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Rontero\'s Tradeskill Interdependence Matrix

Tradeskill Interdependence Matrix

NeedsProvides Sage Alchemist Jeweler Tailor Armorer Weaponsmith Carpenter Woodworker Provisioner
Sage ink thread(T3)2 thread thread(T3) paper, quills, thread(T2)
Alchemist glass, vials
Jeweler temper, oil, resin, wash, loam, ink, reagent bindings, straps, cloth spikes
Tailor patterns(T1,T3) temper, oil, resin, wash buckles patterns(T2)
Armorer patterns(T1,T3) temper studs padding, harnesses plates(T3)1 patterns(T2), plates(T2)
Weaponsmith studs, pommels, struts, ornaments staves
Carpenter temper, resin, wash struts, studs padding, cord sheets, plates(T1,T3) spikes dowels
Woodworker temper, oil, resin, wash ornaments, struts, studs, shods refined leather, straps, cords, hilts, spikes

Note: This table covers Tier 1 and Tier 2 but makes no mention of the Artisan, Craftsman, Scholar, or Outfitter classes.� It is generally known that Artisan class at Tier 1 has no interdependence.� Any reference to T1 recipes is only to show which knowledge/technique is used to make that recipe.� The same goes for Tier 2 items.� For example, a Woodworker makes Tier 2 plates which is used by the Carpenter class,� at Tier 2 these are actually the same class, Craftsman.� Again, this is only there to show which knowledge/technique is used to make that recipe.

1.� Uses Metalworking Technique� (unconfirmed)

2.� Unconfirmed.

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