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Everything You Wanted To Know About Hex Dolls

Original guide was written by Durgrok Profiseer, Everfrost server. Additional commentary and updates by 'Mum - including the GU52 hex doll revamp. (Down & dirty quick edit for GU52 means this could use some extra eyeballs, and possibly a rewrite. If anyone wants to tackle it, please post in the forums.)

What IS a Hex Doll?

A Hex Doll is a tailor-made charm slot item. Dolls are equippable at the start of each tier (10, 20, 30, etc.), use roots as a primary, and require that tier's imbue material. Tier by tier, these are:

Tier Common Common Stats* Rare Rare Stats* Imbue Material
2 Burlap (Tuber) +6, 3hp/3pwr Roughspun (Sisal) +10, 5 hp/pwr, +60 resists Glowing
3 Canvas (Belladonna) +8, 3hp/3pwr Ruckas (Dandelion) +14, 10 hp/pwr, +105 resists Sparkling
4 Broadcloth (Tussah) +12, 7 hp/pwr Cloth (Oak Root) +20, 15 hp/pwr, +140 resists Glimmering
5 Rough Linen (Ashen) +18, 10 hp/pwr Linen (Figwart) +24, +5 sta, 20 hp/pwr, +225 resists Luminous
6 Sandcloth (Succulent) +21, 12 hp/pwr Cambric (Saguaro) +30, +10 sta, 25 hp/pwr, +270 resists Lambent
7 Windcloth (Hanging) +26, 15 hp/pwr Dragon's Breath (Nimbus) +34, +15 sta, +30 hp/pwr, +302 resists Scintillating
8 Damask (Lichenclover) +30, +10 sta, 18 hp/pwr Swiftcloth (Mantrap) +40, +20 sta, 40 hp/pwr, +347 resists
+1 melee crit chance
+1 ranged crit chance
+1 damage spell crit chance
+1 heal crit chance
*Notes on Stats: The first + in the stats columns in the above table is the bonus for the "self buff" stat mentioned in the below table. When a + "sta" is mentioned as well, it is in addition to the self stat, except on ruin (STA) dolls, which get a + strength bonus. (So "+40, +20 sta" on the swiftcloth dolls would mean +40 INT, +20 STA if referring to the chaos version, +40 STA, +20 STR on the ruin version.)

What do Hex Dolls DO?

Hex Dolls have two effects: a stat buff and a triggerable effect. What kind of stat buff, and what kind of triggerable effect both depend on the "flavor" of doll you choose:

Name Self Buff Target Effect
Ruin Imbued Stamina Increase Lowered Physical Mitigation
Discord Imbued Wisdom Increase Lowered Attribute Scores
Shadow Imbued Agility Increase Lowered Movement Rate
Chaos Imbued Intelligence Increase Lowered Magical Mitigation
Fright Imbued Strength Increase Lowered Attack Rate

All self effects are automatic, once the doll is in your activatable slot and attuned; no other requirements are in place. All triggered effects require 1 second to cast. (New cast time with GU52). In addition, equipping two different Mastercrafted (not handcrafted) dolls (different tiers and/or different types) will grant you a Vexing Hexing set bonus which gives you a 5% reduction in cast time on the triggered hexes, and a 5% improvement in the hex's effectiveness.

Commonly Asked Questions About Hex Dolls

Q: Why would I get a common doll when the tier 2 rare doll is better than the tier 5 common doll?

A: For the targetable effect. Many people get frustrated that their roughspun, tier 2 rare doll can't affect the big, level 45 nasty they have been showing Barbie to - what they don't understand is they're showing the beast a tier 2 doll. Tier 2 ends at level 19. Can you imagine a level 19 casting a spell at a level 45 creature and expecting it to stick? No? Then don't expect your doll to do so. If you're looking to get the best combination of stat buffs and debuff qualities, mix and match - get a tier 5 common doll to cast on your foes, and the highest rare doll you can afford for the stat.

Q: Why doesn't my stupid doll ever WORK on the creatures I fight?

A: See above. Have you been waving your level 29 Cabbage Patch Kid at the Ghost of Lady Vox? Try Ladon instead, or snag yourself a Linen Doll.

Q: Those %#!%! tailors! Why are they charging so much for the rare dolls?!

A: On many servers, people are noting that rare dolls are going for a LOT more than common ones. The answer here is simple - tracking down a lightsource and getting it extracted is a moderate pain, but combining that with tracking down a rare root makes it a significant pant indeed. You're effectively looking for a doll with two rare harvests (yes, I know one of them is really uncommon, spare me) and that's a lot of work. Tier 5 rare dolls in particular can be quite the trick to get everything together for - but then, you're asking for the Norrathian equivalent of a priceless rare china doll - don't expect to pay Wal-Mart-Action-Figure prices.

Q: I'm a (insert class here.) Which doll is right for me?

A: The flavor of doll you choose - or the combination - is entirely up to player preferences. Some get them for the personal buff; others for the target debuff. Mages have an obvious preference - intelligence AND magic mitigation debuff in one - but some prefer other dolls as well. Many soloers like the Shadow Imbued doll, to slow the mob, making it easier to deal with the mob at range.

Q: Do doll effects stack?

A: Yes! They do not stack with themselves - that is, you can't drop five Hexes of Chaos on one mob and then blast it to smithereens - but you can drop a Hex of Chaos, a Hex of Shadow, and so on. As far as I know, no one has reported problems with the dolls overwriting or conflicting with other spells.

Q: Are the dolls expendable? How many charges do they have?

A: Infinite charges! Debuff to your heart's content - it won't run out.

Q: What can I do to get my local tailor to make one of these for me?

A: Many tailors are bribeable with real-world booze or chocolate. Failing that, it often helps to have the materials they will need already on-hand. Those materials can be harvested or sometimes bought from the broker.

Ultimately, there is a doll for pretty much every class and play style - it's just a question of what works for you. Now go play with your dolls, and be proud!

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