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Adornments and You

The adornment system that was released with the Echoes of Faydwer expansion is quite a bit for many folks to wrap their brains around at first glance (or even third or fourth glance), so 'Mum has been busy digging out some extra mental wrapping paper! Hopefully we can take this in small enough steps that you'll end up with a nice pretty package when we are done with this mini-lesson, not just some messy snarl of tape, brain, ribbons, and wrapping paper.

Perhaps the best way to start, is to think of the adornment system as a way of creating semi-permanent buffs for gear. In the end, that is basically what it will boil down to, anyway - items that crafters make that can then be placed on specific types and levels of gear.

Every single tradeskill class will have something that they can make with the adornment system. Not every class will have even close to the same number/type of adornments, but everyone can make something, eventually.

Adornments are tradeable, and can be applied by anyone. All adornments can be traded, and any player can apply them to the appropriate gear.

Every adornment is meant for a specific slot and minimum level of gear. Each adornment is used only in one specific gear slot, and can only be placed on a certain minimum level of the gear (NOT the level of the player, but the gear). So, a level 30 ear adornment, could be applied to an earring that was level 30 or higher, but not to a level 29 earring.

Every adornment recipe requires special resources that are created by the transmute process. When gear is broken down with transmuting, tier-specific special resources are created that are only used to craft adornments. The resources are tradeable, so you don't have to be a transmuter to make adornments. It is beyond helpful to have a transmuter as part of your crafting alt-army, to break down ingredients for yourself, but contrary to a widely-held misconception, you do not have to be a transmuter to make adornments.

Adornments and the Crafter

When able, we will get out a master list of which class makes which adornments. However, the system was receiving tweaks right up until launch, and our lists are hopelessly tangled and incorrect. We're working on it as we get the proper recipe drops distributed to the classes that can use them.

In the meantime, however, let me give you a few examples to help you get this settled in your mind. An alchemist might make some "polish" that can be applied to rings that increases your resistance to something, such as a fiery polish that has a +vs heat boost on it. A jeweler, on the other hand, might make a "clasp" for a neck slot item that increases the effects of all heal spells, while a provisioner makes a "fastening" for a wrist item that grants +STR. And so on.

Ingredients and Naming

If, using the above example of a fiery polish, we were to make the item, it would have a different prefix name, and use different ingredients, based on the tier of the recipe. A flickering fiery polish would be the tier 1 version, for example, while the tier 7 version would be a scintillating fiery polish. The tier 1 version of it would be likely to use ulteran powder and lapis fragments, while the tier 7 version would use illusionary powder and lunar fragments.
tier adorn prefix Powder Fragment Infusion Mana
1 flickering ulteran lapis earth refined
2 shimmering aether coral air processed
3 sparkling phantom jasper fire clarified
4 glimmering ethereal opal water purified
5 luminous spectral ruby nightmares natural
6 lambent vision pearl daydreams coalesced
7 scintillating illusionary lunar illusion hardened
Let us just step back from that for a moment. It will make much more sense once we have some confirmed recipes to look at. Instead, let us take a quick look at this from the customer end.

Adornments and the End-User

Everyone and their cousin's cousin will be wanting adornments. Please realize that the supplies won't always be easy to come by, recipes won't always be easy to come by, and your crafter is likely to be as confused, or even more confused than you are, with regards to what can/cannot be made by whom.

Every crafting profession gets different adornment recipes from every other crafting profession, and it is not always easy to tell at a glance which crafter you will need in order to adorn a specific item with what you want. What you want may not even be an option.

Take several deep breaths, let the crafters catch up, and start edumacating yourself now on some of the easier details to sort out. Adornments are tradeable and do NOT require any crafting skill to apply. To apply the adornment, you right-click on it and select the use option, then mouse over the item that you wish to adorn. If the cursor is outlined in red, that item cannot be adorned for one of several reasons. If it is outlined in blue, you are clear to use the adornment on the item.

  1. Items must be fully repaired before you try to adorn them
  2. Items must be of equal or higher level than the adornment you are trying to put on it. It if says level 30 on the adornment, it can only be placed on an appropriate item that is level 30 or higher.
  3. Adornments are permanent. Once you place the adornment on an item, there is no getting it back.
  4. Any stat changing effects from an adornment will display on the item in blue text. Any proc will be listed in the proper spell effects section on the item.
  5. One adornment per item. Placing a second adornment on an item deletes the original adornment and replaces it with the new one.
  6. Every adornment is targeted at a specific gear slot - no trying to put an adornment for an ear slot on your bracelet.
  7. Not all gear can be adorned, even if you match up the level and slot correctly. Imbued gear cannot be adorned until after GU32 goes live. Certain quest rewards, such as items in the Claymore quest line, cannot be adorned, etc. Any item that displays as "ORNATE" cannot be imbued.
There will be more written on this subject, however, please realize that the folks that are trying to get this all set out in a coherent format are still trying to wrap their brains around it enough to explain it to others. Please DO post questions/comments to our forums with specific confusions, error corrections, and so on...

Take Note - Quality Matters!

One important thing to note is that quality matters ... kind of. Every adornment recipe will show you a secondary result (byproduct) when you examine it. As well as the adornment itself, you will recieve back one or more of the ingredients used in the recipe, based on the quality level completed. While the amount returned for tier 1 adornments isn't that impressive, every little bit helps, and it really adds up when you're finishing off a tier 7 adornment and getting back a half dozen (wild guess, I don't remember numbers) of the fragments that went into the creation of the item.

Class-Specific Adornment Guides?

One of our community members, Lucutious of Najena, with the help of the community, put together adornment charts for his guild's wiki, with information sorted by tradeskill class and by slot. Rather than try to duplicate his efforts, he's been kind enough to give us a link to the master adornment guide. Check out this wonderful Master Adornment Guide. You can also find a more compacted master chart, without a lot of the extra bells and whistles on the Britannic Lore site.

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