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GU 36 Patch Notes

Game Update #36 June / 28 / 2007


  • The final chapters of the Swords of Destiny quest line have been released. See Sir Trodonis in Butcherblock for further information.
  • Not happy with your tradeskill profession? Consult a tradeskill career counselor in Neriak, Kelethin, Qeynos Ironforge Exchange, Freeport Coalition of Tradesfolke or Haven about the possibility of starting over!
  • Coin is now weightless and automatically changes up to the best denominations. No more destroying copper!
  • Ctrl-click an item link or icon to preview equipment, mounts, furniture, and more in the Dressing Room!
  • Due to the large number of achievement changes, we will be granting a ‘Class Achievement Respec Card’ which will allow 5 class achievement tree respecs. Please use /claim on each character which you desire to have the card. This item is available to be claimed once per character


  • Spells or items with 100% proc rates will no longer trigger on both attacks when using double attack.
  • City merchants have noticed the lack of customer demand for "worked" and "shaped" quality in-home crafting stations, and will no longer be keeping these in stock.
  • Characters should no longer get stuck if root or stun wears off while they are charmed or feared.
  • Resisted procs and damage shields will no longer play the resist sound.
  • Dispelling a maintained spell will no longer remove it from everyone in your group.


  • The color tints for the Al'Kabor, Najena, and Wu legendary armor helms were adjusted to match the rest of the set.
  • The Resplendant Robe of Battle, Battlerager Hat, Tranquil Stone of Power, Fragment of the Chime, and Thorn Wrapped Bindings should no longer prevent each other from proccing.
  • Power heal-over-time effects on items should no longer prevent instant power heal effects from functioning.
  • The snare effect from the Star Darkened Longbow has been replaced with something a bit more appropriate for raiders.
  • Vine-Wrapped Boots now proc correctly off of hostile spell casts.
  • Redemption of Failure will now resurrect a single group. The description on the effect has been updated to reflect the change.
  • There are now alternate ways to obtain Heartwood Spikes and Tunarian Wolfsbane! Be sure to keep an eye out for them.


  • Guilds members level 30 and above can now purchase housing in Neriak and Kelethin for a reduced coin cost using status.


  • Primary player pets should now stay in the pet window when you have a controllable charmed pet.


  • Spell macros that specify a target will now correctly cast on that target if the spell is queued.



  • Citizens of Neriak and Freeport will now evac close to the Thundering Steppes on PvE servers


  • Commonlands should be more playable to people poking their heads out of Freeport and Darklight.

Darklight Woods

  • The Sablevein stonewalkers in Darklight Wood should no longer become stuck in walls.

Greater Faydark

  • A rare "?" collectable in Greater Faydark that was previously incorrectly reporting that characters were out of range can now be harvested.


  • Queen Amree was shocked to find that some less than honorable Norrathians have been performing tasks for Kelethin. She has since decreed that the House of Falling Stars, the Order of Arcane, the Protectors of Growth, and Sylvan Hunters will no longer seek assistance from those of an evil alignment.


  • The Teir'Dal customers in Neriak Down Under are now much, much, less vocal!


  • Characters should be less likely to accidentally zone when running along the ledge above the Darklight Wood zoneline in Nektulos.

Sinking Sands

  • Roots are now slightly more common than dens and shrubs in the Sinking Sands. There are also slightly more roots, shrubs, and dens to be found in some areas.

The Serpent's Lair

  • Creatures should now respawn correctly in "The Serpent's Lair" instance of the Freeport Sewers


  • Innkeeper Yeoni in Willowwood has stepped out from her desk to prevent trapping people leaving their inn rooms.


  • The quest ‘A Necessary Step' now properly awards adventure experience instead of tradeskill experience.
  • The Malkonis head quest, Mayong amulet quest, and Wuoshi heart quests are now repeatable.
  • The Windrush Dagger quest from Wailing Caves can now be examined and completed in any zone.
  • The quest "Remembrances - Tel'riia'mil'an'ane'ie" in Obelisk of Lost Souls will now ask for any evil eye instead of "paroxysmal oberserver".
  • The quest "More Adventures of Jorbo and Mappy" in Rivervale will now ask for any corrupted halfling or shadowed halflings instead of specific halfllings.
  • The quest "Even More Adventures of Jorbo and Mappy" in Rivervale will now ask for any corrupted halfling instead of corrupted tailors. In addition any blight rat can now be killed for updates to the section that asked for blight rats.
  • Neriak writ givers are now more willing to offer work to citizens of Freeport.


  • Food and drink will now scale appropriately while mentoring.


  • An intrepid band of single-minded interior decorators has returned from an exploration of Stormhold and vicinity, bringing more furnishing ideas to the cities of Norrath.
  • The sage adornment Scintillating Balanced Fastening will no longer occasionally bring up tailoring events during the crafting process
  • Wholesalers have once again renewed their stock of cream cheese, sugar and cocoa, allowing provisioners to practice their baking and confectionary recipes.
  • Continued efforts by confectionary-savvy cooks, has led to the discovery that you can dip many fruits in chocolate! Not to be outdone, bakers have started to make a variety of flavored cheesecakes! You may find that your favorite fruit has been used to make one of these delightful treats.
  • The recipe scroll with the recipe that results in the Formed Wurmslayer no longer shares the same name as the recipe for the Re-bladed Wurmslayer
  • Tradeskillers rejoice! You should no longer get that evil "Would not take effect" message. Lower level reaction arts can now overwrite higher level ones!
  • You should no longer get a commission work error message while trying to buy from a vendor with a recipe selected.
  • It should now be easier to tell which carpenter-made lights actually give off light by examining the items.
  • Alchemists have learned to make level 62 Freedom of Action potions more effective. These will no longer snare the caster, and will now cure root and fear.
  • It should now be easier to visually identify harvested loam from different level ranges. The common and rare loam within a level range now share the same icon, but it is a different color from loam in all other ranges.
  • Imbued items that were just made will no longer display incorrect information when examined.
  • Doors will now open as you approach them in the Qeynos Tradeskill instances.
  • A program of extensive horticultural public education has ensured that extract of dark hatred can no longer be mistaken for tuber strands when crafting.


  • The effectiveness of various kinds of ammo, including crafted, loot, summoned, and store bought has been adjusted to better balance with respect to cost, difficulty to acquire, and damage effectiveness. Previously, very high Accuracy bonuses made it near impossible to miss with auto attacks when using these arrows. Most Handcrafted ammo types received additional bonuses.
  • Tenderwood Arrows bonus to Accuracy bonus reduced from 75% to 20%.
  • Ammo summoned from Fabled weapons Accuracy reduced from 25% to 15%.

Powerful arrows that were reduced

  • Tenderwood Arrows bonus to accuracy, damage, and range reduced.

Overall adjustments to Arrows

  • Summoned: Accuracy -5%, Range -5m, Damage Rank 5
  • Store bought: Accuracy +0%, Range -5m, Damage Rank 4
  • Round: Accuracy +30%, Range +5m, Damage Rank 3
  • Bodkin: Accuracy +10%, Range +0m, Damage Rank 2
  • Broad: Accuracy -10%, Range -5m, Damage Rank 1

Throwing Weapons now have differentiations to Accuracy, Range, and Damage

  • Stars: Accuracy +20%, Range +5m, Damage Rank 4
  • Dagger: Accuracy +10%, Range +0m, Damage Rank 3
  • Axe: Accuracy +0%, Range +0m, Damage Rank 2
  • Hammer: Accuracy -10%, Range -5m, Damage Rank 1


  • The Class Tree of Achievements received a full review of their bonuses. Many of the less popular achievements had their benefits increased to better compete with the more popular achievements of each class.
  • Removed most weapon requirements from the second set of achievements of all Class achievement trees, with the exception to shield and ranged weapon requirements. They all share the same reuse time as well. Many of these abilities were slightly improved.
  • Achievements that required casting a spell on a pet every time it zoned are now permanent buffs on the pet.
  • Movement speed increase bonuses now consistently apply to both in and out of combat.
  • Fixed an issue causing Assassin, Ranger, Brigand and Swashbuckler poison debuff enhancements to not work correctly.
  • Achievement spells/combat arts in the second row of Class achievements that are passive or temporary buffs have been placed on their own reuse timers different than those that deal damage.
  • Due to the large number of achievement changes, we will be granting a ‘Class Achievement Respec Card’ which will allow 5 class achievement tree respecs on the KoS class tree (not EoF). Please use /claim on each character which you desire to have the card. This item is available to be claimed once per character


  • Strength 3 - Bladeturn: Increase avoidance skill bonuses from 2% to 2.5% per rank.
  • Agility 3 - Wayfarer's Watch: Also grants a chance at avoiding non-direct area effect spells by 1% per rank.
  • Agility 4 - Poison Concoction: Increased total tick count from 5 to 7, increased damage per tick.
  • Agility 5 - Vanishing Act: The next attack made against any ally in stealth will be avoided.
  • Agility 5 - Vanishing Act - Fixed stealth to function while in-combat
  • Stamina 3 - Skald's Defense: Also increases doubleattack by 16% at rank 1, and +4% for every rank thereafter.
  • Stamina 4 - Fortissimo: Grants your group melee and ranged doubleattack at 1.25% per rank, without any shield requirement.
  • Stamina 5 - Shield Focus: Renamed to Lend Shielding: Allows you to block the next attack that would strike an ally.
  • Wisdom 2 - Harmonizing Shot: Renamed to Messenger's Letter: It now increases hate towards the enemy's current target.
  • Wisdom 4 - Allegro: Increased casting speed bonus from 0.9% to 1% per rank.
  • Intelligence 3 - Minstrel's Aria: Increase skill bonus from 7% to 8% per rank.
  • Intelligence 4 - Minstrel's Melody: Increased Haste/DPS bonus from 5% to 7% per rank.
  • Intelligence 5 - Coin Toss: Renamed to Heroic Storytelling: Increases the effectiveness of all heroic opportunites in the group by 50%.


  • Starter - Favorable Wind: Affects all non-mount movement speed.
  • Strength 5 - Chi: Improved casting speed bonus from 75 to 100%, Recovery speed bonus from 33.3% to 100%, Removed all penalties when Chi expires.
  • Agility 3 - Ambidexterity: Increased reuse speed bonus from 1 to 1.5% per rank.
  • Agility 5 - Altruism: Improved reuse speed from 15 minutes to 5 minutes, increases hate positions towards entire encounter twice. Increased health of targeted ally by 10% instead of 5%.
  • Stamina 5 - Mantis Leap: Removed power cost. It can also teleport to a target ally or enemy. Reuse speed increased from 60s to 45s.
  • Wisdom 3 - Bamboo Twirl: Doubled proc rate to 2% per rank, but slightly reduced damage.
  • Wisdom 5 - Crane Flock: Increased reuse speed from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.


  • Strength 5 - Avenging Invigoration: Also improves recovery speed by 10%.
  • Agility 2 - Joust: Increased range to 15, teleports you to your target to attack.
  • Agility 3 - Trample: Increased area autoattack base chance to 5% per rank.
  • Agility 4 - Higher Ground: Increased base defense skill bonus.
  • Agility 5 - Lance: Also removed weapon requirement. Increased damage over time effect from horseback. Lance cannot be riposted. Reuse time speeded from 60s to 45s.
  • Stamina 5 - Divine Aura: Stoneskin effect now takes into consideration mitigation before determining final damage. Improved reuse speed from 15 minutes to 10 minutes.
  • Wisdom 4 - Aura of Leadership: Also increases the maximum amount of regeneration possible by the group by an additional 2% per rank.
  • Wisdom 5 - Fearless Morale: No longer affects casting/reuse times, but all other bonuses are improved by 2%.
  • Intelligence 2 - Legionnaire's Smite: Reuse speed slowed to 30s like other achievement attacks to account for the removal of the symbol requirement.
  • Intelligence 4 - Legionnaire's Mercy: Also increases spell resistance. Reduced healing critical chance to 6% per rank.
  • Intelligence 5 - Reflect: Also removed symbol requirement.
  • Joust and Lance: Removed horseback text from appearing in chat window.


  • Strength 3 - Bolt of Power: Also procs on spells. Interrupt chance is reduced to adjust for the change.
  • Strength 4 - Unwavering Resolve: Instead of increasing disruption skill, it increases maximum health by 1% per rank. It still increases Focus.
  • Strength 5 - Steadfast: While remaining still, grants interrupt immunity, with a chance at stifle immunity.
  • Agility 2 - Wondrous Buckling: Cannot be interrupted.
  • Agility 3 - Battle Fervor: Grants doubleattack of 4% per rank instead of DPS increase. Also increases shield effectiveness by 4% per rank.
  • Agility 5 - Holy Shield: Improved reuse speed from 5 minutes to 1m and it now toggles, and casting speed from 2s to 1s. Removed power cost.
  • Stamina 5 - Divine Aura: Stoneskin effect now takes into consideration mitigation before determining damage. Improved reuse speed from 15 minutes to 10 minutes.
  • Wisdom 4 - Divine Soothing: Renamed "Exorcise" and increases all casting skills instead of hate reduction.
  • Wisdom 5 - Protection from Undead: Stoneskin effect now takes into consideration mitigation before determining damage. Improved reuse speed from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • Intelligence 2 - Divine Castigation: Reduced damage.


  • Enhance: Vehement Stone: Instead of increasing stoneskin triggers, it now improves reuse speed by 20s per rank.


  • Starter - Shapeshift: The nature of the shapeshift is no longer determined by weapon; Instead multiple abilities are added for each illusion type.
  • Strength 4 - Natural Boon: Increased trigger percentage from 2% to 4% per rank. Reduced group heal effect by 30%.
  • Strength 5 - Primordial Strike: Increased damage, and it cannot be parried, riposted, deflected, or blocked.
  • Agility 4 - Wild Regeneration: Additionally increases the initial tick of each regeneration by 3%.
  • Agility 5 - Tortoise Shell: Stifles/Roots Druid instead of stuns, and doubles shield effectiveness. Also increases health regeneration of nearby allies. Removed power cost.
  • Stamina 3 - Serene Knowledge: Increased triggered percentage from 1% to 2% per rank. Added interrupt immunity.
  • Stamina 5 - Serenity: Removed power cost. Added interrupt immunity.
  • Wisdom 4 - Hierophant Obfuscation: Instead of hate reduction, it reduces the chance that any hostile spell lands on the Hierophant by 1.5% per rank.
  • Wisdom 5 - Rebirth: After death, the buff can be cancelled before the auto-resurrection occurs if desired.
  • Intelligence 2 - Thunderspike: Prose description no longer mentions hammer.
  • Intelligence 4 - Stormvision: Also increases ordination skill.
  • Intelligence 5 - Infusion: Slightly increased damage.


  • Strength 3 - Spellblade's Reflexes: Increased piercing skill bonus, increased Riposte percentage to 1% per rank.
  • Strength 4 - Quickening: Added melee attack speed bonus of 5% per rank, but does not apply to 2-handed weapons.
  • Agility 2 - Chronosiphoning: Removed freehand requirement. The amount of casting speed returned is reduced to a 1:2 ratio from what is debuffed.
  • Agility 3 - Chronomotion: Increased recovery speed bonus from 4% to 6% per rank.
  • Agility 5 - Perpetuality: Fixed ability so that only one triggering effect is on the enchanter at any time. The color of the perpetuality icon becomes "warmer" the higher the casting speed bonus granted from the proc.
  • Stamina 2 - Touch of Empathy: Increased range from 5 to 30m.
  • Stamina 3 - Empathic Aura: Increased healing critical to 2% per rank.
  • Stamina 4 - Empathic Soothing: Increased hate reduction to 1% per rank.
  • Stamina 5 - Sever Empathy: Renamed Sever Hate: Now it wipes a few hate positions of hatred that target ally's enemy has towards them. Can be used on raid allies.
  • Wisdom 2 - Daydream: Now it reduces hate radius and the chance that the encounter will respond to help.
  • Wisdom 4 - Dreamweaver's Trance: Also improves reuse speed of your mesmerization spell by 0.2 seconds per rank.
  • Wisdom 5 - Hypnosis: Reduced power cost and casting time. It can affect a weaker epic non-named target for up to 6 seconds.


  • Split Personality: Fixed achievement to function properly.


  • Enhance: Dragonbreath: Fixed to improve reuse speed by 5 seconds per rank instead of 4.
  • Enhance: Swooping Dragon: Fixed so that damage overtime component also increases in damage.


  • Enhance: Prayer of Healing - Fixed display on casting time bonus.
  • Enhance: Pious Aid - Fixed display on casting time bonus.


  • Stamina 3 - Conditioning: Increased HP increase from 1% to 1.5% per rank.
  • Stamina 4 - Surrounding Attacks: Increased area autoattack chance from 2 to 3.5% per rank.
  • Stamina 5 - Impenetrable: Also grants temporary non-direct area effect immunity. Increased duration to 12 seconds.
  • Wisdom 4 - Obfuscation: Also increases damage of the following combat art by 1% per rank.
  • Wisdom 5 - Smoke Bomb: Affected enemies are unable to target for 4 seconds.


  • Starter - Pick Pocket: Also grants a chance to automatically Pick Pocket when using certain rear-only or stealth combat arts.
  • Stamina 3 - Conditioning: Also increases shield effectiveness.
  • Stamina 5 - Formation: Slightly reduced mitigation bonus.
  • Wisdom 2 - Lunge Reversal: Refreshes every 30 seconds instead of every 20 seconds.
  • Wisdom 3 - Freehand Reversal: Increased initial doubleattack bonus from 20 to 24%.
  • Wisdom 4 - Unencumbrance: Reduced doubleattack bonus to 5.5% per rank.
  • Wisdom 5 - Coule: Slightly reduced skill gain.
  • Intelligence 2 - Boot Dagger: Increased damage.
  • Intelligence 3 - Thieve's Prowess: Increased trigger percentage from 3% to 4% per rank.
  • Intelligence 4 - Obscurative Smoke: Hate reduction improved to 1.5% per rank. Also improves hate reduction amount of Evade by 5% per rank.
  • Intelligence 5 - Feign: Improved reuse speed from 3 minutes to 1 minute.


  • With the exception of the Strength line, all other pet dependencies have been removed.
  • Strength 3 - Aura of Haste: Is now a permanent buff applied to pet.
  • Strength 4 - Aura of Warding: Is now a permanent buff applied to pet. Triggered ward effect is removed soon after combat ends.
  • Strength 5 - Spiritual Foresight: Is now a permanent buff applied to pet. Reduced triggered percentage to 15% from 20%.
  • Stamina 2 - Crippling Bash: Renamed Dazing Bash: Dazes an enemy for 5 seconds. Increased damage of attack.
  • Stamina 3 - Infective Bites: Renamed Block Harm: Increases block chance at 1% per rank and doubleattack at 2% per rank.
  • Stamina 4 - Herbal Expertise: Improves casting speed, recovery speed, and power cost each by 10% per rank.
  • Stamina 5 - Coagulate: Increased bleed health pool amount. It now affects the entire group.
  • Stamina 5 - Dazing Bash: Now plays a shield bash animation.
  • Wisdom 2 - Ritual: No longer requires symbol equipped, but reduced bonus to begin at 18% at rank 1.
  • Wisdom 3 - Ritualistic Aggression: Renamed Ritual of Magic: Increases ordination, subjugation, disruption casting skills.
  • Wisdom 4 - Ritual of Absolution: Renamed Ritual of Mind: Improves reuse speed at 1% per rank.
  • Wisdom 5 - Ritual of Alacrity: Improved reuse speed from 3 minutes to 1.5 minutes. Increased range from 10 to 25m.
  • Intelligence 2 - Rabies: Is not a single target DoT spell, that triggers a more powerful DoT when the first one expires.
  • Intelligence 3 - Virulence: It now increases spell critical damage.
  • Intelligence 4 - Immunities: Grants nearby allies a chance to outright prevent the hostile effects of a spell.
  • Intelligence 5 - Scourge: No longer requires the sacrifice of the pet. It now directly targets a single enemy.


  • Starter - Summon Familiar: The type of familiar is no longer determined by weapon; Instead it is determined by casting a different ability.
  • Stamina 2 - Static Shield: Removed first rank parry bonus, but no longer requires a symbol.
  • Stamina 3 - Battlemage Armor: Increased physical mitigation bonus.
  • Stamina 4 - Battlemage's Fervor: Also increases Subjugation and Ordination skill.
  • Stamina 5 - Manashield: Improved damage to mana consumed ratio from 1:1 to 2:1.
  • Stamina 5 - Manashield: Health to Mana ratio is now 1.5:1
  • Wisdom 2 - Freehand Sorcery: No longer requires no weapon equipped, but reduced bonus to begin at 10% at rank 1. However now it stacks with Brainstorm and other spell damage increase achievements.
  • Wisdom 3 - Ward of Sages: No longer requires no weapon equipped. Only protects against non-physical damage.
  • Wisdom 4 - Brainstorm: No longer requires no weapon equipped, but reduced bonus to 0.5% per rank. However now it stacks with Freehand Sorcery and other spell damage increase achievements.
  • Wisdom 5 - Sagacity: Effect stacks with other achievements that reduce power cost.
  • Intelligence 2 - Confounding Staff: Renamed Confounding: Also added ranged distance of 35 meters to attack using your weapon.
  • Intelligence 4 - Kinetic Avoidance: Hate percent reduction improved from 1.25% to 2%.
  • Intelligence 5 - Concussive Blast: Spell is now an area effect that instantly drops hate position instead of adding a hate reduction proc.


  • Starter - Pet Possession: Increased reuse speed from 3 minutes to 1 minute.
  • Strength 5 - Implode: Temporary buff also improves recovery speed, and altogether its bonuses also apply to pet buffs on pet for up to 12 seconds. No longer works on charmed Control Undeath pet.
  • Agility 2 - Distracting Strike: Renamed Shadowstep: Teleports scout pet to target and launches an attack.
  • Agility 3 - Cabalist's Cover: Is now a permanent buff applied to pet. Increased effectiveness per rank.
  • Agility 4 - Minion's Zeal: Increases Doubleattack 2.5% per rank instead of Critical hit. Is now a permanent buff applied to scout pet.
  • Agility 5 - Shadowstep: Renamed Reanimate: Instantly summons scout pet if it recently died. It cannot be interrupted and can be cast while casting another spell.
  • Stamina 3 - Perceptor's Bodyguard: Renamed Perceptor's Command: Increases hate of your target towards your pet.
  • Stamina 4 - Perceptor's Command: Renamed Perceptor's Bodyguard: Increases maximum health of Fighter pet by approximately 2.5% per rank. Is now a permanent buff applied to pet.
  • Stamina 5 - Unflinching Servant: Added Root, Fear, Mesmerize, and Daze immunity.
  • Wisdom 3 - Minion's Barrier: Is now a permanent buff applied to pet.
  • Wisdom 4 - Minion's Uproar: Is now a permanent buff applied to pet.
  • Wisdom 5 - Animist Bond: Improved damage to mana consumed ratio from 2:1 to 3:1.
  • Intelligence 2 - Magic Leash: Removed power cost. Increased detaunt amount.
  • Intelligence 3 - Minion's Warding: Is now a permanent buff applied to pet.
  • Intelligence 4 - Arcane Minion: Is now a permanent buff applied to pet.
  • Intelligence 5 - Empower Servant: Is now a permanent buff applied to pet.


  • Breathtaking Bellow: Fixed triggered bonus to affect encounter only.


  • Strength 5 - Executioner's Fury: Also increases Taunting by 15%.
  • Agility 3 - Dragoon's Cyclone: Increased area autoattack chance from 3% to 5% per rank.
  • Agility 5 - Dragoon's Reflexes: Improved reuse speed from 10 minutes to 3 minutes, and also grants temporary non-direct area effect Avoidance.
  • Stamina 3 - Gladiator's Finesse: First rank begins with a 25% bonus, then increases by 5% with each following rank.
  • Stamina 4 - Gladiator's Revenge: Removed block bonus: Increases Riposte Chance by 1% per rank instead.
  • Stamina 5 - Perseverance: Renamed to Arena Endurance: Increased health gain ratio from 15% to 20% of all power consumed.
  • Wisdom 5 - Stance Mastery: Also removes penalties associated with Hunker abilities and its upgrades.
  • Intelligence 2 - Acceleration Strike: Is now a melee attack that triggers additional 25% Haste/Casting/Recovery speed after 3 additional combat arts.
  • Intelligence 5 - Relentless Assault: Increased reuse speed bonus to 12%.


  • All Apprentice I-IV spells are now only resisted as often as an Adept I version of the spell.
  • Coercer and Illusionist Root spells can now target epic targets.


  • The description for the Warden spell Tranquility should now include the healing portion of the spell.


  • You can now ctrl-click a link to a house item or an icon of a house item to preview it in the Dressing Room!
  • Alt will now move an item into trade or mail if either of these windows are open.
  • Coin will now automatically roll up to the higher coin type. For example, if you have 100 copper, it will automatically become 1 silver in your inventory.
  • You may click the coin icons in the trade and commission windows to set exact change. Dragging coin icons will also still work.
  • The /destroy_coin command and the Destroy menu option on your inventory coin have been removed now that coin is weightless
  • Harvests used for imbuing should no longer trigger the message and sound used for true rare harvests.
  • You will now automatically hail a merchant when using their default merchant action.
  • Added a "Product Class" field to the recipe tooltips which displays which classes the item is useable by from the tooltip.



  • For information and discussion about the GU36 changes to PVP drop by this thread on the EQ2Players forums: http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/posts/list.m?topic_id=365950
  • Damage was reduced at the higher levels based on class. Rogues, predators, sorcerers and summoners had the greatest reduction. Druids, enchanters and brawlers fall in the middle while the others had lower amounts of damage reduction. Hopefully this will make fights a bit longer at the high end.
  • All in combat run speeds will now disable except for the bard achievement which grants in combat run speed to selos.
  • The message for entering into combat should display properly now when you heal yourself.
  • An issue has been resolved that was keeping good aligned players from attacking exiles in Kelethin.
  • Achievement points spent will now be limited to 1.5 times your level. If you are currently above this point then you will get a forced free respec. You will still keep your points and be able to gain additional points however you can not spend over the limit until you gain additional levels.
  • Carnage flagged players should now gain immunity when zoning outside of cities.
  • It should now be easier to land spells on higher levels players in pvp.
  • Experience Debt has been removed from pvp servers.
  • Enchanter Stamina 5 now has a pvp effect to clear the attacker's target.
  • Mystic lake now has an unlimited level range.
  • Added PvP versions to Summoner achievements Magic Leash and Perceptors Command
  • Added PvP version to Rogue achievement Swear.
  • Added a recast timer to cures on healers in PVP.
  • Scaled healing down at the high ends similar to the damage scaling in PVP.
  • Lowered the heal percentage on vision of madness while the berserker is berserk and in pvp combat.
  • Lowered the heal amount of Warden spores while in pvp.
  • Adjusted the damage output on the healing classes.

The following changes have been made to a number of abilities when used in PvP combat only. PvE use of these abilities, even on PvP servers, remains unchanged.

Assassin PvP Combat Effects

  • Reduced the duration of the root effect for the Freezing Strike line
  • Reduced the damage of Assassinate and Decapitate.

Brigand PvP Combat Effects

  • Double up should only work on spells cast in the last second instead of last 2 seconds.
  • Lowered the debuff amount on Devitalize and Dispatch
  • Reduced the stun duration on the Low Blow line.

Bruiser PvP Combat Effects

  • The Drag achievement will no longer teleport your target to you.
  • Bruiser Drag now has a shorter duration when used on a player

Coercer PvP Combat Effects

  • Lowered the damage done by Cataclysmic mind and its associated spells.

Fury PvP Combat Effects

  • Reduced the duration of the root line

Monk PvP Combat Effects

  • *The Evade achievement should now cause your target to lose its target like scout evade skills do.

Ranger PvP Combat Effects

  • The Hunter's Instinct line will now buff out of combat speed rather than in combat speed.
  • Hook Arrow will no longer summon your target to you.
  • Reduced the root duration of the lunge line
  • Reduced the snare duration on the leg shot line.

Necromancer PvP Combat Effects

  • Lowered the duration of control effects on the fighter pet.

Shadowknight PvP Combat Effects

  • Reduced the damage to the harm touch line.

Swashbuckler PvP Combat Effects

  • Lowered the damage on Inspired Daring
  • Lowered the damage to En Garde and it will also now use mitigation and can be dodged, blocked, parried and deflected in pvp.

Warden PvP Combat Effects

  • Reduced the duration of the root and its snare.

Wizard PvP Combat Effects

  • Reduced the damage of Ice comet
  • Reduced the damage of Fusion

Item PvP Combat Effects

  • Reduced the damage and heal on the Signet of Light From Darkness.
  • Lowered the Malicious Assault bonus on the Brigand PvP Armor Set BP.
  • The effect on the Belt of Gateways has been changed from 100% riposte to 100% parry.
  • The Blistering Signet should now have a chance to proc Blazing Inferno on successful heat based spell attacks.
  • Defiler, Fury, Inquisitor, Mystic, Templar and Warden PvP armor sets have had their in-combat run speed bonus reduced to 5%.

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The fine print. This is a research and information site. All of the information on this site has been gathered and submitted by the players and Niami Denmother. While we try our best to keep the information here as accurate and up to date as possible, rely upon it at your own risk. By submitting information and graphics to this site, you are granting us permission to use the materials in any way that we deem appropriate. EverQuest is a registered trademark of Darkpaw Games LLC. Except as is disclosed on the "about" page, this site has no official connection with EverQuest or Darkpaw Games LLC. All information, articles and graphics on this site are the copyright of EQ Traders Corner, its owners and/or Darkpaw Games LLC and may not be copied or reprinted without the express written approval of the copyright holder. This site is not meant to represent official EverQuest (Darkpaw Games) policy, and we are not responsible for errors and/or omissions that occur due to changes in EverQuest trade skills or information that we recieved from the community that is in error.

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