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Gallery - Enchanted Brownie Grotto

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Welcome to a cavern, hidden in Darklight Woods, where brownies and fauns dance and frolic. Should you wish to help them, there are two quests that you can perform to earn Elemental Tokens. The second quest requires that you be at least Artisan level 2. Both quests, "Festive Flowers" and "Strong Brew Root Beer" (repeatable), are non-combat. In addition, while working on the repeatable Strong Brew Root Beer quest, you have a chance of harvesting a house-item shelf fungus. (You can only harvest while the quest is in your journal.)

The Items

The vendor here will sell you, at a cost of one Elemental Token apiece, several house items. Circlets and crowns cost 2 tokens apiece. This page now includes new items that were added to this vendor in 2016.

Faydwer Oak Tree
Flowering Tree
Jarsath Oak Tree
Savannah Tree
Stony Lichen Square

Wispy Grass Square

Wooden Shingled Tile
Lilac Bristletree
Creeping Fingers
Arid Flames Palm
Ancient Sands Palm
Brittle Wastes Oak
Darklight Growler Plushie
Darklight Sapling
Darklight Sapling
Small Blueleaf Sapling
Misty Goldleaf Sapling
Verdant Goldleaf Sapling
Small Russet Blueleaf Sapling
Verdant Goldleaf Seedling
Circlet of Elemental Fire
Grotto Lace
Lantern of Elemental Fire
Large Grotto Lace
Small Vesspyr Grass

The Collection

The purple glowie collection from this zone is Tree Bark. It consists of five tree bark collectibles. Reward for completing this collection is a fresh water tree stump.

A Closer Look

Faydwer Oak Tree
Flowering Tree
Jarsath Oak Tree
Savannah Tree
Stony Lichen Square

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