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RoK Travel for the Lost Crafter

If you are one of those folks like Mum, who get lost in their own backyards, here are a few helpful pointers to make your Kunark travel a bit easier. Trust me, if Mum can find these places, you should be able to as well! :D


If you use the EQ2maps UI, make sure that you have updated it since the release of RoK. If you have not, it will tell you that there is no map available for places like Kylong Plains, even though there is one, really. Running around without a map in these ginormous areas is beyond unfun at times.

Kunark - Getting There the First Time

The docks in Antonica and Commonlands (where the bells into the city zones are located) have regular boat service to Kylong Plains. A handy warning is that you shouldn't immediately AFK the moment you step on the boat. (I know, I know, it is habit for many to AFK while zoning. Patience, grasshopper!) Unless you are hitting the area when almost nobody is on the server, as soon as the boat starts moving, you will be asked which instance of Kylong Plains you wish to zone to. Make your selection and then you can do a really fast AFK.

When the boat docks in Kylong Plains, you will debark in Dreg's Landing, where ocean traffic for the outpost of Teren's Grasp is handled. (Teren's Grasp itself is up in the mountains a bit.) If you are going to be spending much time in the area, you are going to want to know how to find Teren's Grasp, among other things. While there are several paths that will get you there, only one is aggro-free, if you watch where you step.

Left, left, and left. :)

As you step off the boat, start wandering diagonally to your left, towards the edge of the mountains. You should encounter zero aggro mobs. If you run into some skeletons, you didn't do enough left. If you hit the ocean, you decided the diagonal part of "diagonally to the left" was optional.

At the base of the mountain, you should find a pathway leading up. When you hit the top of the mountain, just after another bit of explore xp, you should be standing in snow, facing north with a tree right in front of you. Hug left around the tree. Don't just meander forward. HUG left. Unless you want to play with the yeti, which I don't recommend if you're not a big, buff adventurer.

There will be a path of faintly blued snow, a slightly beaten path that is lightly iced, as it were. Follow it. It will almost immediately have a branch off to the right. Stay left.

Prepping for Later Visits

At about the same time you start seeing snow badgers (don't try to harvest ore from them, really!), you should see some druid rings ahead and to the right. (Loc 1619, 458, -802) Head on over there and harvest the Blessing of Tunare from the blessed shrubbery so that you'll be able to use the druid-cast portals to the area on later visits. You'll be glad that you did when you start wearing your own path in the snow from repeat visits!

Wander back towards those badgers, and you'll find the walls of Teren's Grasp (TG), built around the old Kunark wizzie spires. Coincidentally, there's a floating rune up in TG, often with some Teren researchers standing around it. At the base of the small stone circle surrounding the rune, level 25+ wizards and warlocks will find a scroll that can be harvested for the quest to get their translocate spell for the area.

Ok, you're up in TG and almost nobody wants to sell to you. The broker turns her nose up at you, and so on. You're going to need some faction. You're also going to want a faster way to travel within these ginormous zones, and the quests to gain access to that faster travel just happens to give you some faction with the Residents of Teren's Grasp. Handy, eh?

Getting Around - Sokokar!

You've likely seen the sokoar - winged things that look like a mix of a dragon with a frog with a lizard, or something like that. (You've probably also heard about 10 creative mis-spellings or outright wrong names for them from /ooc, too!) Other than the ones that are following players around, you'll find them standing next to some special posts.

Think of them as fluff pets, griffon towers, and the LFay horse trails all rolled up into one kind of cute package. Well kind of sort of cute, in a weird way.


You can't just run up and hop aboard, but will actually need to obtain your own sokokar via questing, and then teach him the flight paths. Level 65+ adventurers manage this via a quest series from Borbin Happens on the docks in Dreg's Landing. (The 'Zam network has a good writeup of this series) If you are below 65 on the adventuring side, but a level 65+ crafter, Borbin's assistant, Jones has a non-combat version of the quest for crafters. It won't be totally danger-free, but if you're out there harvesting as a lower-level adventurer, danger is your middle name!

Once you've obtained your sokokar, you will still need to travel around to find the sokokar posts scattered around the lands (They are scattered around the level 65+ Kunark zones). Each post has a path to one or more other posts in the same zone. Right-clicking the first time you visit a post will unlock the ability for your sokokar to fly to that post from a connected one. A second right-click will call up any unlocked travel options for that post. If it won't let you fly anywhere, it means that you haven't found the post(s) that have a flight path to that one, and you'll need to do a bit more exploring.

What About Timorous Deep?

Timorous Deep is an island chain that contains the level 1-20 newbie content for sarnaks and other residents of the city of Gorowyn. Head down the beach from the docks in Butcherblock Mountains and you will eventually find a path to your right, leading up. (The path, not the climbable wall that is near it.) Head up the path to talk to the sarnak griffon trainer, and he can fly you to Gorowyn.

You're On Your Own!

Hopefully the above has given you enough of an overview that you can find your way to the first few major landmarks. After that, you should be able to find zone guides, maps and/or helpful friends to plan out more serious exploration. ... or just forget about all that and run around like a lemming seeing how many creative ways you can die while 'sploring! ;D

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