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Fashion: Crafted Chain Armor Styles

Crafted metal armor appearances got a facelift when GU38 was released, and later work was done to make sets complete in every tier for which they were available, instead of adding a piece here and there as you progressed through the tiers. As always, many thanks to Kaisha Triol of Permafrost for doing the painstaking work involved in crafting, modeling, cropping, twisting, turning, etc. in order to create these images for us!

Fact sheets, complete with stats, recipe information and larger images, are slowly being created and linked in below. (Click on the images below for one of the first 4 tiers, or fulginate or indium, to see Fact Sheet examples).

Tier 1 Common/Rare Tin Chainmail (common)
Bronze Chainmail (rare)
Tier 2 Common Iron Chainmail
Iron Reverent
Tier 2 Rare Blackend Iron Chainmail
Blackend Iron Reverent
Tier 3 Common Carbonite Chainmail
Carbonite Reverent
Carbonite Brigandine
Tier 3 Rare Steel Chainmail
Steel Reverent
Steel Brigandine
Tier 4 Common Feyiron Chainmail
Feyiron Reverent
Feyiron Brigandine
Feyiron Melodic
Tier 4 Rare Feysteel Chainmail
Feysteel Reverent
Feysteel Brigandine
Feysteel Melodic
Tier 5 Common Fulginate Chainmail
Fulginate Reverent
Fulginate Brigandine
Fulginate Melodic
Tier 5 Rare Ebon Chainmail
Ebon Reverent
Ebon Brigandine
Ebon Melodic
Tier 6 Common Indium Chainmail
Indium Reverent
Indium Brigandine
Indium Melodic
Tier 6 Rare Cobalt Melodic
Cobalt Reverent
Cobalt Brigandine
Cobalt Melodic
Tier 7 Common Adamantine Chainmail
Adamantine Reverent
Adamantine Brigandine
Adamantine Melodic
Tier 7 Rare Xegonite Chainmail
Xegonite Reverent
Xegonite Brigandine
Xegonite Melodic
Tier 8 Common Ferrite Chain
Ferrite Brigandine)
Ferrite Melodic
Ferrite Reverent
Tier 8 Rare Incarnadine Chain
Incarnadine Brigandine
Incarnadine Melodic
Incarnadine Reverent

In addition, GU43 saw the addition of a level 77 chain armor set, with recipes available to armorers with the appropriate Riliss faction (30K for the entire set). All pieces other than the tunic require an incarnadine cluster. The tunic requires a chromatic essence.

Rilissian Trooper

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