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With GU43 now live, each of the 5 city factions is now publishing a handbook introducing new players to the society and its goals, and outlining a few basics of tradeskilling. This book will replace the old tradeskill introduction note that new players formerly received. The book can be placed in your home, does not take up an item count slot, and existing folks can purchase it from their home city's tradeskill faction merchant if they want one too.

Know Your Factions: The Academy of Logistics

Leader: Prime Purveyor Clazdok Gi`uul
Location: Gorowyn, in the Timorous Deep

The tradeskill faction for Gorowyn. Originally a conglomerate of military support divisions, this organization was responsible for the supply and outfitting of all the sarnak armies. Shortly after the establishment of Gorowyn, the task of training and supplying the social population was given to the organization, which was renamed the Academy of Logistics. To this day the Academy oversees all trade and crafting within the city of Gorowyn.

Toil created us, toil empowered us, and toil leads us into the future. The advancement of Gorowyn is of primary importance and the crafters of Gorowyn stand ready to support that effort in every way.
-- Prime Purveyor Clazdok Gi`uul

Know Your Factions: The Coalition of Tradesfolke

Leader: Trade Commissioner Lasarian Nasin
Location: West Freeport
Motto: "Everyone and everything has its price."

The Coalition of Tradesfolke is the official governing body of all trade activity within the territory of Freeport. Although not a true part of the government, they are charged with the task of trade organization. The Coalition maintains an absolute monopoly on the regional trade market, and is thus a major force in the trade world.

Since Freeport is the trade hub of the world, thanks to its robust shipping lanes and major continental highways, the Coalition is a force to be reckoned with in the global economy. The Coalition also manages all trade activity of Freeport. They are charged with taxing the populace and even enforcing the taxes in any way they see fit.

Any great civilization is not built in a day. Look at how long we have survived and prospered, through the adversity of time and place. And yet, we are more than a city of might and brawn. The skills of our artisans and tradesfolk provide us with improved weaponry and armor as well as other vital products.

-- Trade Commissioner Lasarian Nasin, Freeport Coaltion of Tradesfolke

Know Your Factions: The Dark Bargainers

Leader: Acquisitions Expert Mraena D'Aryth
Location: Neriak

The Dark Bargainers are the trade society of the dark elves (teir'dal). They are a very religious society and offer a portion of their profits to the temple of Innoruuk. They also set aside a portion of each week in honor of their god of hate, at which time they close their shops and meditate. Dark Bargainers are friendly towards any dark elf, but have little to do with other races.

"There are no races more skilled in the ancient crafting arts than the Teir'dal, and no gods more deserving of our dedication than Innoruuk. All others are inferior, and therefore it is not only our duty, but also our pleasure, to take full advantage of the opportunities they present."

-- Acquisitions Expert Mraena D'Aryth

Know Your Factions: The Ironforge Exchange

Leader: Baron Kaedrin Ironforge
Location: North Qeynos

The Ironforge Exchange is comprised of all artisans and merchants who own shops within the City of Qeynos. This faction owns the city's great bazaars, and all vendors who use them must pay a tax used for their upkeep. The trade masters of the port district and the farmlands report to the leader of the Ironforge Exchange.

The merchants of Qeynos are always quick to lend a helping hand with any task that benefits Qeynos or its people. They often compromise with the other factions of Qeynos, and will sometimes even make decisions that result in a financial loss if it benefits the greater good. No amount of profit is worth more than the prosperity of all Antonicans. They are an integral part of the rebuilding of Qeynos, and the work orders they commission from local artisans go to outfit the Qeynos guards, citizens, and aid in the rebuilding efforts.

"Qeynos has rebuilt itself countless times over the ages. The constant thread that weaves its way through our city is the quality of the goods produced and the services provided by our own residents. We all have the skills and talents to share with the community. The Qeynos Ironforge Exchange gives our creativity an outlet that is not only good for our artistic nature, but for the city as well."

-- Baron Kaedrin Ironforge, Qeynos Ironforge Exchange

Know Your Factions: Tunare's Pages

Leader: Master Liaison Aeble Ashberry
Location: Kelethin, in the Greater Faydark

The tradeskill faction of Kelethin is very much a democratic committee. Not inclined to hierarchy in any way, and not controlled by a hereditary family (like the Qeynos Ironforges) or a mafia-like iron grip (like Freeport's Coalition), Tunare's Pages is led by a committee of citizens whose talents and inclinations lead them to the crafts. The current committee leader is Aeble Ashberry, and the Ashberry family are often found involved in the artisan activity of Kelethin. However, there is no rigid hierarchy here and decisions are made by a small council of equals.

"Our enemies assaulted us with fire and blade, and without the talents of our artisans, the city would have been destroyed in the fires of Faydark and again during the second Rallosian war. That the city still stands and remains as strong and beautiful as ever is a testament to the skills of our tradesfolk and the strength of our citizens."

-- Master Liaison Aeble Ashberry, Tunare's Pages

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