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How to Handle a Hungry Home

Once in a while, we'll hear a whimper from someone who placed some precious item in their new home, only to have it vanish before their very eyes. Fear not. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Your home IS trying to eat your furniture ... but you can get it to spit it back out in one piece!

I never know if I should call this a bug with the furniture in question, or with the homes, but regardless of how you look at it, some furniture just is not suited for certain locations in larger homes. Some walls will gobble up paintings and tapestries, making them disappear without a trace. Others will only daintily nibble on a portion of the painting or tapestry ... perhaps saving the rest for a midnight snack? Some floors, such as the second room in some of the Qeynos 2-room homes, and parts of the attic in a Qeynos 5-room home, are picky about what rugs they eat, tending towards the thinner, flatter rug styles, while leaving the more plush ones behind ... I think they're on a diet! As for the ceilings that eat chandeliers, I suspect it is a problem with not enough trace minerals in their diet, personally.

Regardless of the odd eating habits of your home, there is hope. (Mind you, this is only for stuff that disappears immediately on placement, not for things your trustees wandered off with, moved, etc.) An often overlooked feature that was added in one of the updates, is the ability to collect one single item (instead of all items) in a home, as long as you are the one who placed the item. From inside your home, right-click on the door and bring up the access menu, and you'll find that one of the buttons on the main access menu is to collect an item. Click it, scroll through what may be a huge alphabetical list if you've got a pretty full home, select the item (make sure you have an inventory slot free!), and {burp} your home spits it out and into your inventory. Alternately, you can type "/pickup" (minus the quotes) while inside your home, to get the same listing of placed items.

I know, I know, that's a simple enough fix to not need a a guide of even this size, but I figure it can't hurt to add some humor to a potentially traumatic event as a prized rare item disappears. {grins}

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