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Harvesting Tools Quick Reference

Harvesting tools reduce your harvesting time, and some can also improve your harvesting skill. Just how does that work, though, and which tools are right for you?

Basics for All Tool Types

  • Harvesting attempts have a base speed of 3 seconds. The minimum speed you can obtain from any combintion of racial abilities, casting speed abilities and tools is a hard cap of 2 seconds
  • Harvesting tools must be attuned
  • Right-click on the tool from within inventory and select Use in order to obtain the harvesting buff for that tool, or select the Auto Consume option to have it re-apply the buff every time it wears off. (Tools must be in bags and attuned for this to work.)
  • Should you wish to remove the buffs for any reason, such as clearing buffs spots before a raid, the buffs can now be removed
  • Harvesting tool buffs will now persist upon death
  • You may gain the benefits of both the woodworker-made harvesting kits and the tinkerer-made harvesting tools, but you are still limited by the minimum harvest time of 2 seconds.

Woodworker Crafted Tools

Use of these tools is based off adventuring or crafting level (whichever is higher). Tools are available in tiers 3-6 and tier 8. The individual tools of Tier 3-6 have been replaced by the new "Compact" tools, which boost all Harvesting skills.

WoodSpeed reductionBountiful*Level
Ash Harvesting Kit0.1 sec2%20
Briarwood Harvesting Kit.2 sec4%30
Teak Harvesting Kit.3 sec6%40
Sandalwood Harvesting Kit.4 sec8%50
Redwood Harvesting Kit.5 sec10%70
Compact Sumac Harvesting Kit.5 sec12%80

*Bountiful harvest is a percentage chance to get an extra pull of resources from the node

Tinkered Tools

Tinkered tool use is based on your crafting level. There are three tools, with some combined uses for each.
  • Automated pick - reduces mining speed, increases mining skill
  • Automated shears - reduces gathering and foresting speed, increases gathering and foresting skill
  • Automated watersafe net - reduces fishing and trapping speed, increases fishing and trapping skill
NameSpeed reductionCrafting
Level to Use
Miscalibrated .2 secondsnone
Calibrated.3 seconds30
Overclocked.5 seconds60

The amount of skill increase gained varies by tool:

  • Miscalibrated: Shears - 5 gathering & foresting. Pickaxe - 10 mining. Watersafe net - 5 fishing & trapping.
  • Calibrated: Shears - 7 gathering & foresting. Pickaxe - 15 mining. Watersafe net - 7 fishing & trapping.
  • Overclocked: Shears - 10 gathering & foresting. Pickaxe - 20 mining. Watersafe net - 10 fishing & trapping.

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