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ToV - Green Raid Adornments

On the evening of February 3, 2014, the following was nestled within the patch notes for the Test server.

Tradeskill Apprentice Researchers have made a breakthrough while studying theTempleofVeeshan.

As with almost everything having to do with the Test server, we don't know when this will go to the live servers. It may be this week, it may be next week, it may be next month. I am guessing it will be sooner, rather than later, however, so here is what I have found out.

Normal tradeskill apprentices for all classes have one new level 95 research option. (This means that you will not see the research option on your apprentice until you are level 95, and you may need to dig through your level 95 research options to find it.) This research contains the recipes for four new green raid adornments.

As you can see from the ingredient list, if you aren't a ToV raider, don't expect to be able to farm the ingredients for this one.

However, as you can also see from examining the base adornment, and the level 50 version, if you aren't a ToV raider, you won't be using these adornments yourself. (You may find raiders wanting to commission them, though, and recipe completionists will also want to research them!)

To reiterate, right now this research is available on normal tradeskill apprentices on the Test server. Keep an eye on patch notes for it to be released to live servers.

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