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Burynai Pet Feeding Guide

The RoK expansion included a burynai digger house pet claim item as a preorder incentive. This pet, which can be used by anyone visiting your home, will dig up glowies from under your home, provided that you feed him properly.

So, what, exactly, is considered "proper" feeding for the little fellow?

The same items that are used to feed the KoS carnivorous plant - looted fertilizer treasure from intelligent/humanoid mobs.

Every feeding will require 1 each of the fertilizer, bones and water. These items can be either in your inventory or in your bank, and you can feed him from any tier of the items. When you run out of one of the ingredients, which he automagically consumes when you feed him, the feed option will disappear.

Having a hard time remembering what the looted fertilizer treasure is? Fear not, we have a handy little list for you:

  • level 10: pouch of peat, flask of rancid water, small decaying bone
  • level 20: small bag of ammonium sulfate, flask of stale water, large decaying bone
  • level 30: small bag of muriate of potash, flask of pond water, small polished bone
  • level 40: small bag of diatomaceous earth, flask of fresh water, large polished bone
  • level 50: small bag of ammonium nitrate, flask of pure water, small meaty bone
  • level 70: small bag of compost, flask of enchanted water, large meaty bone

Thanks go to Uberfuzzy, who pointed out that the level 60 fertilizer stuff had sort of disappeared at some point, and the level 50 and level 70 stuff spread out to cover the tier in between.

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