay Testing

Me: So, Body, are we going to test some of those new Erollisi Day achievements on the Test server today?

Body: Let me get back to you on that once I finish coughing up this lung. Have some codeine-laced cough syrup in the meantime.

Me: Blarg. So, Muse, how about putting up at least the images for folks to devour, while brainstorming on a story.

Muse: NOPE! Go spend some quality time with your aunt.

Me: My ... aunt? Huh?

Muse: Yeah, your "Auntie Biotics"

Me: Durh.

Muse & Body: Say goodnight, Mum

Me: But it is almost noon, not ni-....**ZZZZZZTHUDDDDDD**.

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