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Fashion - Crafted Dress Clothes

New tailored items were added with LU25 that were meant for dress wear purposes. They fit in the chest slot, cover chest and legs, and can be worn by level 1 characters. There are no special benefits to wearing these items (mitigation 1), they are purely for fun. The RoK expansion, due to launch on November 13, 2007, will also add four new sets to this dress clothes collection. They are the last four images on this page, but again, note that they will not be available until the RoK launch on November 13.

Note that a male can wear the female-named outfit, and a female the male-named outfit, but they stay in the proper gender-clothing look. (Guys in pants, gals in gowns.) In many cases the outfit will look exactly like the same-gender version. However, in some cases, there are some shading variations, such as in the bride and groom set. That may sound confusing, but if you click to enlarge one of the images below, it will make a bit more sense. Many thanks, once again, to Kaisha Triol of Permafrost, who redid images for this entire section to include the opposite gender variations.

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