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Fashion: City Faction Status Clothing

Faction clothing is an odd category, requiring not only guild status as part of the purchase price, but often having other requirements, such as adventuring levels, guild levels and/or faction with your crafting society. In all cases, however, it is all about style. They carry no extra benefits or the like, but allow you to customize your look when wandering around town. All sets other than the Tradesman set are equippable at level 1.

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All Cities, Guild level 1
(City Merchant)
Tradesman set
(tunic, pants, gloves, boots)
Guild level 1, adventure level 10
All Cities, 20K Faction
(Crafting Societies)
Forge set
(vest, pants, gloves, boots)
Crafting Society faction: 20,000
Evil Crafting Faction
Negotiator set
(shirt, pants, boots)
(evil) Crafting Society faction: 30,000
Good Crafting Faction
Negotiator set
(shirt, pants, boots)
(good) Crafting Society faction: 30,000
Qeynos Crafting Faction
Bargainer set
(shirt, pants, boots)
Ironforge Exchange faction: 30,000
New Halas Crafting Faction
Negotiator Set
Ravens of the North faction: 30,000
All Cities, Max Ally
any city faction
(any faction Merchant)
Ceremonial Formal set
(tunic, pants, gloves, boots)
All Cities, Crafting Quest
(Grandmaster quest series)
Artisan's Formal set
(tunic, pants, gloves, boots)

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