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Days of Summer 2018: The new 'Travels' of Yun Zi

August 21, 2018 saw the arrival of a new year of quests and rewards for the Days of Summer questline that was introduced in 2017. Membership is required for this questline. For those not familiar with this questline, Yun'Zi is a panda who loves the thought of exploring far more than he loves actually doing the exploring himself, and he's more than willing to gift you with baubles and such if you will explore for him, and then return to tell him tales of what you saw.

For the 9 weeks following the release of the new line, a new quest will unlock each week (each Monday night at midnight Pacific again). Once a quest has been unlocked, if can be done once per account, at any time, as long as you do the quests in sequence. This means that if you "miss" a week or more, you can do them later on.

To start the questline, you will need to speak with "Yun Zi", a hua'mein that is located near the wizard spires in Sundered Frontier (/way 2294, -199, 2504). He will offer you a quest, tell you what zone/region he wants you to explore, and leave it to you to figure out what landmarks he wants you to visit.

Where to Go

Each week's quest starts back with Yun Zi in the Sundered Frontier, and then he sends you out to a different zone each week to explore:

Week 1: The new "Travels" of Yun Zi - Antonica or Bust

Visit the following locations in Antonica, in order:

  1. Antonica Lighthouse
  2. Gnollslayer's Keep
  3. Glade of the Coven
  4. The Bells of Vhalen
  5. Windstalker Village
  6. Keep of the Ardent Needle

Week 2: The new "Travels" of Yun'Zi - Commonlands, Uncommon Heart

Visit the following locations in the Commonlands, in order:

  1. Crossroads (-528, -43, -276)
  2. the Siege Lands (-1300, -78, -253)
  3. Dog Pond (-1020, -47, -274)
  4. Pride Lake (537, -50, -398)
  5. Ruins of Val'Marr (446, -47, 256)
  6. Hidden Vale (-298, -48, 782)

Week 3: The new "Travels" of Yun'Zi -Run Nektulos Forest Run

  1. J'Rais Bridge (zone to/from Commonlands)
  2. Valley of the Bears (11280, 18, -1153)
  3. Gargoyle Gorge (1211, 119, -1839)
  4. Bone Lake (-898, 139, -2041)
  5. Valley of the Dead(-412, 82, -1901)
  6. Valley of the Lost Souls (-118, 60, -1406)
  7. Port Naythex (809, 7, -96)

Week 4: The new "Travels" of Yun'Zi - Thundering Steppes by Steppes

  1. Dead River Docks (bell/evac to the docks)
  2. Fallow Farmlands (715, 0, -699)
  3. the Mirror (772, -8, -431)
  4. Village of Thundermist (576, 1, -171)
  5. the Sabertooth Den (1326, 1, -332)
  6. Shrine of Decay (355, 5, 1190)
  7. Ruins of Karana (-474, -3, 792)
  8. Crested Lowlands (-167, -23, 379)

Week 5: The new "Travels" of Yun Zi - Disenchanting the Enchanted

Head to the following locations in the Enchanted Lands, and visit the following regions, in order:

  1. Shortwine Burrow (433, 2, -265)
  2. The Lazy Drain (535, -4, -465)
  3. Bog Mountain (107, 32, -876)
  4. Misty Grove (-556, 7, -754)
  5. Camp Ghobber (-773, 0, -968)
  6. Tagglefoot Farms (-775, -2, -667)
  7. Chomper's Pond (-272, -6, -552)
  8. The Great Guard (228, 10, -463)

Week 6: To be released Sep. 25

The Rewards

Items can be "purchased" at Pas'Yu, the vendor standing beside Yun'Zi, after you have completed the appropriate week's quest. New items other than the furniture packs and the house will require level 110 to purchase. Screenshots can be found here.

One thing to note as we progress through week 2: the Divine Crit Bonus and the Divine Stamina grants currently have the wrong examine info and state that they grant potency. They actually grant crit bonus and stamina, respectively, just as their names imply. The typo in their examine text has been noted and will be fixed.

Week 1

  • Ascended Mastery Primer - one ascension to level 15
  • Block of Warslik
  • Bludgeon of the Greenmist
  • Days of Summer 2018 Decoration Pack 1 (Tinkerer's Clock, Tinkerer's Metal Gear, Tinkerer's Chest)
  • Divine Potency Grant: 75
  • Fist of Tol'Ren
  • Focus of Tol'Ren
  • Hammer of Tol'Ren
  • One Handed Rune: Power of the Planes
  • Staff of Tol'Ren
  • Targe of Tol'Ren
  • Two Handed Rune: Power of the Planes

Week 2

  • Armlet of Tol'Ren
  • Cotton Cowl of the Greenmist
  • Days of Summer 2018 Decoration Pack 2 (Aqua Netted Seaweed, Red Hanging Seaweed, Apprentice's Fishbowl)
  • Divine Stamina Grant: 75
  • Hide Cowl of the Greenmist
  • Mail Cowl of the Greenmist
  • Trinket of Tol'Ren
  • Vanguard Cowl of the Greenmist

Week 3

  • Bangle of the Greenmist
  • Days of Summer 2018 Decoration Pack 3 (Pile of Gold, Red Wyvern Plushie)
  • Divine Crit Bonus Grant: 75
  • Knives of Warslik
  • Recurve of Warslik
  • Ring of Tol'Ren
  • Rod of Warslik
  • Secondary Rune: Power of the Planes

Week 4

  • Cotton Gauntlets of the Greenmist
  • Days of Summer 2018 Decoration Pack 4 (Ebony Vanity Mirror, Ebony Vanity Stool, Ebony Vanity Table)
  • Divine Potency Grant: 80
  • Hide Gauntlets of the Greenmist
  • Mail Gauntlets of the Greenmist
  • Ring of Warslik
  • Trinket of the Greenmist
  • Vanguard Gauntlets of the Greenmist

Week 5

  • Ascended Mastery Primer - one ascension level to level 11
  • Armlet of the Greenmist
  • Belt of Tol'Ren
  • Cotton Boots of Tol'Ren
  • Days of Summer 2018 Decoration Pack 5 (Cherry Blossom Dining Chair, Cherry Blossom Dining Bench)
  • Divine Stamina Grant: 80
  • Hide Boots of Tol'Ren
  • Mail Boots of Tol'Ren
  • Pendant of Warslik
  • Rune: Ice Pyre
  • Rune: Phalanx of Iron
  • Rune: Potent Parasite
  • Rune: Static Reaction
  • Vanguard Boots of Tol'Ren

Week 6

  • Bangle of Warslik
  • Cotton Bracers of Tol'Ren
  • Days of Summer 2018 Decoration Pack 6 (Halas Pioneer Bed, Halas Pioneer Rug, Halas Pioneer Weaponrack)
  • Divine Crit Bonus Grant: 80
  • Greater Foundation of Tol Ren
  • Hide Bracers of Tol'Ren
  • Mail Bracers of Tol'Ren
  • Vanguard Bracers of Tol'Ren

Week 7

  • Cloak of the Greenmist
  • Cotton Mantle of Warslik
  • Days of Summer Decoration Pack 7 (Lambent Maj'Dul Light, Glowing Maj'Dul Light)
  • Divine Potency Grant: 85
  • Greater Firmament of Tol'Ren
  • Hide Mantle of Warslik
  • Mail Mantle of Warslik
  • Vanguard Mantle of Warslik

Week 8

  • Greater Ascension of Tol'Ren
  • Cotton Greaves of Warslik
  • Days of Summer 2018 Decoration Pack 8 (Maj'Dul Astronomer's Telescope, Djinn Warrior Plushie)
  • Divine Stamina Grant: 85
  • Hide Greaves of the Greenmist
  • Mail Greaves of Warslik
  • Vanguard Greaves of Warslik

Week 9

  • Cotton Robes of Tol'Ren
  • Days of Summer 2018 Decoration Pack 9 (Battleworn Gnomish Console, Battleworn Gnomish Crane)
  • Days of Summer 2018 Familiar Tonic
  • Divine Crit Bonus Grant: 85
  • Hide Breastplate of Tol'Ren
  • Mail Breastplate of Tol'Ren
  • Greater Primus of Tol'Ren
  • Relic Tinker Prestige House Deed of Ownership
  • Rune: Bond of Flame
  • Rune: Bound in Blood
  • Rune: Legacy of Magic
  • Rune: Unlimited Stonework
  • Vanguard Breastplate of Tol'Ren

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