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Crafting Achievements

While the majority of the EQ2 achievements system is aimed at adventurers, there are some tradeskill achievements as well. Additionally, more tradeskill achievements will be added with the Sentinel's Fate expansion.

Should you ever wish to see the entire achievements listing while in-game, instead of just the next achievement in the series, try typing the following command in-game: /medals_show_all 1. Then type: /refreshuidata, then re-open your achievements tab in your journal.

10th Ranked Artisan10Become a level 10 Tradeskiller
20th Ranked Artisan10Become a level 20 Tradeskiller
30th Ranked Artisan 10 Become a level 30 Tradeskiller
40th Ranked Artisan 10 Become a level 40 Tradeskiller
50th Ranked Artisan 10 Become a level 50 Tradeskiller
60th Ranked Artisan 10 Become a level 60 Tradeskiller
70th Ranked Artisan 10 Become a level 70 Tradeskiller
80th Ranked Artisan 10 Become a level 80 Tradeskiller
90th Ranked Artisan10Become a level 90 Tradeskiller
A Day in the Life of Odus20Complete all possible daily tradeskill missions across the land of Odus
Accomplished Adorner50Obtain level 450 Adorning
Adroit Adorner!!50Obtain level 400 Adorning
Artisan's Soul45Craft 75,000 combines
Clockwork Constructor 10 Complete the mission "Clockwork Rescue"
Craft the Night Away50Craft 100,000 combines (Earn Prefix Title: Master Crafter)
Craft until you drop!25 Craft 1000 combines
Craftkeeper Completionist10Complete all tradeskill quests for the Craftkeepers
Dedication to the Arts40Craft 50,000 combines. (Earn suffix title: The Patient)
Dwarven Supply Stocker 10 Complete the mission "Supply Stocking"
Fried to Odus30Obtain 40,000 faction with all 4 Odus crafting factions (Craftkeepers, Kerra Isle Outfitters, Hua Mein Craftsmen, and Researchers of Quel'ule)
Friend to the Hua'Mein20Obtain 40,000 faction with Hua'Mein Craftsmen
Friend to the Kerra20Obtain 40,000 faction with Kerra Island Outfitters
Friend to the Quel'Ule20Obtain 40,000 faction with Researchers of Quel'Ule
Innovator 35 Craft 25,000 combines
It's Over 9000! 25 Craft 9000 combines
Kerran Crafter10Complete all tradeskill quests for the Kerra
Panda People Person10Complete all tradeskill quests for the hua'mein
Portal Repairman 10 Complete the mission "Emergency Portal Repairs"
Quel'ule Quester10Complete all tradeskill quests for the Quel'ule
Shipyard Savior 10 Complete the mission "Shipyard Services"
Talented Tinkerer50Obtain level 450 tinkering
Trinket Tinkerer 50 Obtain level 400 tinkering
Tuned Transmuter!!50 Obtain level 400 transmuting
Unblemished Oeuvre50Craft 75,000 pristine combines (Reward: Finely Crafted World Device Pack)

!!=Transmuter Achievement will be going away with the Sentinel's Fate Expansion. (Those who earned it, however, will become an Adroit Adorner instead.)

In addition, there is one Tradeskill Triumph: Hero of the Far Seas Supply Division, awarding 50 points and a "mystical nayad plushie" house item that has a port to Mara effect on it. This Triumph is awarded when you complete the 4 tradeskill mission achievements listed above.

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