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Fashion - Deathfist Citadel Armor Sets

Spring 2007 saw the revamping of the Deathfist Citadel (DFC) zone. Along with that revamp came the release of some new class-specific armor sets that require recipe and resource drops from Zek and DFC. (Both recipes and ore are chest-only drops.) Sets are split between 3 pieces from a common dropped recipe book, and 3 pieces from a dropped rare recipe book.

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Adept Blood Hide
(Bruiser/Monk set)
Blood Threaded Alteration
(Mage set)
Consecrated Blood Iron
(Inquisitor, Paladin, Templar set)
(Inquisitor, Shadowknight set)
Harmonious Blood Mail
(Troubador/Dirge set)
Mossy Blood Hide Armor
(Fury/Warden set)
Nightbane Blood Mail
(Rogue set)
Thistle Etched Blood Mail
(Ranger set)
Warborn Blood Iron
(Berserker/Guardian set)
Umbrae Blood Mail
(Defiler/Mystic set)

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