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ToT: Infusing from a Crafter Perspective

All About Infusers, for Crafters and Other Interested People

By Emily "Domino" Taylor

Infusion may be accessed by right clicking on an inventory item that can be infused, or with the /toggleinfusion command; you can also access it under “Equipment Infusion” in your EQII menu, or toggle to it from the deity window. With the launch of this new system, only equipment obtained from this new expansion will be possible to infuse for now.

Infusion falls into two entirely separate pools:
  1. the favor of the gods (a small amount is applied immediately to items that drop in Thalumbra, and more may be requested by tithing platinum directly to the gods);
  2. by applying infuser items.

How much the gods will increase your item’s stats is entirely unaffected by how much infusers will increase it, and vice versa. The number of infuser items you can apply to a piece of equipment is not affected by whether or not you also tithe platinum to infuse it; these are calculated entirely separately.

Four types of stat can be raised by infusers: crit bonus, potency, stamina, or ability modifier (ability modifier increases the amount of damage that a spell or combat art does - no affect on autoattack damage). The gods will modify these randomly; you can’t choose. However, when you apply infuser items, the choice is yours of which of these four to modify, or all of them; with the caveat that at this point, you cannot add a stat that isn’t already there. So if your helm does not already have crit bonus, you cannot apply a crit bonus infuser to it.

Infuser items are dropped or crafted. The crafted versions currently fall into two main types: handcrafted and mastercrafted infusers, which are currently made by provisioners* and which require only common or rare harvests to make; and reconstructed infusers, which any level 100 crafter can create by assembling salvaged fragments of infusers that are obtained by using the salvaging skill (from tradeskill prestige AAs) to break down adventuring gear from this expansion. The fragments, and the infusers, are fully tradeable, so if you’re not a crafter yourself, bring your fragments to your friendly local crafter to get your infusers made. And if you’re not an adventurer, speak to your more adventurous friends or scour the broker for fragments you can reconstruct and resell.

Each type of the crafted infusers has a different chance of success and a different amount by which they can increase the power of your item. For example, here are the five types of crit bonus infuser that can currently be crafted (the top two by provisioners from harvests, the lower three by any crafter from components that are salvaged from armor obtained in this expansion).

The handcrafted infuser has only a 10% chance to work. But, common harvests are easy to obtain, so it's cheap to use as many as you need. However, the handcrafted infusers can only raise the stat a small amount. In this case, the crit bonus will be raised somewhere between 0.1 and 0.2% with each use of a handcrafted infuser. “Maximum increase to Drop layer is 1.0” means that the maximum that handcrafted infusers can raise the stat (in this example crit chance) of the dropped item is by 1.

So, for example, if an item has 3.5 crit chance and could potentially have its crit bonus raised to a maximum of 10 by use of infuser items, then at most the first +1 of that could come from the use of handcrafted infusers. Once the crit chance on the item has reached 4.5 (in this example), no more handcrafted crit chance infusers could be applied.

The mastercrafted infuser and the reconstructed standard infuser have a 100% chance to work, and will raise the crit bonus between 0.2 and 0.4% with each use. At most these infusers can take you up to +2 points of crit bonus (in this example). So once our hypothetical item that started at 3.5 has reached a crit chance of 5.5, no more mastercrafted or reconstructed standard infusers could be applied. (The infuser window will not allow you to apply an infuser that would take the item over the allowed stat cap; you’ll get a warning if you try this.)

Similarly to the above, the heroic and epic quality levels of reconstructed infusers again have increasing amounts they can increase the stats; the most powerful being the Reconstructed Epic Infuser. (Dropped infusers are similar in power to the reconstructed infusers, but do not all have as high as a 100% chance to work.)

Do you have to use all five types of infuser to improve your items? Not at all. If you happen to have epic infusers falling out of your bank, you could use nothing but those. Or if you have a lot of mastercrafted infusers you could start directly with those to get your first +2 crit chance and not bother with handcrafted. Using multiple types in increasing order or power would be the most cost-efficient way to reach the maximum stats, but it’s your choice. And of course, if you have a temporary item that you know you’ll be replacing soon, you could just throw on some cheaper lower level infusers for a small bonus but choose not to pursue fully infusing the item.

* from fish, rumor has it. Because nothing infuses like the smell of fish...

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