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Fan Faire 2008 Anything Goes Panels

The "Anything Goes" panels at the Fan Faire were the times when we could ask questions that hadn't been covered in other panels. However, since the first of these panels was before John Smedley's Community Address, there were some things they were not allowed to answer in the first panel. (That having been said, there was still quite a bit of information forthcoming from both panels.)

First Panel

Again, this is the panel where they were not allowed to talk about certain topics, due Smed's presentation, so I'll add notes where applicable when we found out more after the fact.

Armor Appearances - they are currently working on a new system for character silhouettes, and are assigning more resources into completing it. The term "snap-ons" was mentioned, as well as asymmetrical armor, but no further details were given.

Crafting queries - there was a request for a crafter AA tree, as well as for granting crafters the ability to mend gear. They said they would take it under advisement. (Mum note: well, we're not getting a crafter AA tree, but it sounds like there may be something crafting-related in the adventuring trees. Hopefully we'll hear more about it in the weeks to come.))

Too many rares? - yep, someone actually complained about there being too many rares. Amidst a bit of an uproar, he was asked where he was harvesting, that he felt he was getting "too many". He declined to explain. {eyeroll} Folks were once again reminded that in the lower-level zones, there was a higher rare chance based on high skill.

Mastercrafted armor - was to be discussed more in the tradeskill panel. Some of it will be changed in the next GU to bring it in line with the dropped armor changes from GU47

Carpenter - too long to level? - a carpenter complained about it taking too long to level compared to other classes. It was stated that carpenter is no longer the class with the least number of recipes, that there will be more recipes added as able, and that crafting writs were specifically added to help speed up the leveling process, especially for recipe-impaired classes.

Provisioner yields - a fellow mentioned that he is able to make more than two items at a time in real life, so why not in the provisioning world? It is a balance issue. Provisioners already are often operating close to the margin on prices. Crafting in larger bulk would risk pushing prices down more so they are only able to sell for fuel costs.

Jewelry and visible slots - Is there any possibility of visible (shows in your appearance) jewelry? Not likely - this would cause a massive performance hit, as well as a huge amount of time spent making the appearances. (It was briefly tried before EQ2 launched, apparently, and slowed everything to a crawl.)

Let us sit! - once again, there was a request for the ability to sit in chairs (it comes up frequently) - it really is not as simple as folks think due to the way character models are handled. There are too many different character heights, etc. It is something they discuss often, but it isn't anything they're likely able to handle/resolve any time soon.

Tribute to the fallen? - there was a request that guild halls have some ability to make a tribute or memorial to guild members who have passed away in real life. There is not the ability to add personal text to items in-game, but it is something that they said they could look into. (Mum note: a former guildmate of mine passed away on the 9th of August, leaving his grieving wife and sister in our guild, so I know how near and dear to some people's hearts this idea will be.)

Second Panel

This panel began with additional talk about guild halls and a bit more of a tour of a couple of styles of hall, then went into the open Q&A.

Appearance slot for weapons? - It is something that they want to do, but there is no official word available on it yet.

Guild halls - statues and aurae The courtyard statue and the aurae are decorations, not amenities. This means that they will not have any maintenance costs associated with them, and will not use up an amenity slot.

Ongoing work - there is currently work being done on both multi-core support as well as memory issues.

Graphics Programmer! - a new graphics programmer has been hired, and he is hard at work on new effects, etc. (Sadly, I didn't remember to write down his name, it seems.)

Tooltips - there are issues with ambiguous tooltips on spell and combat art effects. It was stated that some of them are being worked on, and players provided an example of one where "target" meant one thing in one part of the tooltip, and another thing in another part of the tooltip.

Tik Tok language? - there was a request that players be able to learn Tik Tok (clockwork). After asking for a show of hands, and seeing an overwhelming majority of players in the audience were interested in it, they said it could be looked into.

Fabled Altars - there was a request that Fabled altars be added to the drop tables for more raid mobs. It is a "definite possibility". :D

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