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Game Update 35 Notes, May 23, 2007


  • The lost city of Neriak has been rediscovered.
  • A new playable race, the Arasai, are now available for players who have Echoes of Faydwer.
  • New characters created for Neriak will start in Hate's Envy, an outpost in the Darklight Wood.
  • A whole new LFG system is available. Find friends, slaughter foes!
  • House moves just became less of a chore!
  • PvP players can no longer use zoning to escape combat!
  • An additional character slot has been added to all accounts & two for Station Access subscribers!


  • NPCs that were taking too long to appear should now show up sooner.

It is now much easier to move houses!

  • Just go to the new house and purchase it. Your old house will be relinquished automatically and all of your items will move to your new house.
  • When you enter your house for the first time, you will notice a moving crate on the floor. You can move it around and retrieve items from it, but it cannot be picked up or destroyed.
  • Items in the moving crate count towards your total item count in your house, but do not provide status cost reduction and are not useable.
  • Items cannot be put into the moving crate.
  • The moving crate will disappear when all items are removed from it.
  • When moving, your house vault will overflow rather than putting the extra items into your overflow slot. This means that you cannot put new items into it until it shrinks to the intended size.
  • NO-TRADE items that were placed in your house by another player will move along with your items, but will keep the same restrictions. The original placer will receive an email indicating that you moved houses.
  • House items may only be moved by one player at a time.
  • House Items can now be placed on the ceiling in multi-level houses without disappearing.
  • The distance at which you may pickup and move house items has been increased.
  • You now have the option to move a house item from the ‘collect an item’ window.


  • Players can now reside in the city of Neriak.
  • New adventures await low level characters in Darklight Woods.
  • You should now be able to find Askadian in the Emerald Halls.
  • Creatures that add to assist Mayong in Castle Mistmoore can no longer be stolen by another raid group by using aggro.
  • The Avatar of tranquility in Lesser Faydark should not respawn on zone resets, if it has been defeated recently.
  • Lava and ‘bottomless’ pits will no longer teleport you immediately.


  • Players using the metalworking skill will now see sparks fly when their hammer hits the tongs (on most graphics settings).
  • Tailored windcloth hex dolls have been relocated to the tailoring essentials volume 66 book to be consistent with the hex dolls in other level ranges.

Skills & Abilities

  • The minimum skill required to use Longshadow Evidence has been lowered to 2.
  • Hate Position abilities are now more reliable than they previously were at causing an enemy to change targets to account for the change in hate positions.
  • The /target command will no longer work unless your character can see the mob in question.


  • The Mystic spell 'Shadowy Attendant' will now summon the correct pet
  • The Wizard spell 'Accord' will not apply hate increase to non-fighters .
  • The Warlock spell 'Boon of the dark' will not apply hate increase to non-fighters. Its triggered effect will also work on members not inside the Warlock's group.
  • An issue causing arrows to not be consumed if Quick Shot was triggered has been fixed.


  • The triggered effect for a Druid's 'Infusion' now only works while in combat.
  • The reuse timer for a Mystic's 'Glacial Strike' is now correctly shared by 'Cold Flame.'


  • Reduced the PvP stun duration for the crown of enlightenment.
  • The transcribe single spell should work properly once again.
  • If you are in combat with another player who has accumulated hate for you, zoning to escape the combat will not be possible.


  • The 'Tie That Binds' quests have been removed from the game. All new players will receive the 'Set Recall Point' ability at the same time that they receive their 'Call of …' ability. Players currently on these quests will find them auto-completed. Existing characters who have not started these quests will be granted the 'Set Recall Point' ability instantly.
  • Changed text of dialog in the mage writ class to correctly refer to Krulkiel Trackers instead of Krulkiel Marauders.
  • Objects clicked to give Legend & Lore quest books will no longer become inactive for a brief time before allowing the next player to use them.
  • Players can now kill the Adherants, Hellhounds, and Vampires wherever they find them for credit toward "The Stiletto's Thirst' quest in the Bloodline Chronicles.
  • Some quests that were not evaluating prerequisites correctly in all zones will now do so.
  • You will no longer be able to obtain the next quest in a quest chain by sharing prior to completing the prerequisite quest for certain quest chains.
  • Ineligibility for quest sharing will no longer repeat the same reasons.
  • Quests such as ‘Wounded Scout’ that were not showing any objectives will now do so.


  • Kithicor's Nighthunter Hood now has a hood appearance.
  • Symmetry III now properly adds +15 damage in addition to healing.
  • Wu's Intercession will now trigger properly from the Gloves of Whispered Echoes.
  • The Crescent Moon Skullcap will no longer vanish after zoning.
  • The chance for a chest to drop 2 of the same item has been lowered substantially.
  • Low level weapon damage adornments should now do damage when applied to faster weapons.
  • Poisoned seeds of the Tender should once again work properly.
  • The Behavioral Modificatinator Stereopticon now works as a de-aggro device rather than taking the same functionality as the Illusionist ‘Phase’ spell. In addition, there is now a 2 minute reuse timer on the device, however there is no longer a chance for the device to ‘fail’ and add more hate on use.


  • Riding a griffon, cloud or carpet will no longer cause /pet hide to cancel.
  • You will no longer appear mounted after dismissing your mount.
  • Fixed an issue with deity pets that caused them to become controllable.
  • Fixed an issue with deity pets conflicting with the summoner pets.


  • Custom UI's that change the quest journal should no longer crash when looking at group members' quests.
  • The LFG window has received new functionality to help adventurers pool their resources and face the challenges of Norrath. Click the LFG button on your group window or use the /lfg command to open the LFG window.
  • The interface for creating a guild has been improved.
  • Custom Options file names are now limited to 50 characters.
  • Since the world has seen the addition of multiple cities, chat channels will now use a good and evil naming convention.
  • The client will now load the target ring textures from the ui/images folder allowing users to customize target rings

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