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A Visit With the Fae, Part 2

Oooohhhh, pretty, pretty little flitterbidgets. {dreamy coo}

Ouch! Dinnae get so fashed, wee ones! It was meant as a compliment, ye silly little flutterbyes!

Och, those weapons may be small, but they're sharp! Watch where ye're pointing them now! All right, all right, I'll get back tae th' narrative everyone has been asking about!

{coughs and clears her throat}

Sorry about that, folks. I got a bit, um, sidetracked. A bit sleep-impaired too. And, well, a lot sidetracked.

A friend from Test likened the first half of the press tour to gravy, as opposed to the more meaty writeups you've likely seen on other sites. "I mean, meat is good ... potatoes are good ... gravy, though ... gravy ties it all together." I'm trying a variation on the recipe this time, and going a bit lighter on the gravy, and adding a tiny bit of meat. Not too much meat, mind you, but enough to whet your appetite.


How many times have you thought to yourself, "This is a great item, and I'd wear it all the time if only it also had ____ on it, too"? New player-made adornments just might be what you were looking for!

A new system is going in place by which a player can customize various bits of gear with a little bit of extra oomph in some way (boosting a resist, or a stat, possibly adding a small proc, etc.) These (tradeable) adornments will be made by crafters using materials obtained through transmuting (tradeable), and can be applied by any player (adventurer or artisan) to gear of the appropriate level and type. Every tradeskill class will get something in the way of adornment recipes, with higher tiers making more powerful (and higher-level) versions of their items. I'll try to have a master list ready for folks at launch so they know who makes which what for which slot. In the meantime, the big thing to note is that different ones are made by different classes, and that they can be applied by anyone.

Secondary Tradeskills - Who Does What?

This expansion features the release of two new secondary tradeskills for crafters. What does the secondary part of that mean, though?

Crafters who are level 10 or higher in their craft will be able to choose from either tinkering or transmuting as a secondary tradeskill. This means that as you raise your primary tradeskill level, the maximum skill that you can raise your secondary tradeskill goes up accordingly. (i.e., a level 10 craftsman and a level 56 carpenter would start with the same newbie skill level in transmuting, but the carpenter would be able to raise their transmuting skill much higher than the craftsman.)

Tinkering Foozlebits and Gizmos

Gnomes are infamous for their variety of mechanical devices, often coupled with very creative names. At long last, however, they've decided to share some of their secrets with the folk of other races, and tinkering can be learned by any level 10+ crafter as their secondary tradeskill.

With this skill, you will make a variety of handy little gadgets and gizmos that will make life just a little bit easier. Not a ginormous amount easier, mind you, as we don't want anything big going kaboom from a crazed experiment gone askew {looks around fearfully}, but handy things that let you do things that other classes do as naturally as breathing underwater, perchance. Some will be standalone, some might need recharging now and then, but there's bound to be some really neat, fun things as you work your skill up. Just, please, don't let the clockworks run amok and take over another city while you're puttering, ok? {grin}

Transmuting Items into ... Stuff

Transmuting is the art of turning various precious items into new raw materials. Or, as I often call it, munging them -- breaking them down into special tier-specific components (based on the level of the item) that are then used in many new recipes for the adornment system. Lists of what can and can't be broken down and other truly meaty details, of course, will have to wait until launch. I can say that the components that result when you break an item down are tradeable, which makes it easier to share the munged stuff, market it, etc.

Still Confused?

In over-simplified 'Mum-speak, the above means that:
  • Tinkers make "fun things that are minorly useful".
  • Transmuters recycle/munge valuable goodies into tier-based "stuff".
  • This "stuff" is then used by all tradeskill classes to create adornments, which can be used by players to enhance specific types of gear.


Cloaks are being added with this expansion, and while there will be a few dropped and quested cloaks, the task of draping a variety of cloaks over the backs of adventurers will fall to the tailors, with some common and rare cloaks in each tailoring (20+) tier. Stats, style and color are specific to each cloak, and members of higher-end guilds that have selected an official heraldry will have the option of displaying either the cloak's natural colors, or their guild heraldry. (After the NDA has been lifted, I'll get up a quick gallery so folks can see what each cloak looks like, but until then nothing is "final". I'veincluded a few current samples for you in this writeup, to tide you over.)

Where Will I Be Able to Craft?

There are no crafting instances on this continent. However, not only will you find convenient crafting equipment and fuel sellers in several locations in the lovely city of Kelethin (make sure to have your zone music turned on, as the music in Greater Faydark is well worth a listen!), but you will also find other spots to craft, complete with fuel vendors, placed in a few other regions on the Felwithe continent.

Yarrrr! What About the Evil Folk?

The fae and other vendors in the tree-city of Kelethin are goody-two shoes, and don't want to sell to, much less train, you evil types. Don't worry, you have not been forgotten, and there will be a neutral spot or two where you can obtain training in the secondary skills, and pick up any recipes and such that are available for the professions/items mentioned above. Mind you, I'm sure some of you Freeport folk would have preferred planning a raid on the city to get your goodies, but let's try it the peaceful way for once. These fae vendors in a neutral area didn't even make any snide comments when a lady dark elf towered over them ... once they heard the jingle of her coin purse. {grin}

But Wait, There's More!

Most of the above, mind you, are likely to require that the crafter own the expansion, so that they can get training, buy recipes and so on. The expansion status of the end customer (for cloaks, adornments, tinkered goodies, etc.) doesn't matter. After all, the goal of an expansion is, understandably, to get you to buy and enjoy the expansion ... and there is a lot there for folks of all levels and playstyles to enjoy.

One little feature that is also being tested right now is not directly tied to the expansion (i.e., it is considered a live update feature for all players, regardless of expansion status) is a new commission system. This system will allow customer and crafter to meet at a crafting spot and start a secure crafting transaction with a customer-provided materials. It not only can help with fraud worries when precious rares are involved, but it also lets the customer browse through the crafter's available recipes for recipes that use a specific raw material as a primary ingredient, instead of just asking "What can you make with this and what are the stats?" Very neat ... or as 'Mum would say, in an eager voice: "Ooooohhhhhhh! Gimme!"

Crafting in Kelethin - carpenter-approved!

Tailored cloaks differ in color ...

... and style in the various tiers

Further official details on this exciting new expansion, due for release November 14, can be found at the official EoF site.

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