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GU119 Crafting & Housing Goodness

GU119, the semiannual Game Update (GU) for Spring 2022 hits servers with the patch on April 12, 2022. In addition to the solo, heroic and raid content in the GU, there is tradeskill content and house item content that will be outlined below. Much of the tradeskill content focused on quality-of-life this time around instead of focusing only on maximum level content.

Two New Tradeskill Quests

There is a crafting method of obtaining advanced recipe books up to level 39, and then for the advanced recipe books in the 70s, 80s and 90s. With this GU, quest series are being added to unlock the ability to buy the advanced level 40-49 books and the advanced level 50-59 books. (The level 60-69 books have not been forgotten, but were not included in this GU.)

Jadrek Woolfe, on the shores of Everfrost, needs help because his only living relative is bringing "new family" to meet him, endangering his plans for his inheritance. Help him out with a four-quest series in order to unlock the ability to purchase level 40-49 advanced recipe books. He also gives you "Eustace", a new tradeskill familiar.

Ewart Nefird, Water Finder, is tasked with helping desert denizens in the Sinking Sands and Pillars of Flame access drinking water. This nomad can be found near the resurrection tent by the Twin Tears carpet stop and has a five-quest series to unlock the ability to purchase level 50-59 advanced recipe books. Additionally, he will grant you an all-class level 50 recipe book containing the following items:

Are they not glorious? Gnobrin made them for us!

(How) Does Your Garden Grow?

While we don't want to trivialize past content, some things are more laborious to complete than others. Surrendering your gathering goblin and obtaining your Obulus Frontier Garden, for example, reqiures about 50 quests from three different expansions, just to get the starter quest for the Growf line. That's very off-putting for many, especially new and returning players, considering that much of that content is from expansions where the level stayed the same and thus tends to get skipped when many people are leveling to max crafting level.

With this GU those who completed the Were is the Messenger tradeskill series from Vetrovia will now be able to find and quest with Growf in his garden in the Obulus Frontier to earn their Obulus Frontier Garden. You will still need to speak goblish (from goblin territory markers) in order to pick up this quest. You should also note that characters that are low-level adventurers will not want to take this quest unlock route as the goblins in the area will still be KoS due to skipping the rest of the Kunark Ascending crafting series. So, if you're squishy, you may want to take the longer questing path to obtain your garden.

Obsessed with Gathering?

There has been a cosmetic change to the Gathering Obsession, Part III through Part V quest. The quest itself hasn't changed at all, but the display order in the journal now lists all the resources needed for a specific zone together, instead of listing the same resources together. Yeah, I tried rewording this a few times and it still won't make much sense to some people, so below is an example:
Part III Before:
Part III After:

Hopefully having all the items from the same zone together in the journal will make it easier for everyone to figure out what they still need from each zone!

Red Shinies In Vetrovia

This is the one piece of current expansion content for tradeskill goodness in this GU and while you will not need to have completed the quest for the Earring of the Solstice in order to seee the shiny spawns, you will need to have completed certain parts of the Were is the Messenger tradeskill series. While anyone can add the shinies to their collection, only those who have completed the following will be able to see and harvest the red "?" in each zone:

  • The Svarni Expanse collection spawns can be seen by those who have completed Were is the Messenger: Different Tastes.
  • The Karuupa Jungle collection spawns can be seen by those who have completed Were is the Messenger: Say Cheese.
  • The Mahngavi Expanse collection spawns can be seen by those who have completed Were is the Messenger: Mad Machinations.
  • The Forlorn Gist collection spawns can be seen when players are under the effect of the Illusion: Werewolf potion available from Renfry's Basement.(If you have only completed through Were is the Messenger: Mad Machinations, you can buy the Illusion: Werewolf from Ziggy in Renfry's Basement. If you have completed the entire Were is the Messenger line, you could alternately pick up either the daily or the weekly TS mission from within Renfry's Basement to obtain a free Illusion: Werewolf.)
  • Woven Kinnahma Bowl
    from Svarni Scenes
    Stack of Karuupa Cages
    from Karuupa Knicknacks
    Mahngavi Fence Segment
    from Mahngavi Mischief
    Red Vacrul Symbol
    Choice* from Forlorn Flavor
    Yellow Vacrul Symbol
    Choice* from Forlorn Flavor
    Blue Vacrul Symbol
    Choice* from Forlorn Flavor

    *=player will have to choose red, yellow or blue, and will receive 3 of the symbols. Symbols place partly into the ground, but are easy to manipulate.

    From the Adventuring Side

    There are house items from the adventuring side of things as well, and all will require the Visions of Vetrovia signature line as well as four new quests from Vikana in Forlorn Gist if you want to obtain these items directly. (They are tradeable, so the broker is the other option if you don't have high level friends to get these items for you.)

    Adventuring Quest Rewards

    These items are given during the Vikana series of adventuring quest, in addition to any adventuring-type rewards.

    Forlorn Single Candlestick
    from Storage Wars
    Group of Rolled Imported Rugs
    from Competitive Market Strategies
    Witch's Mystifying Familiar (housepet)
    from Contract Termination
    Forlorn Crypt Altar
    Possible reward* from Cut-throat Competition
    Elaborate Quilted Rug
    Possible reward* from Cut-throat Competition
    Floramyst Stag Plushie
    Possible reward* from Cut-throat Competition
    Webbed Snack
    Possible reward* from Cut-throat Competition
    Saberbeak Stork Housepet
    Possible reward* from Cut-throat Competition

    *=There are five potential random rewards for "Cut-Throat Competition", which is thankfully a repeatable quest.

    Adventuring Vendor

    Once an adventurer completes Vikana's four adventuring quests, they gain access to merchant Rodya and her wares.

    A Sleepy Boy Plushie
    A Very Good Boy Plushie
    Bent Warpwood Sapling
    Bullhorn Rhino Plushie
    Bust of Lord Mistmoore
    Dramadon Hatchling (housepet)
    Dramadon Hatchling Plushie
    Fledgling Plumedrake (housepet)
    Floramyst Doe (housepet)
    Floramyst Tiger Plushie
    Floramyst Wolf (housepet)
    Heart in a Bell Jar
    Kyv Trapper Illusion
    Macabre Dreadfell Gate
    Petamorph Wand: Floramyst Gorilla
    Petamorph Wand: Undead Growler
    Risen Deadwood Plushie
    Sailback Gnawer Plushie
    Square Woven Rug
    Trio of Imported Rugs
    Trio of Red Imported Rugs
    Vacrul Wooden Coffin
    Warpwood Oak

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