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Piercing the Darkness: Message in a Shadowed Bottle

This is the sixth part of the Blood of Luclin tradeskill signature line.

You will need to have completed Piercing the Darkness: Three Little Tegi in order to obtain this chapter of the signature line.

Ingredient List

  • 10 humming azurite
  • 100 luclizite cluster
  • 150 hornbeam spruce log
  • 300 hardened zelniak pelt
  • 50 coruscating coal
  • (Fuel for the lockpicks is provided in-zone, and will be a total of 250 envenomed coal needed.)

Piercing the Darkness: Message in a Shadowed Bottle Part I

Enter the Ssraeshza Temple Mine through the portal the tegi used

Click on that big purple portal, you know you want to! It should pull you over to it and slurp you in, but with less slurping noises than are running through my mind, of course!

Look around for something to explain what happened to the tegi

Hmmm, well the pool of green blood at /way -30.56 -31.71 -0.88 is not a good sign, but I suppose you should click on the red targeting glowie above the blood to examine it more closely.

Attempt to cure your wound in the nearby stream of magic

What doesn't kill you, cures you ... or not. The art for this stream of magic went awry at the very end of beta. It should be fixed for live, but it means no screenshot. The stream of magic, which should be at /way 10.48 -31.60 35.24 can still give you an update from the red targeting glowie floating in the air at that point.

Look for the source of the flowing magic, I may need to figure out a puzzle with the items on the top floor to go further inside the temple...

There is no "may" about it. You WILL have to solve the puzzle in order to progress further. It involves all the fancy blue glowie items in the room, and those four empty-handed statues in the corners of the room.

That should be enough vagueness eating up space so that those who wanted to try to figure it out for themselves could stop their reading in time to do so. :P

There are four large "weapons" then 4 smaller versions of them. Move the smaller version of each so that it is placed on the floor directly in front of the statue behind the large version of the item. (So move the smaller hammer as if it was furniture to where you see the larger hammer then continue on to the statue behind that larger hammer and place it on the floor in front of the statue. If you get a "nothing happens" move it around a bit until it gives a green message about locking into place.) It must be placed on the floor, just in front of the "stairs" leading to the statue base.

Repeat for each of the four weapons and a spiral ramp becomes available in the center of the room, leading deeper into the Empty Mines of Temple Sshraeshza.

Proceed downward to the next area and as you approach /way -27.47 -61.14 -41.46 you will receive another quest update.

Attempt to cure my wound again

It is all shiny and magic-y or something! Click on the red targeting thingie and get knocked to your knees again to no avail. I guess you need something even stronger, but on the plus side, this hasn't killed you yet!

Find a way to get even deeper into the temple. Perhaps there is a way to turn on the central teleporter

So, that pulsing blue cylinder of light in the center of the room is a teleporter, eh? Maybe it just needs a bit more "oomph?"

Head down to /way -66.73 -78.97 -97.89 and click on the Shadowy Focus button. I know, pushing strange buttons in abandoned mines doesn't sound like a safe thing to do, but you're already living dangerously with that mark, so push it! You know you want to!

Well, nothing bad happened, and a beam focused on the cylinder, so repeat the process at /way -97.31 -96.75 -65.75 then /way -65.34 -114.54 -34.84 and /way -34.32 -132.32 -67.59

That unlocked four rooms on the floor below you. They look kind of dark, but since they unlocked, that must be significant, right?

That doesn't look creepy at all, right? Walking into a darkened area in a strange abandoned mine? What could go wrong? Thankfull, the answer in this case is "nothing."

Enter each room, veer a bit to your left to dodge a dim pillar in the middle of the room, and look for a faint, rotating, blue glow. Mouse over underneath where you see that glow, and you'll find you can click to "turn collector off". Ahhh, let there be light! Now repeat that for the other three darkened rooms down here as well.

Once all four rooms are lit up, head to that central column and click on the pretty special effect at /way -64.98 -146.07 -69.51 to be teleported. This also completes this quest, and offers you the next one.

If you somehow fail to pick up the next quest (don't accept, etc.), you can obtain the next step by heading back to the central column mentioned above and clicking on it. (You may need to zone out and back in, then run back down the ramp.)

Message in a Shadowed Bottle Part II

Look for a pure form of the flowing magic

Well, if a piece of paper on the ground with bright green sparklies isn't a clue to not go rushing off quite yet, I don't know what is!

Snag the paper from the ground at /way-264.42 -161.08 792.10 and you are granted a recipe for Wonderous Mechanical Lockpicks. (You might also want to note that the device you are standing next to IS a teleporter pad, and it will only work once you get the final update in this zone.

So, you have a recipe, you find a crafting station AND a fuel bin at /way -289.94 -161.08 774.99 so it might be time to make some lockpicks.

While you COULD run onward first, you'd be stopped soon by a locked switch (imagine that!), then you'd make your picks, unlock it, then be stopped by a spot with TWO locks.

In the interest of saving wear-and-tear on your feet, take a full 250 envenomed coal from the fuel bin and craft/mass produce 10 lockpicks. You will need 10 humming azurite, 100 luclizite cluster, 150 hornbeam spruce log, and 300 hardened zelniak pelt.

Once done crafting lockpicks, head for /way -262.85 -161.83 659.29 and click on the first red "switch" to unlock it and progress forward. Rinse and repeat for the duo, the trio and then the quartet. Oh, and ignore the stinky shissar corpses as you move forward (and be glad there are only dead ones in here, not live ones!).

Enter the large room with all the pretty blue beams of magic going into (out of?) a central pillar of darker blue (/way -263.46 -160.90 287.27). The picture at the very top of this page is the spot.

Attempt to cure my wound

If you are short (I was using a deer-tonga) for a lot of these screenies, you need to look and reach up a bit. You need to click on the dark blue above the ornamented base.

GAH! Your wound sizzled and started to slowly spread. Well, isn't THAT a fine pickle you've found yourself in?

Take a sample of the magic

Snag a sample by clicking on that dark blue spot again, and hope and pray that with such a pure sample someone will have some sort of idea how to cure you so you are not ... Benosched. (You received a Vial of Contained Shadows that dropped into your harvest bags. Do NOT delete this. Really, if your fingers are itching to do so, go to the main BoL Piercing the Darkness page and read my warning. :P)

You have ... something ... shadowy quickly leap out at you, then fade away. Creepy!

Consult the tome while still inside the temple about the vision and the sampled magic

The book actually has a couple pages of information for you this time around, and the last bit of it mentions that the writer split their creation into 3 parts and where they left those parts. Sort of ...

Zone back out to the Wracklands via the portal found back next to where you picked up the lockpicks recipe (/way-264.42 -161.08 792.10).

You should have also been granted the recipe for Inert Staff of Luclin

Message in a Shadowed Bottle Part III

I don't have the journal prompts for this section handy at the moment, either, but since this isn't as many steps as some of these quests, it is easier to just free-form this.

Read the tome again, then set out to find the three staff pieces. The book sort of told you where to go when you were in the temple mines, but it was written a while ago, and some of the naming has changed. (Shadow Haven, for example is Fordel Midst), and one group Recuso Tor crafters are in Sanctus Seru.

There is a catch, though. I know, you're SO close to the end of the line that you can taste it, and there is a catch.

The original items are long-gone, and needed to be researched before they can be made available to you. If you are doing this on the first few days of launch, you will be one of the people able to help speed the research along. Each of the three researchers will have quests for you, and each will have a separate part of the staff for you to research before it goes on "sale" on the vendor beside them. (I will be writing up more about the researchers shortly, and will try to remember to drop a link in here once done.)

I mentioned "buying" the staff pieces, but the currency used are those 3 no-destroy relics that you have been carrying around since you cleaned them off with the anti-illusory libation back in the Aurelian Coast. (I bet some of you are glad that they are no-destroy, since you likely already wanted to compulsively clean up your bags even though I said to wait until the end of the quest line.:D)

Once the research is complete, the items will be available as follows:

  • Luclinite Staff Pommel - Sanctus Seru: Beluba on the second level of the city, the very last building to the west (/way 3, 180, -166) You will need to "pay" with the Effigy of the Knight of Shadow Haven
  • Luclinite Staff Shaft - Aurelian Coast: the ghostly Brindian Fordel outside the caves leading to Fordel Midst (/way 162, 81, -458) You will need to "pay" with the Symbol of the Shissar Empire
  • Luclinite Staff Head - The Blinding: Krmi Filflipper in Recuso Tor (/way -585, 38, 466) You will need to "pay" him with the tegi ritual totem

Next you have a rather long combine at any forge for the Inert Staff of Luclin. (This may be a good time for an innovation or progress potion if you're the impatient sort.) You will need the three staff pieces that you just purchased and 50 coruscating coal.

Now head back to the Duality's Vigilant Sanctum. If you have somehow misplaced your "Vigilant Sanctum Key" that you received in mail for the adventuring/crafting preludes, then head to Paineel in the Sundered Frontier, head down to the room with the 3 doors leading to the Hole, and the entrance option is off the door to the left.

Speak with Head Scholar Nabihan about what has happened and after a bit f back and forth, she will give you a Blessed Scroll of Light. Examine it fron your bags to apply it to the staff.

Equip the staff and try to use it to cure your wound. Meh! Before you get too full of despair and ponder death again (or worse), speak with Head Scholar Nabihan again, and she has something further to try.

Go to the nearby glowing pad (/way 587, 130, -38) and choose "stand on the platform" (I sort of feel like I should be calling out "Shazam!" or something at this point...)

Speak with Head Scholar Nabihan again. She almost wants you to give up the book so she can study it, but decides to leave it in your hands instead.

Then it is time to return to Alyse Ni'Hij and give her the news about Benosch. If your brain is still awhirl from all the places you have been in the meantime and you have forgotten where she is, you will find her in Teren's Grasp in Kylong Plains (/way 2209, 483, -728).

For whatever reason, you don't tell her how magical the book is, and she suggests writing recipes in it or using it as a journal or somesuch. (Somehow, I think it may be destined for more important things than that in the future, but that is for the future, this is now.)

She'll hand you a mount gear recipe book and the Shadowed Staff of Luclin.

You're done! It wasn't quite the simple search and rescue you'd originally planned, but you grew quite a bit as a crafter and saw a lot of new sights. You also unlocked access to three public researchers, gained a chunk of guild status (280,000 at last check) and more.

What more? We didn't get the full impact of the rewards by the end of beta, because, well, beta chaos and all that, but ...

You receive that Shadowed Staff of Luclin for your very own. (Info on the staff is on that main BoL quest page.) You get four mount gear recipes that will aid in shadow prospecting. Your pack pony gains a new appearance, that of a "pack bug" and also should unlock the ability to bring back rares from Luclin in addition to normal harvests. You unlock the ability to fly in Luclin overland zones, if you have not unlocked it already via the adventuring side of things. You also got your choice of one of four heirloom Sanctum mount gear books.

Rather than make this even more image-heavy, the pictures of the staff and the pack bug are on the main BoL crafting quest walkthrough.

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