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Some people go for gear with high STR, others go for gear with high STA, and so on. Still others, however, go for gear with ... style.

Here, for those who are fashion slaves (and those crafters who cater to them), we include screenshots of player-made gear.

NEW!! Fact sheets are being linked to the images in these galleries that include recipe, stat information and a closer look at the sets in that tier. Currently, the cloth, plate & leather armor pages below are done, and the chain armor is partially done.

Brand New!

These will get linked into the proper pages as time goes on, but for now, here are Tier 9 images that haven't been incorporated into the style pages:

Crafted Armor & Weapon Styles

(Gear with stats as well as looks!)

Dress Clothes & Faction Clothes

(They won't stop a blow from a rolling pin, but you'll make a pretty corpse!)


Galleries that are obsolete for one reason or another.

For additional images of EQII fashions Mum recommends RPGFashion.

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