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Have Yourself a Merry Little Frostfell

Nix that. Wipe that from your mind. There is nothing little about this year's Frostfell celebration. Even the most die-hard Frostfell grump is going to have a hard time staying grumpy with this Frostfell extravaganza. (The Frostfell celebrations are currently on the Test server, and are due to be patched to Live with the release of Game Update 30 during the week of December 18.)

Step into the magic closet in your home city, and be transported to the Frostfell Wonderland Village. (Make sure to have plenty of bag space on you, especially if you are a crafting and harvesting addict!) And what a wonderland it is - snowy islands connected with rainbow bridges (above), snowmen and women, decorated trees, dancing fauns, a lovely unicorn, a reindeer flying overhead (check out that nose!), and PREZZIES!

For the Crafter

While Gardy Giftgiver is waiting in the village to give you a different present every day, he is not the main source of Frostfell cheer for the crafter. Off to your left as you enter the zone, you will find a goblin named Garsleblat, who sells not only premade Frostfell goodies, but also the recipes so that you can make your own. (The crafted versions of the house items give a small amount of status rent reduction, the vendored ones will not.)

On the 1st day of Frostfell, Gardy gives to Mum...
One prezzie a day isn't enough, so
Mum starts harvesting crafting prezzies!

So, buy and scribe yourself some recipes (all can be scribed at artisan level 2) and join the holiday hordes on a scamper around the zone harvesting ... presents. These brightly-wrapped prezzies contain the patterns, snips and snails (sorry, no puppy dog tails, for those who catch the reference) and other ingredients needed to craft the recipes that you just scribed. (Make sure to grab a few snowballs from the handy baskets scattered around, while you're at it, so you can pelt the node-ninjas and cherry pickers!)

There are a huge number of unique ingredients for the recipes (about 70, total), but don't fret trying to track what you do and don't have by hand. There is a new feature when you mouse over the recipes in your recipe book that will show you exactly what, if anything, you are missing from the recipe. What a timely addition that little feature is!!

Harvesting tips for the space-impaired:

  • Make good use of your house vault space, and alts, for storage.
  • Leave all your normal harvestables, spare gear, etc., etc. at home. The only thing you really might want to bring with you is a harvesting shovel - and lots of empty containers!
  • When you are down to missing just a single item or two for your target creation(s), be aware that there are three types of present "nodes". The single red box with the green bow is where you will find the items needed for candles, sconces, packages, and snowcreatures. The stack of boxes with the blue box on top will carry your items for wearables, wieldables, and ribbons. The stack of prezzies with the small red box on top will carry the ingredients for fireplaces and decorative foodstuffs. Be aware, though, that consistent "cherry pickers" vulturing of only one node type are likely to be beaten with candy canes and pummeled with snowballs by all the OTHER irate crafters in the zone.

These will be limited-time crafting opportunities, as all items need to be crafted on special equipment in the Frostfell village. (If this works the same as last year, that gives folks about 2 weeks to craft to their heart's content before it is gone again.) Fuels needed are also different than normal, and are sold next to the equipment.

None of the above actually tells you much about what you can make, though, does it? I can see some of you fidgeting in your chairs already, so here's what else you probably wanted to know. (Screenshots of some of the crafted items will follow at the bottom of the page.)


  • Seven tiers of (mostly decorative) candy-striped staves
  • Frostfell caps in three different colors
  • Two male and two female Frostfell outfits (our tailored dress clothes in festive colors)

House Items

  • Fireplaces - 3 styles of them, with several flame settings!
  • Six different decorative packages
  • Three decorative bows
  • Four sconces and four sets of holiday candles
  • A snowman, snowwoman and snowdrift
  • Three colored stockings
  • Several decorative food items: frosted apples, candies, two types of eggnog, cranberry sauce, fruitcake, stuffed & roasted fowl


  • Sturdy Fruitcake (someone wasn't using my mother's wonderful recipe, it seems!)

For the Adventuresome Types

So, you want a Frostfell tree for your home, do you? You'll find some very frazzled goblins (the Qeynos one is in front of the Ironforge Estate) that need a hand with a few things. The quests are level 5, 15, 25, 35, 45, 55 or level 65 (late-breaking news is that the EoF requirement for these was unintentional, and has been fixed on Test). The higher level ones are heroics, the lower ones are soloable. Completion will reward you with your very own no trade Frostfell tree that can be placed in your home, additional quests will allow the owner to add lights (with multiple lighting options available once placed), and obtain a holiday wreath.
The quested tree with lights ... ...more than 1 lighting option

Random Suggestion for Carpenters

One last thing, before I let you simply ogle crafted item screenshots. Carpenters, it might be a good marketing strategy to have some tables made up for sale now that are suitable for use as dining tables, snack tables and so on. Folks are going to want something to put all this food on, after all!

Ok, ok, I get the picture. You can stop throwing snowballs at me. You want me to stop teasing you and show more of the stuff that is actually crafted, instead of the rest of the Frostfell stuff, right? In my defense, the packages under the quested trees, as well as some of the items in the background were crafted. However, to prevent myself from getting clubbed with a candy cane staff or somesuch, here we go. (After the requisite warning - I stink at graphics editing, and pages that are a cobbled-together mix of raw HTML and php codes just are not a happy thing at 2 in the m*rning, after working on and off on this project for the last 10 hours or so. So, if you think you can do a better job, you probably can! :P) Click on the images to see larger versions.

First things first - a look at the new feature when mousing over a recipe in your book. The red lines indicate where I am missing items (I'm short 1 magical thread, and haven't picked up the fuel yet), and the white lines show that I have enough (as well as surplus) of the other ingredients. Very nifty!
No, it really isn't snowing in Mum's house, or at least not much! The crafted snowman and snowwoman aren't causing this mini-flurry, but the crafted snowdrift that Mum is standing on gives a nice little localized snow effect. The peppermint swirl effect is from the crafted candy can staff that she is wielding. The hat and dress are also Frostfell recipes.
Preparations for a feast are underway, featuring the cobalt hearth, one of the crafted sconces for festive lighting, some frosted apples and a roasted and stuffed fowl (plus a few other non-Frostfell odds and ends)
Some holiday hostesses will prefer a buffet-style setting for their party, with items spread out along several tables. Candles and sconce are part of the new recipes, as are, from left to right: frosted apples, fruitcake, candy, and some eggnog.
Three of the decorative packages that can be crafted (I ran out of oomph before crafting the other three). ... Do you think I remembered to give myself some chocolate in one of these?
The sandstone hearth, festooned with four different frostfell candle sets, one bow, and two of the crafted stockings. To the left is one of the sconces, plus some holiday treats (candy, apples, eggnog), in case Mum needs a snack while rocking in front of the fire.
The natural stone hearth gives a more rustic look, well-suited to warming up the brick-walled basements of Qeynos mansions, or some of the stone-type wall and trim options in Freeport.
Chess nuts, roasting in (front of) an open fire(place)! (I'm sorry, I just had to say it, once I dug up the status-bought chess set, and found this cedar table in my storage room!)
Mum's basement brewery (complete with recipe books on the floor!) now includes both bowls of eggnog amidst all the other kegs, casks and related paraphernalia

Food, Glorious Food!

Every halfling loves food, and Mum is no exception. Here is a closer look at some of the decorative food items that can be crafted for your home. (FYI, completion of pristine on these yields 3.) Names are not exact due to sleep-impaired memory issues. I will see about cleaning this up once I catch up on that, and get some other things off the To Do pile.
Cranberry sauce
Eggnog {hiccup}
Frosted apples
Roasted & stuffed fowl
Fruitcake & candy
(plus some Frostfell candles)
(I missed a close-up on
the second bowl of eggnog,
but it is much like the first,
only larger, as you can see
in the basement brewery shot)

Light My Fire!

There are four flame settings, available via a right-click examine on the three crafted fireplaces/hearths once they are placed in the home:
Put out
Burning embers
Roaring fire
Warm fire

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