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GU37 - Bowls and Bars

When Mum finally snapped out of her stove-induced daze, her eye was caught by a light glinting off a bowl that was just being unpacked. "Shiny!"

Ignoring (for the moment) both the elf and the other furniture, Mum quickly clambered onto the nearest height-producing surface, intent on seeing if there was anything else equally shiny in the packing crate. Even an accidental overbalance didn't phase her, so great was her furniture frenzy, sending her headfirst into the crate of packing materials.

Like a playful otter, she dove into the mix of straw and wood chippings, intent on a half-seen glimmer. Large feet waving in the air (the only part of her still visible, she let out a happy, if muffled, squeal, before surfacing amidst a flurry of displaced packing material.

Cooing happily, Mum carefully placed the golden bowl on the countertop next to the larger bowl that had initially caught her eye, then clambered back out of the crate and onto the countertop.

Only it wasn't a countertop, or at least, not just a countertop. It was an impressive briarwood reproduction of the legendary (at least to halflings), Vale corner bar?!?!

Ears ringing from yet another squeal of paint-blistering proportions, the shop elf decided it was time for a lunch break, preferably somewhere halfling-free. With luck, the exuberant halfling would clean up after herself. Perhaps if he picked up a broom while out on lunch break and left it somewhere conspicuous...

Heedless of everything but the new furniture, Mum eagerly explored the bar, pondering possibilities not only for using it for a bar, but also as a spot to display and sell her baked goods. She could almost smell a freshly-baked loaf of bread, so strong was her imagination.

She played with various decorating arrangements on the bar for a bit before placing the lovely bowls on an end table, and replacing them with a few azurite chalices. "There, all ready frae a toast celebrating th' new furniture, once I've finished looking at it all!"

Yet more furniture goodness that will be released with GU37, currently slated for the end of July, including:
  • mine lantern (not to be confused with the hanging version)
  • elaborate xegonite bowl
  • intricate xegonite bowl
  • Vale briarwood corner bar
  • azurite chalice
  • (and a repeat performance by the bread tin!)

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