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GU31 Patch Notes


  • Erollisi Day is almost upon us! Watch for lots of new holiday fun!
    Class hats for Furies, Necromancers, Wardens, and Warlocks are now in the game.
  • Spell resist rates have been modified!
  • You won't get stuck in combat when your pet charms an NPC!
  • Bows will no longer proc on sword swings.
  • Carpenters can now make fireplaces!
  • Some tradeskill components have been reordered for consistency.
  • Some class Achievements have been tweaked.
  • Many tweaks were made for PVP balancing.
  • The broker has changes for ease of use, clarity, and new functionality.

*** Gameplay ***

  • Spell and Combat Art reuse timers will now count down while logged off.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players level 6 and below from ever drowning.
  • Kelethin citizens should be able to buy the War-Barded Cavalry horses now from Trainer Lucien.
  • The Pumpkin Headed Horseman’s abilities have been tweaked. His loot has been upgraded as well.
  • The Iksar swim speed animation has been greatly reduced.
  • You can no longer jump to extreme heights after putting on the tinkered stilts while jumping.
  • Spell resist rates have been globally reduced. Higher quality spells will reduce the resist rates seen as before; the amount per quality level of this bonus has been reduced.
  • Subjugation skill increases faster than before.
  • Many of the inhabitants of Norrath are getting in the mood for Erollisi Day and may drop tokens of their affection.

*** Zones ***

Inner Sanctum:
  • Creatures within Inner Sanctum have been raised in difficulty a little to reflect the quality of the items they drop.
Emerald Halls:
  • Many of the Emerald Halls rare drop items have been increased.
  • Elaani the Collector has taken up residence within the Emerald Halls to assist Gardener Thirgen in his duties.
  • Sawtooth the Ancient has remembered how to attack when being empowered by the Loa'Sur.
  • The ring events in Kaladim have been adjusted. The creatures are now ‘No Charm’ and the respawn rates have been increased.
North Freeport:
  • Wandering minstrels have arrived in the Jade Tigers Den to entertain and excite bar goers. Mystic Lake:
    • The Black Death and Dethrra the Corruptress in Mystic Lake can no longer be charmed.

    *** Pets ***

    • Name and Chat Bubble settings for pets are now inherited from their owners and will not behave like NPC’s.
    • Pets should no longer have problems attacking while on the stairs.

    *** Combat ***

    • Killing an encounter with a member charmed will no longer cause the Heroic Opportunity to be stuck.
    • AE auto attack skills like Hurricane or Surrounding Attacks will no longer hit mezzed mobs.
    • An issue causing players to get stuck in combat when you charmed an NPC with a pet has been resolved.
    • Players that get charmed will now have their innate achievement buffs returned to the appropriate values.

    *** Mounts ***

    • Mounts should no longer play multiple footstep sounds (extra loud sound) when starting to gallop.
    • Players should no longer look like they’re falling if they jump while starting a griffon ride.
    • Scaled horses to fit better on small races.

    *** Adornments ***

    • Items modified by Adornments will inherit flags from the Adornment (i.e. NO TRADE, NO VALUE, etc).
    • Items modified by Adornments will only be equippable in slots supported by the adornment (i.e. an Amulet that is equippable in wrist or neck slots will only be equippable in neck slots if a neck adornment is applied).
    • Item Adornments that are only usable by certain classes will potentially reduce the classes that can use the item that they’re applied to (i.e. if an adornment is only usable by wizards and it’s applied to something that all mages can use, then only wizards will be able to use that item).
    • The above changes affect existing items. Adornments that would restrict the slots of the items that they were applied to have been popped off and placed in your overflow slot. Adornments used in the future will warn about how they will modify an item.

    *** Items ***

    • Items that will not accept adornments now have an ‘ORNATE’ flag on them.
    • Darkbriar's Masquerade Robe now provides+6 subjugation instead of +6 defense.
    • Al'Kabor's Spellborn Robe and Najena's Voidcaller Vestment now provides +6 disruption instead of +6 defense.
    • The Crested Mistmoore Shield should now drain health from the player’s target instead of just doing damage to the target.
    • Leggings of the Prelate have had their attributes reduced to be more in line with the other rewards offered from the quest, Pillage or be Pillaged.
    • Imbued Rosewood wands now list their magic type.
    • Mist Generators now correctly summon a pet.
    • The divine resistance on the pristine tailored tranquil dragon's breath slippers is now on par with the rest of the resistances.
    • Fixed proc adornments on weapons that allowed bows procing on sword swings. This should no longer occur.
    • Hooloh has discovered wonderful new looks for Furies, Necromancers, Wardens and Warlocks. If you are one of these classes, and would like to exchange your current Hooloh hat for his new style, please speak to him about it.
    • The required level on the item and on the spell text now match for the Spirit Totem of the Alpha Feline (level 40).
    • The required level on the item and on the spell text now match for the Spirit Totem of the Cobra (level 49).
    • Items and spells with illusion effects will show the type of illusion granted by the effect.
    • Objects such as the elevator switches in Clefts of Rujark can now be used just by clicking/double-clicking instead of having to use the context menu.
    • The Echoes of Faydwer Fabled Armor sets for warlocks, necromancers, furies, and wardens now have the new profession hat appearance.
    • Slippers of the Valekeeper are now correctly a level 30 item and match the rest of the quest rewards given in the 'It's Not the Water' quest in Enchanted Lands.
    • The Miscalibrated Automated Shears now add 5 points to gathering & foresting.
    • The Miscalibrated Automated Watersafe Net now adds 5 points to fishing & trapping.
    • The Overclocked Automated Shears now add 10 points to gathering & foresting.
    • The Overclocked Automated Watersafe Net now adds 10 points to fishing & trapping.
    • The Dom of the Elani can no longer be sacrificed or transmuted.
    • The Hand of Glory can no longer be sacrificed or transmuted.
    • The Calibrated Automated Shears now add 7 points to gathering & foresting.
    • The Calibrated Automated Watersafe Net now adds 7 points to fishing & trapping.

    *** Quests ***

    • Non-aligned characters that are able to do quests for an NPC should now see the quest indicator icons above the NPC’s head.
    • NPC’s of opposite factions that will offer you quests should now have a feather over their head.
    • Players on Stage 11 of the quest ‘In Honor and Service’ that accidentally destroyed their expedition officer keys can now get a set of new keys from the Mushroom King.
    • Players can now open the Boombottom Strongbox when they have all of the ringlets.
    • Players cannot pick up or read the title of the Hammer of Below binder unless they have learned about it from examining a hidden object first.
    • The quest 'Cooking With Halflings' is now properly flagged as Heroic.
    • Fixed an issue where new players in the Outpost of the Overlord could accidentally get the 'Seeking a Tradeskill Profession' quest a second time if they inspected Arthur Merrin's note a second time inside the tradeskill instance on the island.

    *** Tradeskills ***

    • Fireplaces have been added to pre-existing carpenter recipe books. (levels 30, 40 & 50)
    • Fiery Grandeur is now in the level 38 recipe books.
    • Added the missing ornate bedside table recipe to Carpenter Essentials Volume 35.
    • Changed the appearance of the 'an ash double bed' to be different than the 'a standard maple double bed'.
    • The advanced sage recipe for Earthen Roots now requires raw jasper instead of palladium. The rare component is now consistent with other level 20-29 sage spell rare components.
    • The advanced sage recipe for Elddar's Grasp is now appropriately shown as a level 64 recipe.
    • The gnomes in charge of the Elemental & Noxious Environmental Suits created by tinkering have seen fit to use proper Norrathian spelling in their inventions.
    • Fixed the Transmuting issue where Subastral Binding's prose incorrectly referred to the Corporeal Weave ability.
    • The Desert of Flames 'Ancient Teachings of:' scrolls should now require 16 coal/incense/candles (like other level 50-57 adept III scrolls) instead of 20.
    • An issue that displayed the wrong icon for the Vicious Flurry (adept III) scroll has been fixed. This issue would also have led to the inability to create the simple product combine of Vicious Flurry (adept III).
    • The sage spell scroll for 'Discomfiting Gaze' in the sage essentials volume 36 book is now spelled correctly. (Yep, discomfiting is a word. No, discomfirting is not!)
    • Scout combat arts now properly use Solidified Loam for level 1-9 adept III recipes.
    • Mage spell scrolls now properly use Copper Clusters for level 1-9 adept III recipes.
    • Scout combat arts now properly use Alkaline Loam for level 10-19 adept III recipes.
    • Mage spell scrolls now properly use Silver Clusters for level 10-19 adept III recipes.
    • Added new prose for high level provisioning that properly represents the skills actual functionality & names.
    • The carpenter recipe for the River Rock Hearth now properly returns a malformed opaline gem as a slagged product.
    • The carpenter recipe for the Cobalt Hearth now properly returns a malformed bloodstone gem as a slagged product.
    • The carpenter recipe for the Sandstone Hearth now properly returns a deformed beryllium bar as a slagged product.
    • The tradeskill quests 'Seeking a Profession IV' incorrectly asked players to 'scry' a scroll of Arcane Bindings instead of 'scribe'. This is now fixed.
    • The recipe for the Mechanical Threaded Needle now properly requires lead clusters as its primary components instead of iron clusters.
    • The recipe for the Oak Dining Chair is once again available in the Advanced Carpenter Volume 33 recipe book.
    • The tinkering recipe for the Automated Finishing Hammer now properly requires lead clusters instead of iron clusters as primary components.
    • Fishing in the Pillars of Flame will now return the proper number of caught fish to the chat window.
    • The Queen's Colony & Outpost of the Overlord mined ore & rocks have been re-worked to properly reflect what new players will see later in the game. Now mining 'unearthed ore' returns metal ore and loam, while mining 'rugged stones' returns gemstones and soft metals.
    • Added the long-lost recipe for Halasian boiling pots to Carpenter Essentials Volume 22.
    • Favor of Innovation events for alchemists on the chemistry table was returning the rare soft metal for the tier, instead of the rare loams. This is now fixed.
    • Favor of Innovation events for jewelers on the work bench returning pre-LU24 rare gems. This is now fixed.
    • Fixed an issue where 'Favor of Innovation' events for jewelers (save for the 50-69 recipes) were incorrectly awarding old gems that would not stack properly with post GU24 rare gems.

    *** Achievements ***

    • Coercive Healing: Effect also applies to the single target and group emergency heals of priests.
    • Thought Snap: Aggro randomly selects among group fighters instead of non-fighters.
    • Bubble: No longer breaks invisibility.
    • Nature Walk: Fixed the most knock back immunity to work properly.
    • Enhance: Locusts: fixed casting speed bonus.
    • Swear: Uses Aggression skill.
    • Minstrel's Aria: Increases Aggression skill.

    *** Spells & Combat Arts ***

    • Goading Gesture now uses the aggression skill.
    • Spells that cause damage when power is spent can be prevented. This fixes a case where a sorcerer's Manashield achievement did not work properly in protecting against this source of damage.
    • While mentoring and/or under the effects of a level debuff you will use the appropriate level of spells rather than defaulting to apprentice I.
    • Percussion of Stone - No longer breaks the dirge's stealth when stoneskin is triggered by a group member.
    • Plane Shift - Affects Hydromancer achievement pet.
    Conjurer and Necromancer:
    • Enhance Pet Achievements - These achievements will apply properly when recasting pets and when zoning.
    Templar :
    • Overconfidence - Added check so that trigger only functions on non-fighters.
    • Animist's Transference - Can be used on their Achievement primary pet (Hydromancer or Ooze Crawler).

    *** PVP ***

    • /hide_illusion is restricted to use only while out of combat and there is now a 1 minute reuse on it.
    • Brigand thugs should no longer keep you from using evac if you did not fight back.
    • Smite Evil can now be used against citizens of Freeport and Exiles in PvP.
    • The Good aligned respawn and evac points on the beach in the Sinking Sands should now work for Citizens of Kelethin.
    • Fixed an issue causing players to get carnage flagged if they chased a player across zone lines with DoT’s applied to the other player.
    • The PVP and combat icons have moved to the right side of the player window instead of being below the health/power bars.
    The following Deity Blessings and Miracles have had their damage reduced in PvP (Varying 40-60%):

    Brell Serilis:

    • Rift from Below
    • Forgehammer
    Cazic Thule:
    • Cazic's Will
    • Tendrils of Hate
    • Lure of Innoruuk
    • Malevolent Wail
    • Maestros Song
    Rallos Zek:
    • Rallos Devastation
    • Wars Aftermath
    Solusek Ro:
    • Sun Sphere
    • Incinerate
    Additionally, the following Blessings Miracles have received the following changes in PvP:

    Brell Serilis:

    • Forgehammer: Stun duration reduced to 3 seconds.
    • Armies of the Underfoot: Duration reduced to 30 seconds. Dumb fire pets reduced to 3.
    Cazic Thule:
    • Terror of the Fear-Servant: Triggered duration reduced to 3 seconds. Slow effect replaced with Root to match PvE version of the spell.
    • Servant of Fear: Fear duration of pets’ proc reduced to 3 seconds.
    • Fears Grasp: Charm duration reduced 50%.
    • Ids Release: AoE Fear duration reduced to 3 seconds.
    • Amygdalan Assault: Duration reduced to 30 seconds. Dumb fire pets reduced to 3.
    • Terror Link: Duration of triggered event reduced to 3 seconds.
    • Cazic's Will: Duration of Fear/Root reduced to 3 seconds.
    • Malice of the Dark God: Annoy will now proc 25% of the time, instead of on every attack for the duration of the spell.
    • Tendrils of Hate: Dumb fire pets reduced to 1. Duration of pets’ innate abilities reduced by 50%.
    • Lure of Innoruuk: Charm duration reduced.
    • Malevolent Wail: Duration of Mesmerize effects reduced to 3 seconds.
    • Maestros Song: Duration reduced to 6 seconds.
    Mithaniel Marr:
    • Honors Call: Duration reduced to 30 seconds. Reduced duration of stun to 3 seconds
    • Passive Assault: PvP effect now includes a 25% chance to cast Distract on Melee, Combat Art and Spell damage.
    • Pensive Preoccupation: Duration of triggered debuff reduced to 10 seconds.
    • Quellious Will: Duration reduced to 6 seconds. Duration of cancellation debuff reduced to 12 seconds.
    • Shield of the Tranquil: Spell damage reflected reduced to 25%.
    Rallos Zek:
    • Retribution of Rallos: Now only causes a single damage event.
    • Tactical Retreat: Spell can no longer be used in PvP combat.
    Solusek Ro:
    • Sun Sphere: Pets attack "Ro's Destruction" duration reduced by 50%. Max AoE targets reduced to 5. Damage of both AE attacks significantly reduced.
    • Life’s Restoration: Spell will now work against PvP targets (Regardless of undead status!)
    • Groves Entanglement: Root/Stifle/Debuff duration reduced to 6 seconds.
    • Tunare's Lifeshield: Spell damage reflected reduced to 25%.

    *** Broker ***

    • The advanced search broker window will now remember your settings between searches.
    • Broker commissions will now be taken into account when sorting search results by price.
    • Player can now use the tab key to move focus between fields in the advanced search screen.
    • Items in the broker and on sales displays will now appear with the correct con color instead of changing to the correct con color shortly after appearing.
    • Enhancements provided by adornments are now searchable on the broker.
    • The broker now has a level column in the buy window.

    *** UI ***

    • Using the bank will now also hail the banker.
    • An issue that caused tooltips to not work on some maps in EQ2Map has been fixed.
    • Conversation windows will appear above player and NPC names to make them easier to read and reply to.
    • Item icons in the loot window, quest reward and quest accept windows will no longer be darkened if they are usable.
    • Empty hotkeys will now save and load properly when using /savehotkeys and /loadhotkeys.
    • Data in the Find Players section of the Community window will now be aligned under the column headers.
    • You can now shift-click on a quest in the journal to put its name in chat
    • Tooltips of collection items in your collection journal are now the actual names of the items.
    • The maximum length of the hotkey bar is now longer to allow for 12 max sized icons to fit in 1 row
    • If the quest journal is sorted by zone, it will now refresh properly after zoning.
    • The coin entry window now accepts keyboard input: [0-9], P=Platinum, G=Gold, S=Silver, C=Copper, Delete=Clear Amount, Enter=Accept, ESC=Close Window
    • The /target command is no longer case-sensitive and works on players, pets and NPC’s.
    • The /target command and emotes now accept partial names and are not case-sensitive
    • /i will now shortcut to /invite instead of /ignore
    • Quest updates will now stop reporting once you have gained the full number of items needed.
    • The merchant window will now open with the correct con color for each item.
    • The ranged attack icon will now be tinted based on distance.
    • Harvesting Icons have been changed to match the icon displayed with the type of harvesting ability it activates.
    • You should no longer get 2 messages about a friend logging out.
    • Added the zone name to the /logwhoraid file name
    • Added optional parameter to /loadhotkeys to specify if hotbars should be cleared first. Default is to clear. Format: /loadhotkeys filename [0/1]
    • The hotkey context menu has had its options re-ordered to make more sense.
    • Added a ‘Clear All Hotkeys’ to the hotkey context menu, which will clear out the current bank of hotkeys.

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