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Buying and Selling from the Broker

Eventually in your career you are going to want to buy items from other players and/or sell items to other players. Using /auction or the trading channels only goes so far, though, so it is a good idea to learn how to use the broker system.

Broker Locations and Fees

Brokers are found in several spots in major cities, as well as scattered throughout the lands. (The guards can help you locate "broker" if you are unable to find them on your own.) Locations include main "central" city zones (Freeport, North Qeynos, etc.), crafting instances and so on, as well as spots like Haven, the Maj'Dul courts, Gnomeland Security, etc.

The base broker fee for purchasing something from a resident in your home city is 20%. This means that if a player sells an item for 1g, you will see it listed for 1g 20s, with 1g going to the player, and 20s going for the broker fee. Items sold by players from non-aligned cities, such as a Qeynos player buying from a Freeport resident have a 40% "black market" fee added to their price (you'd see the item offered for 1g 40s). Items sold via the veteran rewards Veteran's Display case halve broker fees (10% for aligned shopping, 20% for black market rates).

Waitasec, Black Market?!

The "black market" is a term originally used to mean items sold in the opposing city. (i.e., stuff being sold by a Freeport player, when the buyer is using the Qeynos market, etc.) Now that there are multiple "city" locations, the definition has broadened a bit. Now, the brokers list items from various cities all in one massive listing, but they charge you based on the residence of the seller. (20% if they are selling from the same, or an aligned city; 40% if the items were originally put up for sale in the opposing city or a neutral city, such as Maj'Dul and Teren's Grasp.)

Buying from the Broker

Buying from the broker is pretty easy to do. Wander to one of the brokers mentioned above, plop in your search parameters, then browse through the results to see if you want something from the list. Highlight the one you want to buy, click the buy button, the money gets subtracted from what is in your inventory, and the item is yours.

There are a few bells and whistles to the above. If the simple search is too simple, then click the advanced button and narrow down the search options. You can also save custom searches for reuse later.

If you wish to purchase an item that has a home location listed instead of just a seller name, you can either buy the item directly from the broker as usual, or you can skip the broker's fee, travel to the player's home, and buy from the special vendor containers that they have placed there. (More on that below.)

How to Sell via the Broker

So, you have some loot, or some crafted items, and you want to just set prices and go about your business, eh? Snag some containers, and the goods, then either use a market board in your home or wander over to your neighborhood broker to put the items up for sale. If you do not own a home, you will have access to one broker slot in which you can place a container to sell items from. If you own a home, you will have access to six broker slots.

To begin listing items for sale, access the broker or a market board and then either drop a container into the proper spot in the upper left corner of the sell tab OR drop in a filled container to add all the items within it in one fell swoop. Once you have items placed in the container, they will show with a default price, which is the maximum possible price you could get for the item if you sold it to a friendly NPC, plus 20%. However, they will not be listed for sale until you click the proper button to list it, so you have time to change those default prices before folks start buying them.

In order to remove a container from a consignment slot, you must first remove all the items from within it and claim all your coin from it.

Where's My Money?

Money doesn't just fall from the sky and into your pockets when a sale is completed. Instead, you will need to visit a broker (or use a market board), click the sales tab, and "Take Coin" from each individual sales container. Just like few, if any, RL consignment store owners won't chase you down to pay you for your sales, you need to remember to go and collect your money once in a while.

So What About These "Vendors" You Mention?

There are specialized broker containers that can be crafted by carpenters using rare woods. You must first place the container in an empty boker slot. Once that is done, trundle to your home, if you weren't already there, and access the broker via your market board. Right-click on that container, select 'place', and you will go into furniture placement mode. Once the item is placed in your home, and items within it are listed for sale, players can either buy the items from the broker, or visit your home and buy it from the container (which saves them from paying the broker markup mentioned above in the Black Market section). In addition, there is a 3-year veteran reward of a veteran display case that halves all broker fees for any items placed within them. (It will be available via a /claim for those who meet the account age requirement.)

Item capacities on the various crafted container types are as follows:

Container Items it Can Hold Fir Oak Cedar Ironwood Ebony Mahogany Eucalyptus
Salesman's Crate all item types 28 36 44 52 60 68 76
Furniture Shelf all furniture 48 56 64 72 80 88 96
Armor & Shield Rack armor, shields, dress clothes, tomes, symbols, idols 48 56 64 72 80 88 96
Weapon Rack weapons, ammo, bandoliers, sheaths, etc. 48 56 64 72 80 88 96
Pantry food & drink 48 56 64 72 80 88
Scroll Stand spells, combat arts, recipe books, books 48 56 64 72 80 88 96
Bag Stand containers (backapacks, strongboxes, quivers, vendor containers, etc.) 48 56 64 72 80 88 96
Potion cabinet potions, poisons (other than pre-LU24 potions) and stackable totems 48 56 64 72 80 88 96
Jewelry Box accessories (jewelry, hex dolls, pre-GU58 totems and stackable totems that have an illusion component, harvesting tools, repair kits, pre-LU24 potions, cloaks, other charm slot "baubles" such as many tinkered items) 48 56 64 72 80 88 96

But What Do They Look Like?

What, you want form as well as function? These aren't super, ultra-fancy containers, but they serve their purpose. All containers of the same type (such as bag stand) share the same look, regardless of tier.
Salesman's Crate
Furniture Shelf
Armor & Shield Rack
Weapon Rack
Scroll Stand
Bag Stand
Potion Cabinet
Jewelry Box

Helpful Hints

  • Make sure that you not only empty the old container(s) that you were using on the broker, but also claim any money that you earned from it, before you try to remove/replace the container.
  • You can right click on any of the items that you have in your consignment listing in order to search for any other people selling those items. (Note that the price displayed at the top will include the 20% broker fee, but there will be text at the bottom of the screen that translates the highlighted price so you know how much is the seller price, and how much is broker fee.)
  • When trying to remove stacked items from your consignment boxes, remember that shift and ctrl are your friends!
  • To get matching items that don't normally stack to do so on the broker (such as totems), make sure when dragging and dropping the items that you are dropping them into the same sales container via the broker container icon at the top of the screen, not dropping them into the main sales window below.
  • Some of the specialized vendor containers look like crates when placed others look like cabinets and such, but a large label shows up when you mouse over the placed containers, making it easier for customers to find them.

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